Hero – Chapter 4

Have you ever seen one of those scenes where the smallest of the sun rays that manages to pass through a blind, lands exactly on the character’s eyes, waking him up in a good and refreshed mood?


Well something similar happens every morning on the Fencer household. Johan’s room had one of those multiple horizontal bars layers, but due to overuse, some of them started breaking up. Including the one that made way so that the sun would always land exactly on his eyes no matter the season.

Although far from rich, that was something that Johan could have afforded repairing, but withheld himself from doing so for the simple reason that, should he miss the alarm, the sun would wake him up without a fault. This morning was no different.


Well, except that different from those fake movies that shows the subjects to such a cruel way of waking up, Johan was far from refreshed, and in fact a grumble of sheer hatred for this evil and sadistic being known as sun was heard. Although knowing that he should have woken up already, he still fought against his cruel destiny by turning to the side and seeking the second of his three pillows he usually left in his bed.


Passing his arm around it, he pulled the pillow close and hugged it, pressing his face against it so that it could protect him from the evil flaming tyrant in the skies that refused to give him ten minutes more.


However, mister pillowsworth, which was the name he decided to call the pillow that morning, seemed a bit strange today. Having a slightly sweet smell to it, it was a lot less fluffy and much more squishy than what he remembered. As well as the fact that the shape was simply wrong somehow. Activating his meager pre-breakfast processing power of his brain, he opened his eyes and started trying to understand what was happening.


What greeted him was a sea of blue. Although looking like a liquid while he looked at it, his arm hugging the strange liquid proved him that it was more than solid enough for him to hold onto.


Frowning confused, the more he looked at the object, the more his guts told him that there was something important for him to remember.


However, things only clicked in when not-mister pillowsworth started squirming slightly before the part closest to him moved up.


The beautiful face of a young looking girl looked up to him from a breath’s distance. Even the fact that it wasn’t made of actual flesh managed to reduce the impact. And when said girl gave him a small smile, nestling her body against him, his brain burned through all of his sugar reserves to jolt him into activity.


“What the…”


He never got the chance to finish his curse, because the bed was only big enough for him to take a small distance. But such mistake wouldn’t be one that he would commit. The problem lied on the fact that he wasn’t in his bed, but the couch from his living room, and the world famous sun-snipe scene was more like a full powered rocket launcher, since he forgot to close the living room’s windows before sleeping.


So, it was no wonder that Johan fell on the ground, hitting his head in the process.


Cursing himself for his blunder, he grabbed his painful head and waited for a moment as memories from the previous day came back to him. But before he had the chance, however, he heard a wet sound coming from his side as pria dropped from the couch and into the ground, reforming herself quickly besides him. Feeling as she gently touched his arms, he saw as she looked at him slightly worried.


“I’m fine… I’m fine…” He said with a wry smile before straightening himself with a low grunt and looking around.


Just as how his memory told him, the place where he was is the living room. But from the same memories he had, he remembered leaving Pria to sleep on his bed after recharging the necklace with his magic for the night. If that was so, then why was she lying besides him first thing in the morning? While his head ached with this unanswered question, he decided that asking would be easier.


Taking a deep breath so that he could gather his thoughts, he turned to the blue girl and asked.


“So, why were you there with me?” He asked with a dubious tone. Pria simply looked at him and gave a bright smile before quickly sliding towards him and nestling herself into his chest, putting on a satisfied smile on the process. After recovering from his surprise, Johan sighed loudly before shaking his head. “So, you were hungry?”


Much to his surprise, the girl didn’t outright agree with him, and instead looked a bit confused, as if she was thinking on a way to reply to him. Finally she nodded, although she looked a fair bit unsure about herself. Not being able to read the girl’s mind, Johan simply sighed before peeking at the gemstone floating within the girl’s body. From its colors, he could see that it had more than half of the energy still stored.


Wondering how much longer the gem would last, his mind jolted him awake at the idea of time, so the young man quickly jumped up with an ‘aah!’, surprising the girl who fell on her back.


Quickly apologizing to her, he offered her his hands and she, confused, but surely took it so she could stand back up.


