MH talk. Feel free to ignore. – By Hawx of War

Okay. New monster came out. Decided to try it on today as a way to relieve stress from studying. Of course, being the anti-social bastard that I am, I went for soloing it. What? HP balanced for 16 people? Meh. I can deal with that easy.

Too many hours later, moving on through sheer stupid pride that refused to let me just give in and search for a gathering hall, the horns were broken.

I. Fucking. Did. it.

Kulve Taroth was beaten. The Goat lost her horns.

Status: Weapon + Set used.
Kadachi bow for gold phase (Until horn break), Legiana bow for the rest.
Armor with Constitution, Evade Up, Normal shot Up and a bit of stamina regen.
And poor fire resistance. Can’t have things going my way, can I?

Pursuit level 5. Reward level 15 i think? Didn’t care much for this one tbh.

2 deaths on victory try. Way too many to count on total.

I just came here to say: I fucking did it. And i’ll probably never will try that again. That said, if anyone here have MH for Xbox, please do tell. I might be doing some farming this weekend. (No guarantee though)

Oh yeah. For those who stuck around until now, There should be a ReTurn update tomorrow, then MMG next week.

I shall now die of mental exhaustion. Bye bye!

PS: Fuck her roll.

PS2: Fuck her roll again.

PS3:And once more just to be safe. That thing should just go to hell.


Adding a new unfortunate soul to this blog

Greetings and happy very close to April’s fools days, but not quite there yet. Since it’s still NOT april’s fools, you can know that what I’m writing here is true. With that said, let’s start.

Some of you might remember a certain someone I call Fency, Aka my PRer, was planning on posting his stories over here, in this blog. Well, he decided to do it in the end. Later today/tomorrow/Over the weekend he’ll start posting his chapters up, so do know that there will be new non-warhawx stuff appearing around here. Still, do give it a try.

As for those wondering, I had said that i would be working on IO next. Willpower roll failed again and I decided to do Monsterventurers 2 to get it rolling before choosing the next story. After all, I still haven’t named the MC, and that’s not exactly great.

With that said and done, hope you guys have a good Easter and a good April’s fools. And as a certain James Blonde said in his video: Beware when leaving your house. That’s a dangerous combination.

Status Report

Hello people. Here i am to  tell you guys that i am dropping this blog because i found something bigger to do in life!

And here I am to tell you that the previous statement was false. I’m just here to post random stuff again really. ANYWAY, moving on to stuff. Tomorrow i should be uploading Dragooness 04 and am currently working on a new sci-fi story. Afterwards i plan on working on Dragooness 5 since i’ve been feeling pumped for it and might as well take advantage of it.

On another news, I am now at the tempered Kiring quest in MH. Haven’t actually tried the hunt yet since i’ve been distracted with other stuff, like somehow going back to fooling around in Toukiden 2. I’ve also been targeting (Read as: Waiting for it to go on  sale) A couple of 4X games: Stellaris and Endless legends. Which, i can guarantee, will end in regret for me, since I really don’t last long playing those kind of games >.> Oh well.

On another another news, my editor in Chief is considering posting one of his stories in my site. Which will lead to an amusing situation since he’s even worse at keeping projects alive than I am >.>. Still, he’s only considering and if i had to guess, he might already have forgotten it.

Finally, I’ve been considering starting up a Patreon for me. I’m not really in dire need of money, but any extra income would be nice about now. However, I don’t really feel like i should ask for money when i can’t even keep the weekly updates I promised. And there’s also no real bonus for Patreons i can think of besides possibly giving access to still-under-work chapters… Which would pretty much ammount for charging people so they can PR for me. I could do the whole one week advance bonus but i’m not really a fan of that. Oh well. We’ll see. (Yeah, i do reckon it’s the third or fourth time i mention something along these lines. DEAL WITH IT! I’M BAD AT MAKING DECISIONS!!)(I’m also bad at remembering that amount only have one ‘m’.)


With that said, I shall now be off. Until tomorrow!(Or until someone posts something and i decide to reply. Whichever comes first. >.>)

Quick status update

So, 3 weeks without any update… Well, i’ll be short and to the point today since i’m sleepy and decided that you guys at least owned this.

As I said in the last post, i’m working on an old project from the site called Project hero. I’d like to say that the writing is going relatively well, but a bunch of things happened since i started it. First off, I had a family trip that went from mid week to sunday. While i had planned to write on the hotel, turned out that the Wi-fi wasn’t working, so i got stuck there. Secondly, by the time I came back, it was back to college for me with a test on the second day.

Then, there was MH world (Great game. Loving it. Great sword, lance and Bow feel awesome to use).

So yeah… Been kind of busy these last weeks, so not a  lot of writing went on. That said, I do plan on trying to finish the chapter before the next weekend and post it as soon as possible. Following that, i’ll work on something else (Probably MMG.) and try to have it ready by weekend. Then, it’s back to IO for me.

With that said and done, i shall now go pass out because sleepy. Nighty night (-.-)7


Ranty rant

If you are reading this, i’m probably dead by now.

Okay, not really. But I always wanted to say that. On a more truthful note, if you ARE reading this, it means that I actually finished this random rant that I started when I should be sleeping, so yeah, don’t really expect anything meaningful from this.


Just some rambling. No chapters to be found here.

Okay, i’m just writing this down to vent off/have an excuse to use if people start demanding chapters. For this past week i’ve been kind of in a writing slump and haven’t really written much of anything(read: Pretty much nothing). I could blame it on getting back to classes, but it started a bit before those started, so it’s mostly a simple slump, i guess.

That said, i already had some more chapters of Project MMG written down, and i plan on posting them for the following weekends until it catches up with the massive 10 chapters backlogs(Edit: By this, I mean i’ve written it up to chapter 10, not that there are 10 more chapters ready to go. Writing things with clear meanings while sleepy is difficult.) Once those are done, i’m considering uploading one of the others Gender bender stories i have written. This is mostly so i can at least keep some kind of content coming into the site.

I wrote this just to let ppl know i’m alive and well. But then, with how irregulars my updates have been recently, I guess most won’t even notice it. >.>

Anyway, Project MMG 7 should come up in a few hours after i wake up, and luckily, my writing drive comes back with it. After all, i have a  grumpy witch to annoy. (And yes, that is a mention to one of the possible future uploads.) For now, i haz to pass out. (-.-)7

*Falls face first into bed and passes out*