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Horsemen – Chapter 9

Author’s note: I guess that I should tell you guys, but this is the last chapter I had in my stock of chapters. I just forgot to upload it. For now I might have some down-time while I finish my IO marathon. Either THAT, or i could upload some older, already dropped works…

Anyway, enjoy your story!



Making his way through the mall back to where he left Kara, Drake couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement and anticipation towards the idea of seeing something literally out of this world happening right in front of him. That, and he wanted to check if his friend was fine too, of course.



Horsemen – Chapter 8

“Drake!” Kara said in a hurried tone as she pulled him closer. Still shocked with the sudden event that occurred in front of him, it took him a few seconds to understand what was happening.”We need to move these people away from here!”


“Huh?” He asked idiotically before shaking his head and putting on more focused expression. “Why?” He asked in a low tone. “Do you recognize that thing?”


“No.” Kara denied immediately, getting the boy by surprise. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 7

“…and here is the money for the taxi on the way back.” Aliss said cheerfully while handling a note to Drake, who gladly accepted without a second thought.


Her job done, Aliss then closed off the car’s windows and drove off from the mall’s parking lot. With a quick jog Drake got out from the driveway and stood at the entrance of the mall where Kara awaited with a slightly uncomfortable expression. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 6

Drake relaxedly turned on the page of the book in his hand while letting out a brief chuckle at the character’s foolish actions. Laying down on the same couch he had been when talking with Kara earlier, he, ignoring the usual evil-looking face, had a relaxed posture, leaning with his head on the arm-couch and one leg hanging freely from the side.


With a look through the window, he saw the dark cloudy sky and the constant water that fell down from the heavens. Even though the thunderstorm died down and the rain also became a lot thinner than how it was back when he had arrived at home, it was still in a state that he wouldn’t willingly choose to go out on foot. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 5

“Then, you really aren’t human…” Drake said with a surprised gaze as he looked towards Kara, who had an uncomfortable expression on her face.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this you just said, to be honest.” Aliss said with a sigh. “Not only you openly show you aren’t human, you also claim that, in the end, no one is actually a human?” Aliss said with a heavy tone. “That’s not something I will simply be able to believe overnight like that.” (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 4

Attracted by the delicious smell of food coming from the large cooking pot, Drake and Kara reached a silent consensus of leaving the serious talk for later and enjoy the alluring food for now. Raising themselves from the couch, Kara made her way to the dining table while Drake went to the kitchen so he could wash the spoons, as his sister had asked.

Washing done, he brought the spoons over as well as the dining plates, putting one before each of the people present. Once done, his sister opened up the lid and the fragrant odors from the pot bombarded their noses with the juicy smell of meat and vegetables as the stew came in full view. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 3

Leaving the bathroom with the towel hanging on his shoulder, Drake headed towards the service area where he hung the towel to dry.

Looking around, he didn’t see the towel he had lent to Kara either, so he wondered if she was still showering. Since he didn’t have anything to do there anymore, he simply left the service area and walked towards the kitchen, opening the fridge to see if he had anything to snatch before his sister got home… (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 2

Drake walked his way back to the stop he missed because of the girl’s strange word. In fact, it was the exact same stop where she had left the bus, so in a way, it was her fault that he had to walk under the rain for even longer than what he actually needed.

Using his backpack as a cover, he ran through the wet sidewalks and dodged the occasional puddles with uncanny expertise, Drake went from cover to cover, using everything he could to avoid getting wet as much as he would. Not that it made much different when he could feel that his clothes were already drenched. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 1

It happened earlier that day, some time right after noon. Drake couldn’t be quite sure due to the lack of clocks, as his usual watch had broken the wrist-band just the day before and his cellphone died a few minutes ago.

The fact that the sky was as dark as the deepest night and the rain had been falling non-stop for the last hours, with even the occasional lightning strike every few minutes or so didn’t help his situation either. (more…)

Horsemen – Prologue

“Do you see now, you foolish scribe?” The monster said with a wicked smile while pinning the other monster using nothing more than her hands. “This, is what you truly are. This is what WE truly are.” It said while its tail flickered cheerfully in the air.

Orange blood ran from the wounds of the worm like monster as a deep black smoke seeped out from the cuts in its body, the oozing liquid slowly making its way towards the young man, who could only watch in sheer shock and confusion as the scene happened right in front of him. (more…)