Hero – Chapter 3

Within the top floors of Grandia enterprises branch building, on the Darta’s city central area stood a massive reunion room. It had more than enough space to house officials from all the other branches, including the main building.


In fact, the sole reason this building wasn’t considered the Headquarters of Grandia was tradition, since long has been since the branch had grown bigger than the main building itself. Still, that didn’t stop the company to expand almost endlessly throughout the countries.

Inside said reunion room, sitting alone amongst the numerous expensive chairs and noble-wood table was a single girl. With an exhausted look on her face, she sat on a chair she had picked at random while looking upwards, letting her hair fall freely from around her shoulders. If one were to ask what she was doing, the answer would be meditating. A common activity that magicians would do occasionally.


“Bullshit.” She said to no one in particular as a wry smile appeared in her face.


True, the official reason of why she was alone in one of the most desolate rooms of the entire building was for the reason of meditating. But as it was said, that was the OFFICIAL reason.


The true reason is that she simply wanted some time for herself where she could relax and take off her mask. Both meanings included.


She was one of the heroes under contract with Grandia. Which would have made a lot more sense if she was a tech hero instead of a magician. After all, most of the times, technologies industries like Grandia would hire them so that their relation would become a bit more obvious, so not only did the heroes get a fair share of money and resources by working for the company, the citizens would get someone to protect them and the industry get a nice and efficient advertisement.


However, being a magician didn’t really make the girl fit within Grandia, should one think about it, and instead she should have gone for one of the more traditional ones, like smithing industries that had a boon recently due to the large amount of supers needing weapons, or maybe even shipping industries that relied in trading and so forth. Since these industries weren’t as keen in selling their technology itself, they were more open towards magicians.


Even then, it was Grandia themselves who approached the girl with the offer, and since she had no reason to deny, she accepted and started working for them. After all, the paycheck was good.


She knew their true reasoning for contracting her, though. Her name.


Even if she wasn’t a tech-hero like the usual, she was still a very famous super, so the mere mention of her name was enough to make people perk up their ears and look around, searching for her.


While smiling wryly, the dark haired girl heard a beep coming from the communicator that she wore on her ears.
“Genesis, have you finished your meditation?” The man’s voice asked.


For a brief seconds, Genesis stood where she was, pondering whether she could simply fake that she was still meditating and laze around for a bit more, but after a few seconds she decided that it wouldn’t be worth it, so she sighed and replied.


“Yes sir.” She said briefly in a formal tone. “Thanks for giving me this chance to meditate on a quiet place.” As she said that, she let go of the communicator and added to herself. “Not that I needed it, though. I could meditate even if I was in the middle of a firefight with two supers and a street gang.” She could affirm to that out of personal experience.


“Denying comfort to you within our own building isn’t something we can have, right?” The man said in a politely happy tone. “Anyway, you might want to come to the secondary meeting room. We are about to discuss the situation about sample thirty nine. We may need your presence here.”


“Okay. I’ll be on my way.” Genesis replied before turning off the communicator.


Sighing loudly, she still hanged around lazily, leaning back on the chair and holding a yawn in, she spun the chair a couple of times, feeling a bit more cheerful for doing something like that, she slowly stopped the chair in a position that left her in front of the mask she usually wore.


After a moment of staring at the mask, she finally leaned forward and pulled up the mask, putting it on her face with some slight hesitation, as it would mean that she would have to go back to her professional persona.


“Its the price for having a private life, I guess…” She said as she put up the mask.


The mask was the only part of her costume that she brought back from her time as freelancer, with her green skin-tight costume being something that the company required should she accept their invitation into working as their contracted hero. Not that she minded, though. It was something that she had been expecting when the offer was made.


She still could have gone without the cleavage, though.


While complaining in her mind about how the company had used some talk about showing her body would make men more likely to notice her and whatnot, she left the room. Thanks to her mask, all the staff saw was a solemn looking genesis, and not one who wanted to laze around just  a few seconds ago.


Truth to be told if she were to consider the safety of her new gear compared to the one from her time as a freelancer, this new one was vastly superior. Being bullet proof even on the supposedly exposed areas thanks to a thin and almost invisible layer of a special plastic, it was leagues above her old robes.