“Sorry, i just remembered something.” He said with a worried tone before quickly digging through the sofa searching for something. After a few seconds, he found it under Fluffy, the day’s name of his softest pillow, and quickly checked it.


Much to his surprise, his cellphone marked that it was thirty minutes earlier than the alarm he had set to himself. Feeling relieved at that, he calmed down.


Feeling as Pria peeked over his shoulder towards the small cellphone on his hands, he quickly explained her that he had to wake up early every day so he could go to his classes. It’s not like he would get free from classes just because he could make a few cute magic tricks. The girl actually became amazed at the idea of going to class, but Johan quickly calmed her down by saying that he wouldn’t be able to take her with him, seeing how easily she would gather attention.


The fact that she could easily be mistaken by a monster when not keeping her humanoid shape only made it more dangerous to reveal her to public.


She agreed with staying at home with surprising ease, much to Johan’s surprise as he ate his breakfast while being hugged from behind.


“Is there any real reason you keep hugging me even though you shouldn’t be hungry?” He asked her after some time being snuggled.


Pria simply replied with a shrug before putting on a bright cheerful smile. Unable to push the girl back and risk ending her innocent happiness, he simply kept on eating his food. Afterwards, after a brief explanation of why she should not follow him into the bathroom, he was pretty much ready for class, and thanks to being woken up earlier than usual due to a small miscalculation, he decided to set something up so that Pria wouldn’t feel too bored.


While briefly recharging the heat-emitting gemstone for her, he started thinking of what the girl would enjoy. While it was pretty clear that she found pretty much anything interesting, point made by the fact that she seemed completely absorbed in watching the toaster working earlier, he still would rather leave her doing something with little to no risk to both the house and to herself if possible.


His eyes finally landed on the book he had open on the table. Staring at it for a moment, he widened his eyes and had an idea.


“Pria, you like reading, right?” He asked the girl while looking back to her after remembering how she was reading every single line of the game the previous day. Seeing her nodding cheerfully, he became a bit more excited. “Then, do you want me to get a book so you can read while i am out?”


Seeing her nod cheerfully, he threw the gem back to the girl, who immediately absorbed it into the body and left it floating around the usual place.


Quickly going to his usual bookshelf, Johan skimmed through his books and chose an old one he had bought two by accident some time ago. Not sure whether Pria’s touch would leave the page moist or not, he decided to play it safe for now.


“Here. You can read these two here until i get back from my morning classes, okay?” He said before putting on another book besides. “This here is a dictionary that have the meaning of the words if you need it.”


The slime girl nodded cheerfully while taking the two books and hugging them. After quickly explaining her how a clock works and when he would be back, he left the house carrying his trusty backpack with him.


Finally having some alone time while riding the bus to his college, he took the chance to organize his mind on what was happening. From what he found out, Pria could somehow also absorb magic directly, even after he made it go through a ritual. Deciding to be safe, he kept simply feeding her the heat from the gem. That said, even then he wasn’t sure whether that was safe, but at least there seemed to be less of a chance of a “blame-magic” incident happening.


Seeing how his own analysis magic wasn’t working at all, he decided to try and rely on his techie friend, Dead-shot. Knowing her and her usual princess-reaction, he wouldn’t be surprised if she had a massive tech-base somewhere else, so he wanted to have her take a look at Pria to see whether she was in any danger with her body like that.


Then, he also had to leave later that day to go and buy some silver for his enchantment. This meant that it wouldn’t be surprising if he spent the entire day unable to go patrolling. Luckily, he had quite a catch the previous day, so he had more than enough money to last the remainder of the week at the very least.


But that still didn’t mean that he should just drop his hero job while he is taking care of the girl, so he would probably have to leave her alone for some time.


Wait, now that he thought about it, registering her as a hero… Wouldn’t that makes things simpler? Even if Aberrants like her were fairly rare, it’s not like they were unknown, and most of them would actually receive some fame straight away due to their unique appearances, different from the masked heroes who were a lot more generic. This would also reduce the likelihood of her being mistaken for a monster should someone see her on the street.


