Makina – Chapter 04

Any complaints I would have about being locked in jail for a couple of days quickly flew out of the window after my first two hours in the cell. Not only was the bed much more comfortable than anything I had in my entire life, probably only barely comparable to that one noble’s that tried gaining his party’s favor that one time, but even that one could barely hold a candle to this incredibly comfortable place.


And this was not counting the fact that the food was ridiculously tasty! I mean, seriously, even the best of the best foods I ate back in my own world was a piece of trash. And taking in account that I wasn’t really that restricted in my right to come and go, I was left with absolutely no reason to complain about the way I was being treated.



Makina – Chapter 03

“You just stated yourself as being a foreigner, and the lack of data about your person agrees with that fact.” Zero said in her usual tone. “However, taking in account the archaic garments and equipment you had in your person, as well as you insisting on something like a god sending you here leads me to conclude that you might suffer from delusions based on fantasy settings. While the cause of such delusions is unknown to me, it is enough for me to conclude that you require assistance.”


“And why the hell would a god sending me to another world be enough to conclude that I’m crazy?” I asked in a mix of annoyance and confusion.


“Because an entity such as ‘god’ has not been found or confirmed as of yet.” She replied.


Makina – Chapter 02

I was almost freaking out as I quietly followed Dakota and the giant down the alley and onto the main road. Having left my sword in the hands of the giant, I was left without many ways to defend myself, on the other hand, I couldn’t help but feel that the giant was more than capable of protecting both me and Dakota with ease.


And Dakota… well, after his incredible act, he had to double over and let out his breakfast after a wave of nausea hit him. So much for looking competent.


Makina – Chapter 01

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“Gerstalt, such a pitiful man you are.” Her voice said, filled with sorrow. “Burdened with the destiny of an entire world, forced to make a choice between destruction and slaughter. Branded as a hero, yet treated as a villain.”

All I could do was smile sadly at her words. True, I had been forced in that situation, but at the same time, I was the one who chose it. Did I really have the right to be pitied for that? (more…)