Dragooness – Chapter 03

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I mostly spent the following days resting in the bedroom. From time to time a medic or teacher would come by to talk to me. Well, only those who had been here during the ritual actually came to me, so there wasn’t a great variety of visitors, but at the very least I had someone else to talk to.


Grandmaster and Sven both paid me a visit once. Grandmaster seemed to have been warned of the situation and wasn’t all that surprised upon seeing me, but Sven, on the other hand, took almost a full minute of convincing to accept that I was the same student he had seen here the last time.



Project MMG – Chapter 15

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“Now that we have reached recess, I, Shauna, declare the start of the meeting on how to deal with Sparkle Black.” Shauna said as she pushed her desk closer to the other’s. As if they were already used to the scene, the four others pushed their desks together, forming a rectangle, with Shauna’s table attached to the farther side. “Okay, it was our complete defeat. But, as big brother once said, you don’t lose, you learn for a future victory. So, what did we learn?”


“That she’s a cheater.” Ellie pouted. “She would attack me while I was mid-casting and wouldn’t let me do my magic.” She complained before adding in a ominous tone under her breath.”I’ll have to teach her some magical girl manners… huh… Huh hu… Huhuhuh…”


Dragooness – Chapter 02

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“Are you Rene?” A calm and slightly bored voice called out to me. Blinking surprised, I took my eyes away from my notebook and saw before me an auburn haired beauty.


Different from my knight’s suit, that was focused on practicality and ease of movement, she wore a long and beautiful dress that fell all the way to below her hips and a intricately knitted blouse on top of it. In her hands was the typical staff given to every student in the magician course. Instead of legs, a long reptilian tail extended beneath and behind her, proving her as one of the lamia tribe.


However, in a moment I recognized her. After all, she was one of the most famous students in the course. The prodigious healer who received a blessing from the holy dragon, Lumiera.


Dragooness – Chapter 01

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Summary: Rene is a trainee for a dragoon in a world where magic and steam reigns together, however, for some unknown author-related reason, he was born completely devoid of magic. Barely managing to qualify for an attempt at being presented before the elder dragons so that one of them may present him their blessing, he is instead met with silence. As his hopes start to wane, a dragon makes him an offer that would change his life forever.

Genres: Gender bender (as of chapter 2), Steampunk, Fantasy, action/adventure (?), probably comedy eventually. Maybe slice of life?


Watching as the next trainee was called for his ceremony, I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. I couldn’t help but be a bit hopeful that I’d get a good blessing when it came to meeting with them, however another part of me kept telling me to not get too excited.


Trying to keep myself positive while not getting my hopes too high, I once again gripped the handle of my sword while carefully polishing its blade. Keeping my mind away from the issue, I just let the time pass while I sat on the stone bench, waiting together with the ten other trainees for my turn to go in.


Dollmancer – Chapter 03

After the display on that opening day, I could say that things were going roughly as I had been expecting. Since I left it clear that I wasn’t exactly sociable, the other students, despite their curiosity about my youth and whatnot, left me alone during classes and other times.


Well, mostly.


One slight miscalculation of mine was for the desks to be made for two students at the same time. Sitting side by side.


This meant that, by simple luck and basic exclusion logic, me, the antisocial loner would end up with whoever was unlucky enough to not find someone willing to share a desk with them. Of course, if on one hand you had the unsociable me, the other one was the excluded bully victim, miss handsome.


(Re)Turn – Chapter 14



“So, which one do you prefer? The black one or the dark blue one?” I said while holding the two outfits in my hands and showing them to Mya.


“Hmm… The blue one is cuter, but…” She frowned slightly while looking at my hair. “The black one matches you better.”


“Oh, don’t worry about color combination. I can change my hair color easy enough.” I reminded her, and she made an ‘oh yeah’ expression.


Project MMG – Chapter 14

“Muu… You are mean Michael.” Shauna complained while her head fell into the pile of papers in front of her. “I’m sooo tired.. Why are you so meaaan?.”


“That’s because I had the feeling you’ve been slacking in your martial arts training, you know?” Michael commented while briefly glancing towards the girl’s homework. “And your third question is wrong, do it again.”


“HEEEEH?” Shauna let out a shout of despair before begrudgingly erasing the answer she had spent so long working on. “Couldn’t you at least let me rest before homework?”


Summoned net idol – Chapter 6

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As my rage subsided, I finally took a deep breath and calmed down, throwing myself on the couch and letting the pillows absorb me into its midst. Wielding an equal amount of anger towards myself and the gods, I started to finally get the size of the problem I had gotten myself into. After some time of thinking, I finally turned towards the magician and said.


“By any chance, you wouldn’t be able to undo a god’s curse, would you?” I asked while making a shot in the dark.


“…I see…” Merlin said with a nod and making a pensive pose. “Indeed, it would be possible for me to undo the curse.”




Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 5

I sighed while following the magician inside the house, confusion and anxiety filling my head as we crossed the stony halls and pathways. With the magician leading our group, me and the priestess walked in the middle, while the mysterious swordsman came following us behind.


While there was a clear amount of bloodlust coming from the girl right at my side, I couldn’t feel anything of the like coming from either the magician, who hummed a happy song, or the swordsman, who was oddly quiet all this time.


Summoned net idol – Chapter 4


I don’t know whether it was a lucky sign or a sad one that the priestess didn’t try to attack me while I was laying down in the snow, almost literally laughing my worries away in the snow trying to calm myself down. It took me almost ten minutes of doing so before I could finally stand up and look around.


It was clear as day that we had been transported somewhere else that was nowhere close to the place we were before. As confused that I was, I decided to actually enjoy such occasion as it meant that I had escaped with my life.