That said, he would need to have at the very least some method of identification ready for her. The fact that she didn’t have any kind of identification method was troubling and due to the nature of her body, they couldn’t be sure how she looked previously, so they didn’t have any kind of method to identify her before she became like that.


“Oi, what with that face?” A voice came from the side, snapping him out of his worries. Turning to the side, he saw the brown skinned guy who stood on his side.


Staring at the guy with dead-fish eyes, Johan examined the man besides him for some time. With the hair cut short, and a strong look to his face, he had a fair build to himself, looking a bit stronger than Johan himself, but while Johan had a more informal look to himself, with bermuda and jacket, the guy wore jeans pants and a checkered blouse while carrying his backpack on his back.


“Just thinking about the meaning of life, universe and everything else.” He replied in a taunting tone.


“Didn’t we already define that the answer to that is forty two?” The guy replied with a confused expression before smiling playfully and taking the seat besides him. “So… Is it about that?”


“Yeah.” Johan sighed while giving a brief look around to see if there wasn’t anyone hearing to their talk. “You see, i found an aberrant that lost her memories, and she really looks like a monster sometimes, so i’m a bit worried on what to do.” He explained in a low tone.


“An aberrant?” He asked surprised. “With amnesia?” Johan nodded. “…Hey, is she cute?”


“That’s the first thing you ask? And don’t you have a girlfriend already?” Johan asked in anger while kicking the guy’s legs, getting a laugh out from him. “And yes, somehow she is just goddamned adorable. Despite being oddly clingy.”


“Clingy is it?” The boy asked with a taunting smile. “So it looks like you got yourself a girlfriend, huh? Care showing her to me?”


“Frank. Keep that talk up and i’ll tell Mirian about you asking about cute girls, okay?”


“My mouth is sealed and i shall never again bring that up…” Frank said in a perfect turnaround, before looking away and adding in a low tone. “At least until we get to school…”


“Go to hell.”


“Already got a vip ticket there!” He laughed for a moment before putting on a serious expression. “Okay, stopping with the jokes, why are you so worried then?”


“Well, she’s… odd.” Johan leaned backwards and stretched himself for a moment while choosing his words. “First, she literally lives of energy. As in, heat, electricity and, heck, even magic.”


“Wait what?” His friend asked confused. “Magic? She ‘eats’ magic? Isn’t that like, impossible or something?”


“Should be. Yes.” Johan nodded wearily. “That’s what’s troubling me.” He took a long sigh for a moment before saying. “Anyway, i already asked for some help from Deaddie. She should be able to find something.”


“Oh, the gunner princess, huh?” Frank said with a nod. “You did say that you two were buddies more than once, i guess.”


“Yeah. We did get a couple of jobs together a few times already.” Johan said with a wry smile while remembering back at the time the two had similar ranks. Now she was already a couple of ranks above him, proof of her skill. “Anyway, i need to find a way to get the girl some documentations. She have no memories nor documents and i can’t be sure her actual appearance is similar to how she actually looked previously, so we might have to look into registering her as a citizen from scratch.”


“Is she that inhuman looking?” Frank asked surprised.


“Ermmm… Not exactly?” Johan said with a frown. “It’s a bit complex…” He sighed. “Anyway, could you take a look into it for me?”


“Yeah, leave it to me!” Frank replied while putting on a smug smile. Johan smiled wryly for a moment while nodding.


Although both of them were cursing the same civil engineering course right now, due to his lawyers father’s influence, Frank had more than enough experience in working with legal matters and such. In fact, it was with his help that Johan registered himself as a hero in the first place, so he was more than used to leaving such matters to his friend.


Using his girlfriend as a threat to get him working also worked wonders, though.


Seeing as his friend went silent while rummaging through his mess of a brain in search for a possible solution for their problem, he quickly smirked and said.


“So, did you finish your calculus project for today?”


“GAAAH! IT WAS TODAY?” Frank shouted in despair before pulling out his notebook and setting it in front of him. “PLEASE! HELP MEEEEE!”



