Project Anchor – Chapter 02

My mind went into full overdrive after these two events.


No matter how I looked at it, with both the status table that I brought up and the rat-man apex calling me an NPC, this was undoubtedly inside Event Horizon. Despite it being clear that a simulation of this level should have been impossible, there’s simply no other way to explain what was happening.



Ranty rant

If you are reading this, i’m probably dead by now.

Okay, not really. But I always wanted to say that. On a more truthful note, if you ARE reading this, it means that I actually finished this random rant that I started when I should be sleeping, so yeah, don’t really expect anything meaningful from this.


Project Anchor – Chapter 01

Hooray for new story! (*wonders if commenting about gunslinger android helped bump up the poll*) Anyway, this one have a slightly different tone from the usual of my stories, being a bit more serious than usual. (That’s as far as midway through chapter 4. Plan on adding funny characters by then.) That said, onto disclaimers and stuff!


Genres: Sci-fi, comedy (eventually), Slice-of-life (maybe), Action, adventure, game systems (This is the one that will eventually make me hate myself.)

Summary: MC is a member of a high level guild in a Event Horizon Online, a sci-fi Full-immersion-VRMMO, who just defeated the game’s last boss. Deciding to try their luck at the new semi-hardcore server, the guild decide to start over again. However, an accident led by plot happens, and MC dies while inside his gaming rig. This is, of course, only the beginning. (Note: I just noticed, but i don’t think i ever gave the MC’s real name… Oh well. Casualty of distratio*cough*war. Casualty of war…)

AUTHOR’S WARNING: Not so old story this time. On the other hand, there’s a few things i should probably explain. Story is a reincarnated-into-game world of kinds which i do understand, is not for everyone’s tastes, though i do feel like i added a small twist… (which will probably only ever be revealed much later but… Oh well… ). For those who came to this site via a link from Crashed into Fantasy, yes, this story was based on that, but I didn’t take the same route. Finally, since i avoided just info-dumping too much, if there’s any doubt about systems/how stuff works, do say so in the comments and i’ll try to explain them in the most spoiler-free way.

Now, without further ado, here’s the story!



I had done it. By the time I watched the massive robot falling to its knees before me and stabbing the massive shining sword into the ground, in one last attempt to stand back up, it tried to stretch its left leg, but it exploded into pieces, leading to the machine falling flat onto the ground with way too much force for its unshielded body, destroying the main body and revealing a defenseless core.


For a good minute, there was silence as everyone slowly realized the meaning of this scene before us, the massive robot entered a repeated animation of trying to lift itself up, only to slip and fall again.


Project MMG – Chapter 14

“Muu… You are mean Michael.” Shauna complained while her head fell into the pile of papers in front of her. “I’m sooo tired.. Why are you so meaaan?.”


“That’s because I had the feeling you’ve been slacking in your martial arts training, you know?” Michael commented while briefly glancing towards the girl’s homework. “And your third question is wrong, do it again.”


“HEEEEH?” Shauna let out a shout of despair before begrudgingly erasing the answer she had spent so long working on. “Couldn’t you at least let me rest before homework?”


Poll. Better late than ever edition.

Got distracted. So i shall Poll now. Bonus write next edition today though!

On today’s Write next poll, i’ll write the top three stories in the order they are ranked up when i close the poll. I’m not adding MMG to the poll because i can’t help but feel that it’ll win anyway, so i’ll just start writing it. This means that my current plans for writing is: MMG > Poll First place > Poll Second Place > Poll Third Place > IO. So yeah… Yay?

I’m doing this mostly because two of the stories in the poll already have half a chapter done, so might as well get them done, right?

Anyway, Here are the two Links.



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Summoned net idol – Chapter 6

(AN: Quick warning, some ecchi in this chapter. Not sure if it counts for NSFW, but you have been warned.)

As my rage subsided, I finally took a deep breath and calmed down, throwing myself on the couch and letting the pillows absorb me into its midst. Wielding an equal amount of anger towards myself and the gods, I started to finally get the size of the problem I had gotten myself into. After some time of thinking, I finally turned towards the magician and said.


“By any chance, you wouldn’t be able to undo a god’s curse, would you?” I asked while making a shot in the dark.


“…I see…” Merlin said with a nod and making a pensive pose. “Indeed, it would be possible for me to undo the curse.”




Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 5

I sighed while following the magician inside the house, confusion and anxiety filling my head as we crossed the stony halls and pathways. With the magician leading our group, me and the priestess walked in the middle, while the mysterious swordsman came following us behind.


While there was a clear amount of bloodlust coming from the girl right at my side, I couldn’t feel anything of the like coming from either the magician, who hummed a happy song, or the swordsman, who was oddly quiet all this time.


Summoned net idol – Chapter 4


I don’t know whether it was a lucky sign or a sad one that the priestess didn’t try to attack me while I was laying down in the snow, almost literally laughing my worries away in the snow trying to calm myself down. It took me almost ten minutes of doing so before I could finally stand up and look around.


It was clear as day that we had been transported somewhere else that was nowhere close to the place we were before. As confused that I was, I decided to actually enjoy such occasion as it meant that I had escaped with my life.


(Re)Turn – Chapter 13

Not in an unexpected manner, we were the center of attention. Well, not that I could blame the onlookers, after all, there were two stunning girls sitting side-by-side on a bench within a highly populated mall.


Under normal circumstances, I’d just have basked in the glory of being the center of attentions without needing to do anything, but not today.


I once fought a legion thousands strong, I also ran for twenty days straight non-stop while being chased by a dragon. I once made a bet with Sophie and spent a full month without sleeping on my bed. Yet none of those times did I ever get as tired as I am right now.


“I… Can feel my soul… Leaving me…” I said tiredly while leaning to the side.