Chapter 8

(Re)Turn – Chapter 08

I hope I haven’t arrived too late. While wondering about this I opened the doors of the store and quietly peeked in.I immediately widened my eyes in surprise at the various different flashy outfits. While most of them aren’t that flashy compared to what I had seen back in the other world, but they could easily hold up to most of what I had seen. Still, compared to what I had seen in this world, wearing those in the streets would probably be very eye catching.


Hmmm… In fact, there’s some really nice clothes here that I just might get for myself. Still, I couldn’t see any kimono selling, so I decided to ask an employee..


However, upon seeing that there wasn’t anyone at the counter, I sighed heavily in defeat.



Project MMG – Chapter 08

Shelly was many things when she woke up in the morning. She was refreshed from having one of the best sleeps she had in her life. She was also tired, knowing that she’d have a very tiring day ahead of herself. There was also expectancy, after all, just yesterday she had began to meddle with magic, and to say that she didn’t want to see what would happen would be a lie.


However, above all else, there were two things that she was at that moment that stood over the others.


She was drenched, and she was annoyed.


Hero – Chapter 8

“Looks like the coast is clear.” Ace said while looking around before making his way down the house’s ceiling and towards the back of his own house.


Dropping a cheerful Pria who looked one step away from humming a cheerful sound to the ground, he wasted no time with opening the door and pulling her in. Slamming the door behind him before anyone could get a glimpse of his situation, he finally sighed in relief while removing his helmet.


Horsemen – Chapter 8

“Drake!” Kara said in a hurried tone as she pulled him closer. Still shocked with the sudden event that occurred in front of him, it took him a few seconds to understand what was happening.”We need to move these people away from here!”


“Huh?” He asked idiotically before shaking his head and putting on more focused expression. “Why?” He asked in a low tone. “Do you recognize that thing?”


“No.” Kara denied immediately, getting the boy by surprise. (more…)