Project Anchor – Chapter 05

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“It’s done.” I told Gianna as I gathered another pair of antennas from the ground and handed it to her.


The blue haired girl peeked over from the wall and gave a quick nod before reaching out to the remains of the pest. With one movement she stored it away in her player inventory before we headed out. It was an exchange that we already had done a couple of times by now after she suggested holding on to my drops.


I needed the antennas to prove my kills of the pests and rake in some of my extra rewards. However, it also meant that if she decided to keep the antennas to herself, it means that she would take in the reward instead. On the other hand, she didn’t really give me the feeling of someone who would do that. Not to mention that she thinking that I’m some sort of event NPC would work towards her considering not betraying me, since betraying NPCs would usually lead to some scary payback events.


In the end, I decided that not having to worry about carrying around a few dozen antennas was worth the small risk of her deciding to not give me them back.



Monsterventurers – Chapter 03

(AN: A bit late, but the chapter is longer than average, so we are even, right? Riiiight?)
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Hello there! It’s your favorite slime Astelle reporting in!


And yes! I now have a name! Hooray!


And I’m about to take my very first step into becoming an adventurer too!


I… I know I’m not worthy of such huge blessing, but, I shall do it, for there’s no greater honor than to get even one step closer to such a summit. One step closer to becoming an adventurer!


I’m… I’m getting emotional. Okay. Deep breath, Astelle. Deep breath. Ignore the fact you can’t breathe, what matters is the feeling. Okay. Ready. Let’s go over what happened.


Dragooness – Chapter 06

(AN: And here we have, Dragooness! With some Rene losing badly to tasty tasty food!)
(AN2: On another note, next up in line is Monsterventurers. I want to see if i finish that one before weekend so that I can finish up the Makina chapter I have almost done and do a double post. Makina is mostly an info-dump, so I don’t think it’s worthy of being a chapter for the weekend on its own. >.>)
EDIT: Had written Anchor, I meant Makina.
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So tasty~~~!!

I couldn’t help but smile as I took another forkfull of the meat to my mouth. Even my wings had started twitching. It was a bit embarrassing to lose control of myself like this, but I really didn’t have enough experience nor mental capacity to focus on keeping them still at the moment.


After all, how could I possibly manage to hold on to this delicious earthen taste spreading through my mouth? It’s like someone managed to isolate and concentrate whatever makes homemade food taste homemade, then dumped it all on one exquisitely made plate.


Fency Rant

Xac wants War to threaten to drop MMG because of the lack of comments.

Quick, tell Xac how mean he is!

On another note, sorry for Re:Re not being posted, it’s in a difficult scene to write and DocteurNS is being negatively helpful with getting it written. Sorry.

Time to go watch Infinity War so I can freely browse reddit and news sites without worrying about spoilers.

PS: Xac’s 100% a hipster no matter what he says

Project MMG – Chapter 17

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The moment that the girls saw the leviathan take flight, they couldn’t help but think that they were about to get into serious trouble. Shelly seemed happy to oblige with that idea.


The girls have fought faster opponents, but Shelly’s surprise liftoff threw the girls’ plan out the window. If they had taken a minute to observe her, they would have noticed that Shelly’s speed was actually a bit slower than their own.


However, in their shock, the girls never noticed this, and by the time they finally managed to react, the Leviathan was already too close for them to put the plan they had spent so long thinking into work.


(Re)Turn – Chapter 15

(AN: Hello there! After a couple of weeks without any update or anything, here i am bringing out a Re Turn chapter! What? I said i was writing slash felt like writing another story? I have no idea what you are talking about!)
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(AN4: i’ll be farming Kulve Taroth today in MH. If anyone have it for Xbox and feels like joining me, just drop a comment. I might make a discord chat or something like that.)


“Test, test…” I said out loud while testing the spell. Good, sounds exactly like her. Feeling satisfied with the result, I slowly squirmed myself out of Mya’s grasp and leapt up to the ground, transforming myself mid-jump so I could be back to my humanoid form.


I turned back to my sleeping owner, who was now starting to seek me in her sleep.