“YOU ARE EVIL!” Frank told him with sheer hatred in his voice as the two left the main building of the college. “YOU ARE PUREEEE EVIIIIL!” He said while pointing to the boy with a scar near his eye. “YOU KNEEEEW IT WASN’T FOR TODAY THE PROJECT! YET YOU LIIIIIED TO MEEE!”


As Frank said that, he drilled his finger on Johan’s cheek putting on an angry look. Johan simply rolled his eyes avoiding his friend’s gaze.


“How could i have known it wasn’t for today?” Johan said with a fake look of guilt. “Besides, look on the bright side! You have it ready for next week.”


“You can forget your help with your cute aberrant! You’ll get nothing from me you traitor!”


“GAAH! PRIA!” Johan shouted suddenly at the mention of the girl and looked at his wristwatch. It was a bit after the time he had said he would get home already, since he got stuck with a late teacher. Grimacing he looked around before turning to his friend. “Dammit. I left her alone in there! Look into it for me, i’ll be counting on you.”


“Didn’t i just say i’m not going to help you, Shitty magician?” Frank said with annoyance.


“Yeah, yeah. Look. I have to get going before her gem dries up in magic.” He said while starting to run to the bus stop.


“Gem? Magic?” Frank asked confused before darting after Johan. “Didn’t she eat all magic?”


“No, it’s just a simple magic gem that converts magic into heat. I’ve been leaving her with it so she doesn’t starve.” He said while swerving his way through the pedestrian traffic. “I’ll also buy some more materials for another ritual today, since i had to buy my silver anyway.”


“Oooh, the ritual master ritual failed?” Frank said with a taunting tone.


“Ughh… Don’t start that again.” Johan said annoyed. “You know i don’t use rituals because i want to! It’s not my fault my unique magic is so damned useless most of the time AND blocks me from using any other kind of usual magic, you know?”


“Aww, don’t say that! From what i know, not even THE Genesis can use Spatial magic like yours, you know?” Frank added.


“Yeah, so she can’t use a magic to walk on anything that have a surface, nor can she store unlimited old-school weapons. What is she gonna do?” Johan said in a surprised voice. “Besides being able to literally fly around and simply conjure any kind of weapon she wants without bothering with buying them, i mean.” Stopping once he reached the bus stop, he saw as the bus drove away in the distance. “Oh great.”


While Johan made an annoyed expression, his friend kept laughing his ass off, as he loved to poke fun on his supposedly ‘Rare’ magic. Cursing himself for a moment, Johan finally decided that waiting for the next bus would take too long. That, and he knew that Frank wouldn’t stop so soon with his teasing.


After a brief check around, making sure that no one was watching him, he made his way to a nearby alley and quickly got his helmet and armor off, putting them on.


“Geez, are you in that much of a hurry to go and see her?” Frank said while panting near the entrance of the alley.


“Of course!” He replied worriedly. “She knows literally nothing about anything! What if she hurts herself or something?” Or even worse, what if she breaks something? He seriously doubted he enough money to buy himself a new computer if something happened to it.


“…Are you worried about her or your house, man?” The dark skinned guy asked with a sigh already knowing what was going on his friend’s mind.


“Both?” Johan said while fixing the armor around himself and putting his right feet on the wall. “Anyway, i’ll get going now because it’s already way over my time here.”


“Yeah, yeah. Go see your girlfriend and tell her i said hi. Also, send me a picture of her! I want to see if she’s as cute as you say she is.”


“Go to hell!” Ace replied before running up the wall. Deciding on his mind to tell Frank’s girlfriend of him wanting a cute girl’s pic, he made his way to the rooftops before starting to run towards his house.


Having solved one of his most troublesome situations regarding Pria by talking with Frank, now he would only have to find out what had happened with her and how to either turn her back or give her enough control over her situation so that she could live a normal life. If possible, he would also rather find a place to let her live in, as letting her in his house was a temporary measure at most.


