Project Hero

Hero – Chapter 15

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“Hey, Ace.” Dead-shot said in a very cheerful tone.


“Y-Yes?” The knight replied fearfully while hiding behind a machine.
“Could you please stop avoiding my bullets? There’s a chance I might hit something important.”



Hero – Chapter 14

“Do you understand what you are getting yourself into?” Dead-shot asked him with worry in her voice.


“That still doesn’t mean that I can just leave her alone, right?” Ace asked back with an awkward tone. “I mean, I seriously doubt she is as dangerous as they make her be.”


Hero – Chapter 13

“Maybe this will teach you to mess with someone on your level.” Genesis said in a smug tone while staring at the poor victim before her.

He had come so proud and full of himself to challenge her, yet had fallen so easily before her non-stop magic barrage. Holding back a laugh, she proceeded to finish the poor victim, making sure to leave nothing behind before turning away. (more…)

Hero – Chapter 12

Ace smiled awkwardly while watching over Pria as she tried, and mostly failed, in trying to keep a straight face as she sat besides him. Sometimes fidgeting nervously while looking around, other clinging to him nervously while trying to avoid getting too close to the others, only for her to be once again get excited and look at people once again.

Not that he could really blame her, though. He was pretty much the same as her back when he first came to the hero association’s headquarters, wearing pretty much the same robe and  also registering himself as a capable hero. And being a hero enthusiast, seeing so many of them in one place is quite a sight, even if one wasn’t as much of an enthusiast, it was still something that would leave a good amount of people amazed.


Hero – Chapter 11

“I heard some rumors that some boys are after the twins.” Michael said after sipping a bit of his coffee and gently putting it on the table.


Blinking confused, Pria looked towards the elder brother and became slightly scared as the look from earlier slowly took over his face. Feeling a bit scared, she quickly let go of her book and went towards Johan so she could hide behind him, but the moment her eyes landed on the younger sibling, she became dumbstruck and petrified.


Hero – Chapter 10

As always, Johan couldn’t help but be surprised with Pria. Laying on the sofa of his living room in the middle of the night he recalled to what happened after the pervert of a friend left. Keeping true to his promise, he sat down with Pria and started helping her with the reading of a grimoire.


After some deliberation, he decided to start with a grimoire that didn’t require use of internal energy, as he wasn’t entirely sure how mana flow worked inside her, with the whole eating energy thingy. With that, the final decision was to start with the taoist grimoire.


Hero – Chapter 9

“Okay. Let’s get this out of the way. Frank, you stay two meters away from this. Pria, just to be safe, I need you to be as further away from this as possible.” Johan said while putting on a serious expression and looking at the two people who stood on the room with him.


Frank, already used to this, nodded while sitting on the sofa with an amused expression, while Pria put on a slightly disappointed expression as she leaned against the wall. Feeling a tinge of guilt at seeing her making such expression.


Hero – Chapter 8

“Looks like the coast is clear.” Ace said while looking around before making his way down the house’s ceiling and towards the back of his own house.


Dropping a cheerful Pria who looked one step away from humming a cheerful sound to the ground, he wasted no time with opening the door and pulling her in. Slamming the door behind him before anyone could get a glimpse of his situation, he finally sighed in relief while removing his helmet.


Hero – Chapter 7

“So, you mean to say that not only you took a person you just met into your house, but even revealed your secret identity to her?” Dead-shot said in a tone that left her unsure whether to believe in her own words or not.


Seeing how all that Ace did was looking away from her while a muffled whistling sound echoed from his helmet, she left out a long sigh before shaking her head and looking at the other person who stood on the rooftop with them. The blue girl had been carried up here by Ace a bit before even the cops appeared to take the bandits away.


Hero – Chapter 6

The one to make the first move after the exchange of attacks was the lizard-man. Spinning around as he swept his tail around in a wide arc. Ace reacted quickly by summoning a short-spear and stabbing it into the ground, intercepting the attack. He soon followed with a kick to the lizard’s back, which mostly served to make him take a step forward.

However, his partner didn’t lose the chance to try and take a shot, pulling her revolver and shooting at the man’s back. However, the rubber bullet strangely lost most of its speed a few meters before even reaching the man, to the point that even Ace could see the bullet flying by the end of its trajectory, and by the time that it reached the lizard, it simply bounced harmlessly.