Project Hero

PROJECT HERO (ANOTHER temporary title)

Synopsis: A mysterious girl whose liquid body is anything but human, a mediocre magician swordsman who might have gotten a bit over his head with problems and a story that I have no idea where it’s going towards. Except that i want to make it a bit less idealistic than usual.

Genres: Action, Super hero, romance (?), ecchi.

Prologue 1 /Prologue 2/ Chapter 1/ Chapter 2/ Chapter 3/ Chapter 4/ Chapter 5

Chapter 6 /Chapter 7 /Chapter 8 /Chapter 9 /Chapter 10/ Chapter 11/ Chapter 12

Chapter 13 /Chapter 14 /Chapter 15



  1. Very very good. Thank you for writing this! I’ve read your Insania Online and (Re)Install on RR and I personally think this story is better than either one. If you get the inclination to write more of this please do!

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  2. No need to worry. I personally plan on keeping this up for as long as possible. It’s possibly my favorite as of now too. That said, it is in lower priority compared to my RRL works, so the updates are a bit slower.

    Still, glad to see you are liking it. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhh… Attempted murder. Always impeding on our daily life. So mildy irritating.

        Well, I’d better go back to my science project. I’m afraid his screams will wake up the neighbours. They get very grumpy when something disturbs them in the middle of the night, and I still need them to lend me their shovel, so… See you.


      2. I know, I know… But I just like theirs better. It just slides better in to the earth. There’s a general smoothness to the metal. A pute beauty. I’m just waiting for my girlfriend to gift me the same for Christmass. She’ll probably love this opirtunity to do some shopping. It’s not every day I let her out of the basement.


      3. Slip… Sure… >.>
        I’ll pretend i’ll believe you. Also, remember your girlfriend to put on sun blocker. Being locked for so long might have left her a bit too sensitive to light!


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