Crossing the rooftops and passing by another super on the way, it still took him around a full ten to fifteen minutes of running to reach his house, even going faster than the bus stop. Dropping on the back door and quickly removing his helmet, he fished the key from his pocket and opened the lock a good half an hour later than what he had told the girl.


“I’m back! Sorry for being late!” He said while coming in hurriedly and looking around the room in a hurry. Much to his shock, there wasn’t anything wrong with the house. In fact, it was everything just how he left it.


Sighing in relief, he became a bit more worried once he noticed that he wasn’t seeing Pria anywhere, so he quickly made his way around the house looking for her, until he finally landed his eyes on the door to his room. Quickly making his way towards it, he opened the door and stepped inside.


Laying in his bed under the fully open window, almost as if enjoying a nice sun-bath, was Pria, who was laying on her belly with her  legs hanging up. Hearing the sound of the door opening up, she raised her head from the book and turned towards Johan. A smile appeared in her face.


Before Johan could even release his sigh of relief, Pria had already melted her body whole and make her way towards him, reforming her body a few centimeters away from him and hugging him.


This time, half expecting it already, Johan wasn’t caught by surprise and let her cling into him cheerfully.


“Geez, you left me worried.” He said worriedly while gently rubbing her head. “So, why were you in my room?” He asked confused. Pria quickly raised her head from his chest and pointed towards the bed, showing how the sun was hitting the thick covers of the bed spot on. “So, you were having a snack while reading?” She nodded cheerfully.


Calming himself down knowing that, surprisingly enough, nothing worrisome happened in here while he was away, he gave a quick glance to the book on the bed and became surprised with how little she had read. At most she had gone through one fourth of the whole book that wasn’t even that big to begin with.


Well, she was a slow reader, but at least she seemed to be enjoying herself, if her expression meant anything.


“Anyway, i’ll get something to eat myself, okay?” He said and she nodded cheerfully before following him inside the house as he made himself something to eat. “Anyway, i already asked a friend of mine to get you an ID, so it should helps you a whole lot with your current situation.” She looked a bit confused, but still nodded at his words. “Also, i’ll have to leave soon again so i can go on a store buy some materials for myself.”


As he said that, he turned to the girl, seeing as she looked at him slightly surprised, before widening her smile and clinging to him, tugging his arm while bouncing up and down, sending ripples down her body.


“What is it?” He asked confused. Seeing as she kept looking at him curiously, he finally asked. “Want to know what i’m buying?” She nodded, so he just smiled a bit wryly. “Nothing much to be honest. Just a small ritual shop nearby that i get my materials from.”


Upon hearing the words ritual, her eyes widened in amazement and she seemingly got even more excited, holding his arm even tighter and putting on a pleading face. It didn’t take him much longer to understand.


“You want to come too?” He asked confused and she nodded cheerfully. “…Why that so suddenly?” As he asked her that, she quickly dashed off into the room and came back carrying the book that she opened up and looked around, before pointing him a certain page.


Frowning slightly, Johan read the lines and saw that it was a line about a magic store. Remembering that the story of the book was one of fantasy, he sighed loudly for a moment before rubbing his eyes.


“I see… So you got curious about it after reading in the book?” She nodded excitedly, getting another sigh from him as he went over in his mind what he should do about it. “Do you really want to go that much? You do know that it’s probably completely different from what you read, right?” She nodded once again before widening her eyes and looking at him with a worried gaze before gently tugging his arm. “W-What is it?” He asked her. She quickly opened the book and searched something once again until she opened it in a page and pointed at it with her finger.


‘Am I a bother?’ Was the line written as she looked at him with upturned eyes.


“… It’s unfair when you do something like that.” Johan complained before sighing. “Okay, okay. I’ll take you with me. It’s nearby and i go in costume anyway. Shouldn’t happen anything worrisome before then.” He said, seeing a smile appear in her face before she glomped him in another hug. “Hey, at least let me finish my lunch, will you?” He complained to the girl holding him tightly.

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    1. This one is mostly because i suck with keeping up with names in most of my fics. Even more if it’s with girls name. But no, it’s not the scientist. Just the name that’s simlar.

      *looks away embarrassed.*


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