Hero – Prologue 1

‘It’ woke up suddenly.

Yes, waking up seems like a good word. It’s not like it was asleep or something like that, but its sheer lack of conscience couldn’t be expressed with common words, and when it finally started to understand what was happening to itself, it woke up.

It had no idea why nor any idea how, but it knew that what it was from that moment on, was something completely different, even though it was the same as before.

Even though everything about itself changed, it was still the same as before. It was strange, but that’s the best way it could describe what was happening. As consciousness started to form within it, so did two other things. One, were senses.

Through its body, it could feel things that formed into shapes, and as shapes formed into images, it soon started to perceive the world around itself with a brand new variety of details that was much more vast compared to simply the shape of its own body. As all this new information started to gather and marvel this thing… No, this new ‘being’, so did the second thing that formed within itself.

Desire. Desire to see and experience more. Desire to be able to sense new things unlike what these limited vessel that held it allowed.

As it decided to firm its desire as a part of his own self, it noticed as something new and different appeared within the area that its own new senses could perceive.

No, not new or different, but it was something that was constantly changing, constantly altering its distance towards it.

For the first time, the being understood this new concept that had been foreign to it, and once again it marveled at how many new things it could learn if it managed to master these concepts of movement and shape.

As it noticed this new being who shared the space with itself, a new idea formed, and soon it started trying to alter itself, move its body so that it could interact with its newfound find. Following the impulse, it tried to apply these new concepts to itself.

At the start the movement was slight and barely noticeable, even for itself, but after a moment they became greater and greater, and soon it managed to make them large enough, that even the creature reacted to it.

Satisfied, it stopped, and awaited.

Curiosity, anxiety, desire, all of these mingled together as it awaited for the being’s reaction. When it suddenly started to open distance from itself, then it disappeared through a corner.

It felt satisfied. it had interacted, something that it didn’t even know to be possible, yet it had clearly happened. As the being awaited this new concept of time to pass, it noticed as something within the environment changed. It wasn’t quite sure what, but it clearly happened.

Soon after, its vessel started to alter itself. From its memory from previous interactions, it knew what was about to happen, and curious about how it would feel to repeat that same process now that it had its own ego, it awaited anxiously.

Then, it felt as energy flowed through it. Heat that threatened to melt its vessel, some discharge that coursed through all of the inner parts of its body, a strange energy that seemed to bend the laws of the world.

All of these bombarded its body, the sheer impact of all these energies should more than be enough to destroy most other beings.

Meanwhile, it simply felt satisfied.


As the voice blared on the intercom, the black haired woman who answered it jolted awake from her still sleepy state. Surprised with the urgency of the request, she took a look around and found the apparel. Taking it to her ears after turning off the loudspeakers, she threw her jacket over her body.

“I’m here. What happened?” She said hurriedly while opening the door. A brief look behind showed the project she had been working the whole previous night. Grimacing as she knew that the project wouldn’t be concluded any time soon, she closed the door behind herself.

“It’s sample thirty nine!” The voice said in a state almost of panic. “We have a grave Code:Red situation with thirty nine!”

“A CODE:RED? HOW THE HELL DID THIRTY NINE START A CODE RED?” She shouted in shock while increasing her haste.

“No. The code:red wasn’t caused by Thirty nine!” The one on the other side of the comm said in a hurry. “But thirty nine used the chance to…”

“I’ll be over in a minute. Hold on please.” She interrupted the man’s words as she set her thoughts straight.

Sample thirty nine. A conflicted grimace appeared in her face when that name appeared in her mind.

Sample thirty nine was unique amongst all the samples of the Eternal Light project.

No, Unique didn’t even begin to describe it. Sample thirty nine was nothing short of a miracle. Something that shouldn’t even be possible happened right before their eyes.

Oddly enough, sample thirty nine was the first, and only one of the seventy seven samples to actually show the results they had for so long tried to achieve, thus, its situation became delicate, due to the lack of other words.

When it first showed signs of activity, two years ago, their first reaction was to dispose of it. They tried everything they had in their hands to destroy it, just like they had done to other samples when they underwent their tests.

Initially, they started with discharging powerful laser and electric charges. For safety, they even used the brand new mana-generators they had created a few weeks prior, however, it was all for naught, as sample thirty nine seemed completely unfazed by all of that energetic discharge that should easily fry a human alive, even if they were a super.

Yes, when they noticed that their own methods were unable to eliminate Sample Thirty Nine, they even called in their own contracted super. Genesis.

Genesis even went as far as use her own prized magic abilities to try and overload sample thirty nine within the container, but as before, the sample simply seemed to relax for a moment before reacting in some way.

As the researchers started to despair, Doctor Marian gave the idea to lock it away in an isolated facility and keep it under surveillance until it collapsed all by itself.

Those scared dogs that worked around her agreed immediately, since it meant that they wouldn’t need to worry about their own lives. Memories of the disaster with sample seven still fresh in their memories. However, simply leaving the sample alone could also be dangerous, so one researcher would have to be sent with the equipment to watch out for sample thirty nine.

Of course, the one sent in was no one other than the one who gave the idea.

“Well… It did work out for me in the end.” She said to herself with a small smile.

Sample thirty nine became eerily quiet when it was isolated, to the point that Marian even decided to incite it once again with more energetic discharges. Although there was some reaction, it was nothing major compared to what they had presenced previously.