I… Sincerely love her. I’m not sure whether this is loving her as a girl, as a person or as an owner, but I do know that I love her, and a whole lot at that. I’d gut myself dead at the drop of a hat if this meant saving her.


Still, even though I feel so dearly for her…


It doesn’t mean I can resist pranking her.


MH talk. Feel free to ignore. – By Hawx of War

Okay. New monster came out. Decided to try it on today as a way to relieve stress from studying. Of course, being the anti-social bastard that I am, I went for soloing it. What? HP balanced for 16 people? Meh. I can deal with that easy.

Too many hours later, moving on through sheer stupid pride that refused to let me just give in and search for a gathering hall, the horns were broken.

I. Fucking. Did. it.

Kulve Taroth was beaten. The Goat lost her horns.

Status: Weapon + Set used.
Kadachi bow for gold phase (Until horn break), Legiana bow for the rest.
Armor with Constitution, Evade Up, Normal shot Up and a bit of stamina regen.
And poor fire resistance. Can’t have things going my way, can I?

Pursuit level 5. Reward level 15 i think? Didn’t care much for this one tbh.

2 deaths on victory try. Way too many to count on total.

I just came here to say: I fucking did it. And i’ll probably never will try that again. That said, if anyone here have MH for Xbox, please do tell. I might be doing some farming this weekend. (No guarantee though)

Oh yeah. For those who stuck around until now, There should be a ReTurn update tomorrow, then MMG next week.

I shall now die of mental exhaustion. Bye bye!

PS: Fuck her roll.

PS2: Fuck her roll again.

PS3:And once more just to be safe. That thing should just go to hell.

Re:Re Chapter 2

AN: Here, have Re:Re chapter 2.

Hex was currently pacing around a rather bright and extremely clean room. The room had been prepared for her by the cult, which had been… shall we say, ‘extremely persistent’ in insisting she come with them. That was one week ago, and the last week had been one of the easiest in Hex’s life. Food and drink was delivered to him on demand, no matter what he demanded, her clothes were washed almost instantaneously, and not a single one of the cult members dared to do anything that might upset him.

The downside, however, was that there was almost nothing to do. Hex was bored out of his mind, and so spent most of the week practicing his magic in small ways. In the process, he managed to call electricity more than once, and was convinced that he could use it within a reasonable amount of time to knock someone out.

Of course, since the flash-forward stopped on this specific day, that means something important had to happen here. And that’s why, in the middle of his practicing, an alarm went off. The cult member watching over her at the time, her so-called high priest, immediately jumped up.


Monsterventurers – Chapter 02

(AN: Slight April’s fool’s joke title. Will change when day’s over if i remember.)
(AN2: Originally I planned on posting a very long and well emphasized text talking about how I planned on doing absolutely no April’s fools joke whatsoever. Then hammer that point in repeatedly, point out towards my perfectly serious personality and end up with a note that the post had been written on april’s fools… Then actually post an actual innocent chapter.)
(AN3: But then, everything changed when the lazy nation attacked.)
(AN4: Anyway, onto chapter matters: YAY! SLIME GETS A NAME! And for any question you guys might have about her action/Lack there of, ask yourself: Can this be explained by the MC being scatter-brained and single-track minded to anything adventurer related? If yes, that’s your answer. No, seriously, I actually mean it! Wait, this doesn’t work on april’s fools, right? Then… Yeah, that’s totally not the case. There we go.)


Greetings! Here is your favorite slime reporting in!

I… Most regretfully, must I add, finally managed to get myself out of this holiest of places and go back to the streets, after all, I still had other places to explore. Like the church. I mean, yeah, if I could, I would just set up camp and live the rest of my slimy life in there, forever protecting and inhabiting that place.

But, this is an abandoned village, and as much as I want to believe that the holy aura emanated by the guild would keep the monsters away, I shouldn’t let myself get lenient just because of that. Oh yeah, I guess that the church might have helped a bit to keep the monsters away, but nowhere near as much as the guild for sure.

Anyway, yeah. I still have to investigate the rest of the village. Can’t start living in the holy land just yet.