But she still felt that it was fairly useless. She did wear a flimsy magician’s robe when she was a freelancer for a reason, afterall. Her defensive magic was already something that she, more often than not, would get herself leaving it active instead of deactivated. It was to the point that she couldn’t sleep without having it up.


She might be getting too used to it, now that she thought about it.


Opening the door that led to the smaller briefing room with a simple thought of her mind, Genesis walked in the room that had fallen dead silent as all their eyes turned towards her. Although her face cramped for a moment under the mask, she didn’t stop her steps as she made her way towards the corner of the room that had been left empty as usual for her.


Although there wasn’t any signals of a chair or something of the like for her to sit, she didn’t let that stop her, so she simply turned back towards the screen and made a motion of sitting down while… Letting her magic do the magic… If that even makes sense.


For anyone who saw the scene, it looked like genesis was sitting on a chair, even though there wasn’t anything solid beneath her. As if to add to the provocation, the magician even crossed her legs while removing both of them from the ground.


“Forgive my tardiness. My meditation took a bit longer than what I expected.” She said in a cool and collected voice.


While being in a mix of delight and embarrassment from receiving such awed gazes, Genesis simply made a motion for the man to start the meeting. He cleared his throat and looked away, a bit too late to hide his embarrassed expression of being caught in the act of staring.


“Anyway, since you have all been gathered around here, let us start the debriefing on the situation of Sample thirty nine.”


The other people on the room all changed into serious professional expressions at his words. Most being supers, only a couple of them were workers from the building. Most notably, a woman with black hair tied in a bun behind her head and wearing a labcoat. Doctor M., as she was known. She was the only one in the room who had a leisurely expression on her.


Besides Genesis, of course. But it’s not like the others would know with her mask covering her whole face.


“As you all know, a few days ago a certain experiment escaped from this same building.” With a loud and clear voice the spokesperson pressed a button on the laptop connected to the screen, changing it into a picture of the liquid blue girl walking through the building and melting down the walls with scary ease. “We were supposed to stop and catch it before it managed to escape the building, however, as you all know, it was in vain.”


As he said that, he changed the image into one of the same girl walking down the streets of the city, as watched by some security cameras. The supers in the room all grimaced at the image, because they all knew that it meant that they had failed in their jobs.


“Somehow, it seems that sample thirty nine has managed to evade capture repeatedly previously, but we always managed to keep it under our radar.” He brought more photos of the same girl while she evaded different supers, all of which were present in the room. “We were sure that it was only a matter of time before we managed to get Sample Thirty nine, but since last afternoon it simply disappeared.”


“You mean… She fell into the drain, right?” One of the supers said with a wry smile, and the man stared holes into said supers before sighing.
“Yes, she fell into the old drainage system. We have no ways of monitoring where she might come up from there. She might have as well as gone invisible.” The man said with a tone of urgency before turning towards the scientist who was, right at the moment, chewing bubble gum. “Doctor M. Don’t you have any idea where Sample Thirty nine might have gone?”


“None.” She replied briefly as if it wasn’t her problem. The man awaited for a moment, but once he noticed she was done with her answer, he became slightly more irritated.


“Were you not the one who kept the most contact with sample thirty nine? Shouldn’t you know where she will have gone from now on?”


Marian stared at the man who put on a threatening tone to his words, but a look of indifference appeared in the scientist, as if she wasn’t even looking at a fly in front of her. Behind her mask, Genesis couldn’t help but smile amused.


“If you might not remember, during all the time Pria stayed in here, not even once she was let outside.” The doctor said, her odd choice of words confusing the supers for a moment while Genesis reminded herself of how the doctor kept referring to the slime girl as Pria instead of sample thirty nine. “Since she managed to get out there, she will have so many options of things to do and places to go that I can’t even fathom where she would go next.” As she said that, an amused smile appeared in her face. “Hell, for all I know, Pria might as well as have bumped into a another super, somehow got into a fight with him due to her odd appearance, but solved their differences and now is being sheltered by that man who is conflicted due to her lack of common sense and fixation for skinship!”


While the doctor laughed loudly at the absurd situation she came up with, Genesis couldn’t help but feel awkward at such anime-ish situation the woman gave out. Smiling while trying to not let the giggle she was holding back escape, Genesis turned her attention back towards the man who had an extremely furious appearance at the joke.


Deciding to have a talk with the amusing scientist later, she awaited patiently to see the spokesperson reaction as his face grew red in fury. Luckily, either for him or for the woman, another super interrupted their talk by voicing his doubt.


