Since I am an horrible designer, I didn’t think this page through, so for those who already read it, there should be a link to the stories I’m working on to the side (Or above, if in a portable device)

For those who know me, It’s nice to see you guys here. For those who don’t, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Warhawx (obviously my real name *whistles innocently*) and I am an author wannabe in a certain site. (AKA Royal road Legends)

I’m quite proud of saying that I have a few passable works there that can be counted as something not bad, these being Insania Online, my main work, (Re)Install, My other work with a robot, and Spiritsmith, my failure of an attempt at a Wuxia-ish story.

As much as I enjoy writing those stories, I have an hyperactive mind that makes me create more and more stories with no end. If I were to post all of them in RRL, the site would be flooded with Warhawx’s works that simply don’t seem to end. Under the recommendations of my friends, I decided to create this blog where I can dump all of those ideas without having the same amount of responsibility as I have with my main works.

This means that, in this blog, you may find works that will (PROBABLY) have slow/infrequent releases, that might get dropped out of nowhere or simply pop out of nowhere. If you want a bit more of consistency, I recommend checking one of my works I mentioned up there, as those are the ones I’ll probably have the most dedication towards.

With that out of the way, let the madness begin! (As soon as I figure out how this blog thingamajig works…)



  1. I, Master Dok,
    The Lord of Darkness,
    The Beardassest of the Sith,
    The ruler Shadows,
    The Master of Evilness,
    The Lord of Truffles,
    The Ruler of Sandwiches,
    and the Monochromatic Viking,
    demands frequent releases of HIS personal serie [Project Horsemen].
    You bode well to heed thyne liege’s command. Else I shall sharpen my war-axe, and heed my words mortals, thou does not wish to meet me witha sharpened war-axe.


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