Den’s shorts

Den’s Shorts – Cookie market

Author’s corner: As I mentioned on the new page for these shorts, this is a story based on a conversation that happened on my chat group. It’s very short and situational, so don’t expect frequent updates on these.


The cookie-giver, the noble and the slave-driver are gathered in a wide room. A podium stand right in its middle, where the cookie-giver found himself. The Noble and The Slave-driver both sit in the chairs spread around the meeting room, a solemn expression present in all of their faces.


Taking a step forward, the cookie-giver takes a deep breath and leans in the podium, readying himself for his speech that shall determine the fate of the world. After a brief moment of solemn silence, he says out loud, his voice graver than the usual.


“I say cookies!” (more…)