“Excuse-me, but was the damage to the top floors caused by that gir… Thing?”


At his words, the man on the podium froze in shock and conflict, for the briefest of the moment his gaze wandering towards Genesis, who held herself back so she wouldn’t sigh out loudly in annoyance.


After an odd silence, the spokesperson cleared his throat and prepared to give his reply, but Genesis quickly interrupted him.


“No. The damage to the upper floors was caused by myself.” She said in   low tone, shocking the people on the room as they turned towards her in confusion. “It was what happened when I made a mistake of judgment about Thirty Nine’s abilities.”


“Wait. Genesis did that?” Another super asked while suspicious. “Why would you blow a hole like that in the side of the building? It doesn’t make sense.”


“Because sample thirty nine could possibly be a danger to the people below.” Genesis said curtly, freezing the remaining supers. Only Doctor M. made a small motion as if giggling. Of course, as every sponsored super in the room knew but didn’t say out loud, that wasn’t all. Genesis judged that, thirty nine being a top secret research of kinds, the company would rather have it dealt with than allowed the secret to roam out through the streets. “Since I already knew that direct methods wouldn’t affect it, I blew it up as a method of dealing indirect damage.” She frowned with her words as she remembered what had happened that day. “The fact that it would be able to actually survive such attack was completely out of my expectation.”


“Wait… That… That was actually used against thirty nine?” One of the supers asked with a surprised expression as he reminded himself of the size of the hole.


“Yup! Pria was right in the middle of the explosion!” Doctor M said in a slightly cheerful tone. “Yet she’s still walking around as if nothing happened to her.”


Looking at the doctor with an raised eyebrow, Genesis sincerely felt amused by her reaction, but the others seemed to take it as her being angry at her words, because she heard as some of the supers swallowed their saliva nervously.


Although she did keep up the serious persona for business reasons, she couldn’t help but feel a bit depressed that everyone was so scared of her.


“Indeed. It seems like Thirty nine is capable of moving her body even if fragmented.” Genesis said slightly annoyed as she remembered her mistake. By the time she had seen the small blue pieces of slime slithering on the ground through the dust, it was already too late, as it fell down the building towards the ground. “For now, we are blaming magic.” She finished her words before changing back into her relaxed position.


A wry expression appeared on the supers as they heard the words: Blame magic. It had become a kind of jargon around the super world where, when something odd happens that no one understands, people would always end up blaming magic. It didn’t take long for it to become synonymous to saying: We have no idea.


Since magic studies were either new, or made in underground groups, its advancement was overwhelmingly slow compared to the technological department, which led to the lack of understanding and an increase in “blaming magic”.


Seeing that the girl’s words had finished, the supers all looked towards each other with wry glances before turning back to the spokesman on the podium.


“Anyway, as you might have noticed, since our own hero proved to be a very bad match with sample thirty nine, we ended up calling all of you so we could have a better chance of recovering sample thirty nine.” The man said before sighing loudly. “Yet, it seems that thirty nine is a bigger of an annoyance than what we expected. Do any of you have anything you’d like to comment?”


As he said that, the supers looked at each other for a moment before one of them nodded and took a step forward.


“One thing I would like to comment was that almost all of my magic seemed useless on that thing.” Said one of the magicians. “Everything that she touched would simply dissipate as if the magic was dispelled.”


With a glance towards the other magic-based heroes, Genesis saw as they all nodded in agreement. Magic seemed to not even scratch the girl, and she would simply shrug it off as if nothing happened.


“Really? My magic got through just fine though?” One of the magicians said, and all the others turned to him in shock.


“Really Titanus? What kind of magic did you use?” They asked to the skinny magician in a simple robe that seemed unfit to such a large sounding name.


“Well, as you know, my main magic is Geomancy.” He said with a frown. “And it didn’t really get dispelled, but she didn’t seem to be too fazed about it, though. She simply fell back and reformed herself as if nothing happened.”


Looking towards the others in the room, he awaited for their answers, but since they were all pondering about the situation, Titanus simply fell back and looked towards another person. A girl that looked like she was a member of some kind of swat team, with a tactical helmet and bullet-proof vest.