Still, it really was such a shame. If it wasn’t for its strange bouts of instability, thirty nine would be exactly what they were searching for all this times. Even though it was only the first step into the true area of the Eternal Light Project, it was the first step that had been holding them back for years.

However, seeing that the sample was now strangely tame, a bit of courage grew within Marian, and she decided to approach it so she could see it up close.

Once again, thirty nine had become excited.

It still remembered the time when it met the woman.

It was shortly after being sent to that strangely still place where nothing ever happened. At first the change in the environment left it curious and it had become curious, but after some time it finally had seen everything it had to see, so it settled down and awaited.

For quite some time nothing interesting happened, and only an occasional jolt of energy actually marked its time-pass. These were quite pleasurable, as it could feel all the energy gathering within itself, but after these finished, there wasn’t anything else that really got its attention.

Then, the woman approached it.

It became excited, and once again wanted to interact with these strange beings that seemed to move around it. However, learning from previous lessons, this time it managed to hold itself back after a few seconds of excitement. The woman seemed ready to run again at the time, but once it calmed down, she did the same.

Then, she approached it, the small white limb touching that invisible barrier that seemed to divide them.

It did the same. Extending a small part of itself, it touched the barrier on the same spot as the woman.

The following time, no, the following year, as the woman taught it the words, were like a dream to it. The woman would sit beside it and teach it things. Color, words, numbers, shapes. So many things it didn’t even know that could be classified besides a simple reference from its memories.

For a long time it simply heard of what the woman said, and it would try to respond somehow using its body. Soon, they reached a point where they could have a basic conversation, and for it, there was barely anything that could make it happier, as a whole new dimension of interaction opened before it.

Then, using all the knowledge and abilities it had acquired during their time together, it decided to try something it had never done before.

“I’m here.” Doctor M. said as she kicked the doors open.

Inside the room many men and women wearing lab coats were sitting around, some bodyguards holding rifles stood all around the room, while a single woman wearing a green costume and a white mask stayed on the very edge. With a quick look around, Marian noticed the heavy air as the video played on the large screens, in it showing a scene of destruction as something with a blue outline ran past the corridors, destroying any and everything that came in its way.

“What…  The hell… Happened?” Marian asked angrily as she saw the room where thirty nine was usually kept.

“We went on with the testing stages and…”

“YOU DID A FORCED DRAIN?” Marian shouted angrily.

“Look, it was something that was stated in the proto…”

“SCREW THE PROTOCOLS! THIRTY NINE… No… PRIA ISN’T SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE TREATED UNDER DAMNED PROTOCOLS YOU DUMBASSES!” She shouted at the man who told her those words, the man recoiled in shock at her sudden outburst. “SHE’S A LIVING BEING FOR FUCKING GOD’S SAKE!”


“SHE SAID IT HERSELF OUR ACTUAL FORCED DISCHARGE HURTS HER!!” She said while grabbing the man’s collar and swinging him back and forth. “WHY THE HELL DID YOU KEEP UP WITH IT?”

“The deadlines… The project was starting to…” The man said with a worried tone. “Then we were attacked…”

“Screw this project! What we did here is as important if not more than this retarded thing you are aiming for! If you hadn’t tried to go on with this fucking project we wouldn’t have her trying to escape while we were under attack!” She said before turning towards the screens. “But now she’s running away! Do you have any idea what we are losing here?”

“T-the project…”

As the man’s word left his mouth, Marian sighed loudly and pushed him back into his chair while letting herself fall back on the empty chair near the table’s end. A look of dismay and anger appeared in her face as she watched the blue being running through the guards and the walls, whatever that dared to threaten her getting disintegrated by some kind of strange energy.

However, while on the surface she felt anger and sadness, deep down she was actually quite satisfied that Pria was running away from this place. Maybe she could finally go out and see the world out there as she had always dreamed about.

“Doctor M. Isn’t there a way for you to stop her?”

“Yes… Thirty nine always hear whatever you say!”

“If it’s you…”

For a moment Marian froze. Could she stop Pria as she was? A brief look to the video and she could see the blue form running away in a straight direction. For some time she stared at the image and organized her thoughts.

Yes. If it was her, she could easily stop Pria.

“No.” She sighed. “You guys went too far this time.”

“Aah… Is that so?” One of the men asked with a sigh before finally hanging his head. “Looks like we are going to have to call on the supers to do the job then…”

For a moment, Marian flinched, fear and worry for Pria’s safety passing through her mind. But after some time she calmed down. Even genesis was unable to do anything to Pria. The number of Supers, be them Magic, Skilled or technological, who would be able to do the same were almost nil.

And thus, she silently prayed that her blue friend would manage to get away safely.

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  1. Nice nice nice.

    But if I’m to be a nitpicking d*ck…

    You have two “he”/”him” instead of “it”:

    -> “had no idea why nor any idea how, but it knew that what he was from that moment on, was something completely different”

    -> “At the start the movement was slight and barely noticeable, even for himself”

    And a missing capital letter:

    -> “It felt satisfied. it had interacted, something that it didn’t even know to be possible”


    1. [said in gritty serious voice]I have a very particular method to deal with such nitpicky people. You know what that is? Giving cookies.

      *gives cookies for finding mistakes.*

      Hope you are proud of yourself, sire.


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