Neighbor Scientist

Neighbor Scientist – Chapter 03

A sigh came from the other side of the line. Even from here I could feel as it carried heavy disappointment.


“Belladona…” Garden said in a tired tone before sighing once again. “…I’m dismissing you from service.”


“WHAT?” I shouted surprised before covering my mouth in a hurry. “W-Why sir?”



Neighbor Scientist – Chapter 2

“Through there you can see the greenhouse.” Karl told me while I followed him, still stunned by the whole ordeal with Takoyaki. “That will probably be the main place where you’ll spend your time working, so it might be a good idea for you to acquaintance yourself with it later.”


As he said that, I followed the motion of his hand, my gaze meeting with the metallic wall that went deep into the jungle that he called home. With a glass ceiling that stood high, from the place where I was all I could say was that it looked like the building was a lot bigger than what I initially expected.


Neighbor Scientist – Chapter 1


Contains non-sense, comedy, Sci-fi and Fantasy. This is a purely comedy one and no really underlying plot as of now.


“Garden, this is Belladonna. Do you copy?” I said while putting on the small device near my ear. After a brief sound of static, I heard the reply in relief.


“Garden to Belladonna. We are copying loud and clear. it’s great to know you arrived just fine. Do you have anything to report already? Has the Locust made any movement yet?” Garden replied with his usual rough voice. I took some moment to take a deep breath before nodding..