“I would like to add to what the magies said.” Her tone reminded the others in the room of a military officer. “Beam weapons were useless, as well as tasers and alike. Kinectic weapons such as rifles and pistols also left her mostly unfazed and simply passed through the body with no lasting effects.” On her words, the other tech supers also nodded in agreement. “However, concussive weapons like grenades and rockets seem to have more of an effect on her.” She explained while motioning to one of the other supers. “Stunned her for a few seconds. Couldn’t do more since it was a residential block.”


Her last words seemed to surprise some of the supers, because they all widened their eyes in surprise for a moment. Only genesis nodded in agreement, remembering how she had simply blasted thirty nine earlier.


A glance went from the supers towards the two next groups. One ere the espers, whose existence was somewhat similar to magicians, however the leader of the group simply shook his head saying that he had nothing to share. A sigh of exasperation escaped from the presents before they finally turned towards the last group. The martial artist.


Taking the head was a young man with clothes that always made Genesis chuckle when she saw. He was a ninja through and through. If one were to look at him, they would think that he was just fooling around with some kind of eighth grader syndrome.


But genesis knew first hand his skills when it came to a fight, and she was more than pleased in not having to fight such annoying opponent.


“Within our group we have two main parts. Those who use the energy externally, or the emitters, and those who used the energy internally, or the enhancers.” He said his brief explanation that everyone in the room had heard n times previously. “The enhancers were… useless.” He said briefly with a sigh, and the ones that fit the category all lowered their heads. “Meanwhile, the emitters were…” As he continued with his words, he suddenly stopped, as if searching for the words.


“The emitters are?” Genesis said curious, surprised by his hesitation, but putting a slight emphasis in her voice to make it sound slightly menacing.


“Emitters… Had an effect… But did nothing?” He said with a confused expression. “We did manage to send our energies inside its body.” He said, and his words made some of the supers become anxious to hear the results, as they knew how destructive was that strange energy the martial artists could send inside their bodies, almost destroying their bodies from inside. “It was like… The attack was extremely difficult to land properly. Much alike trying to attack water. Precision and concentration to strenuous levels are required. Only me and one more managed to land it properly.”


“Then, what happened?” The magician asked surprised.


“Nothing.” The ninja said briefly, making the others blink surprised. “We betted on the fact that she would have some kind of transparent inner organs to damage, but it simply bounced around her body until it dissipated.”


“Basically… You guys were useless?” Genesis said curtly, and the ninja simply scratched his cheek awkwardly.


Sighing loudly, the spokesperson simply shook his head while looking towards the group of supers who looked wryly at the martial artists.


“Okay then. Basically, what we got is that concussion blasts are effective, but energy attacks do nothing?” The man asked and the supers all nodded. “Okay… We’ll process through that data and find some other kind of strategy to deal with it.” He said before making a motion with his hand, dismissing the supers.


Standing up from her position where she had been floating around, Genesis landed gracefully on the ground and walked away, her high heels clattering on the ground as she walked gracefully.


However, before she could ever reach the door, a voice came from inside the room, stopping her and getting all the supers by surprise.


On the way out, she heard as someone else approached her from behind. Turning back, she saw the same scientist woman who had been fooling around earlier. She looked around the room for a brief moment before asking.


“So… We heard about how she didn’t take any damage from what you guys did…” She was making a qustion, but her tone felt more like she was making a statement. “But I didn’t hear anything about her attacks? Didn’t she do anything at all?”


The supers all froze for a moment as her words sunk in. Looking around they awaited for someone to comment something, but noticing that no one was saying anything, the scientist seemed to smile for a moment.


“Doctor M.” The spokesperson tone sounded angrily.


“What? I was only checking to see if we had any info on what kind of attacks Pria used. It might be useful later on.”  She replied with a taunt.


The man looked back at her but sighed in the end, not having anything that he could say back to her.


“I mean…” One of the magicians said worriedly. “She did use that weird energy thing, but…”


“We can talk about this later. For now we have to process the data.” The man interrupted the group while forcefully closing the topic.


As the supers dispersed with confused glances to each other, Genesis looked back towards the meeting room, seeing as Doctor M. sat back on her chair with a gentle smile in her face. Raising her eyebrow confused for a brief moment, Genesis decided that she would look into it later.


For now, she would hit the canteen and get something to eat. One of the perks of working for such a large enterprise was that she could get gourmet food whenever she wanted!

Next Chapter



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