Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 5

I sighed while following the magician inside the house, confusion and anxiety filling my head as we crossed the stony halls and pathways. With the magician leading our group, me and the priestess walked in the middle, while the mysterious swordsman came following us behind.


While there was a clear amount of bloodlust coming from the girl right at my side, I couldn’t feel anything of the like coming from either the magician, who hummed a happy song, or the swordsman, who was oddly quiet all this time.



Summoned net idol – Chapter 4


I don’t know whether it was a lucky sign or a sad one that the priestess didn’t try to attack me while I was laying down in the snow, almost literally laughing my worries away in the snow trying to calm myself down. It took me almost ten minutes of doing so before I could finally stand up and look around.


It was clear as day that we had been transported somewhere else that was nowhere close to the place we were before. As confused that I was, I decided to actually enjoy such occasion as it meant that I had escaped with my life.


(Re)Turn – Chapter 13

Not in an unexpected manner, we were the center of attention. Well, not that I could blame the onlookers, after all, there were two stunning girls sitting side-by-side on a bench within a highly populated mall.


Under normal circumstances, I’d just have basked in the glory of being the center of attentions without needing to do anything, but not today.


I once fought a legion thousands strong, I also ran for twenty days straight non-stop while being chased by a dragon. I once made a bet with Sophie and spent a full month without sleeping on my bed. Yet none of those times did I ever get as tired as I am right now.


“I… Can feel my soul… Leaving me…” I said tiredly while leaning to the side.


Summoned net idol – Chapter 3

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As I came back from my pit of memories, I let out a long sigh, feeling as my whole body seemed to reply to it by the weight in my chest wobbling slightly. The fact that I’m kind of getting used to it already is REALLY scary, but I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about it for now. While thinking so, a thought crossed my mind, so turning my attention back to my cellphone, I asked the gods on the other side about something.


“Wait a second. How the hell did you guys know about the name Aszuci? I’m pretty sure I never spoke about it before?” I asked dubiously.


“Hmph. You think that I, the god of technology wouldn’t know about your default name for female characters?” Geeky said with a proud tone. (more…)

Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 2

You are probably wondering what mess I got myself in and why the hell I am blaming myself, right? Well, to know that, we have to go back in time.


And no, this isn’t a time-traveling story, it’s just a flashback, alright?


Good. Well, first we should start with who I am, correct? Well, as you might have heard previously, I’m called Aszusi right now. But that wasn’t always the case. Not even close to be honest.


Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 1

Here we go again. New story! Yay! Anyway, Long story short, since this managed to over-take dollmancer right after i had announced the winner of the last “post next” poll, i decided  that it’d be this one, now, onto the Disclaimer then summary.


Genres: Comedy(both slapstick and nonsense kind), Fantasy, Gender Bender, Ecchi, adventure.

Summary: Lionel was just another guy who had a normal life with his father and pet. Until he was then summoned to go to another world by a group of incompetent gods. Becoming infuriated by the cliché situation, and losing control of his temper before the retard squad, things take a turn for worse. Were that not already enough, she now ends up unilaterally forced into becoming a net idol of sorts for the literal sake of amusement of the gods while she have to deal with the quest that was bestowed upon her.

Author’s warning: This is an old story, and despite having a higher-than-average chapter count, the idol part still hadn’t been explored up to where I had written, so sorry about this. It’s still part of the story concept, and should it ever be continued, i’ll do my best to make it as ridiculous as possible. ^^

And without further ado, here’s the story:




Ever had the feeling that you just screwed yourself because you couldn’t keep your trap shut?


Well, I might just have done that to myself in a very, VERY bad way.


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(Re)Turn – Chapter 12

It’s just a simple gold and jewels selling interaction. It’s not like I could screw this up that badly if I put my mind into it. Glancing annoyedly at Clarie that was following me closely, I sighed before shaking my head and slapping my cheeks to psyche myself up. Yeah, I can do this.


I stepped forward and opened the door that led to the gold buyer’s building.


“…Wow, this is a lot less shifty than I thought.” I let out surprised, only to receive a slap to the back of my head from Clarie. I gave her a confused gaze that she replied with only a silent and furious stare.


Dollmancer – Chapter 2

This is dumb. Just plainly dumb.


I thought while stepping up to the arena that laid before me. Looking around, I quickly saw that one side was marked with a red ink, so I walked there and stayed in my spot as the announcer went on talking about me. I sighed in annoyance, when I saw him approaching me, probably wanting my input about something.


“Then, Miss Soulfrost.” He asked me before shrinking a bit as I glared at him. “W-What are your thoughts about this match?” He asked me.


“My thoughts?” I asked while taking off my hat and started looking around for my staff. “I think this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.” I said, my voice echoing much louder thanks to amplifying magic.


Project MMG – Chapter 13

For the following hour, Shelly simply enjoyed the party, socializing with her coworkers, meeting some she hadn’t met before and talking with some she couldn’t talk with before, such as the golem that was in charge of the exercise zone, since her ring could now decode the magic waves he sent into words for her.


However, it was still a work day, so after some time they had to go back to their departments to work. Once the festive mood started to die down, Shelly quickly made a point of kicking everyone out of the room, including the cleaning crew and proceeded to do the cleanup, much to Ammon and Vivian’s dismay, both of whom tried to have her rest after her meeting with the magical girl’s.


However, Shelly shot their arguments down by saying that, one she wasn’t tired at all, and two, she was literally hired to do odd jobs and three, the party was thrown for her, so it was her responsibility for cleaning after it.. When the two started on insisting, Shelly nonchalantly took the two by the scruff of their necks and put them out of the room, locking the door behind her.