Synopsis: Gerstalt was once burdened with the weight of being a hero on his world. Born of humble parents, he was suddenly thrown into a world of battles and intrigues. However, once everything was done and an entire race had been slaughtered by his hands, he was betrayed. Pitying his life, the gods give him a chance for self-redemption and send him towards another world with a mission.

But when you find out a world where horseless metal carriages fly through the air, metal buckets walk around and talk, and steel giants roam the streets capturing criminals, he can be forgiven for getting sidetracked. Now, if only he could understand why he was locked in jail for not having this ID thing this metallic knight told him about…

(Story about a hero from a magic world being thrown into a sci-fi one and having to try and live around while being followed by a prototype police android. Mostly made because i liked the idea and have been playing Sci-fi games >.>)

Genres: Action, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Sci-fantasy, Romance (?)

Chapter 01

Chapter 02

Chapter 03

Chapter 04