Gender bender

Re:Re Chapter One

WARNING: Story contains mild gore and some strong language. Be advised.

AN: Woohoo, Fency here! Free of War! FREE OF THE QUICKLY! YAYYYYYY! Anyway, here, have this. It’s a comedy, I swear. I promise, it’a a comedy, okay???

“Yo, Hex! What’d I miss yesterday?” A boy called out to Hex from halfway across the courtyard, waving frantically.

The boy called Hex looked over to where his friend, Jordan Wright, was shouting across the campus’ courtyard, and sighed. Hex decided to wait for a moment before responding: “In most classes, just a lecture. However, we did get an essay in English Lit. You’ll probably be fine, our teacher will just give it to you today. Other than that, the other Jordan was smack-talking you. Said something about real men not letting a little stuffy nose keep them down.”

Jordan stared at Hex. “You’re kidding me. That midget thinks he’s a real man? HAH! That midget can’t even reach the cupboards!”

“Oi! Who you calling a midget, midget!” A boy who couldn’t have been an inch shorter than Jordan showed up, retorting to Jordan almost instantly.

“Speaketh of the devil and he shalt appear,” Hex remarked, stepping off to the side to let the two boys named Jordan fight it out.

“I’m calling you a midget, shortie!”

“You’re only two centimeters taller, dwarf!”

Wright’s face contorted in fury. “Oh yeah? Why don’t you go back to the North Pole? I heard Santa wanted his little helper back!”



(Re)Turn – Chapter 04

I sat on the couch while reading through some magazines that I found in Clarie’s bedroom. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t anything fashion related, and instead had mostly current news about the situation of the city, country and world as a whole. Taking this chance to catch up on news that were more than a thousand years old for me, I waited as she finished preparing herself.


One good and bad thing about having enhanced senses is the fact that I can hear everything, this meant that even though I’m two rooms away from the bathroom with the TV turned on at a high volume, I could still hear the water running from the shower. Knowing full well how embarrassing it is to have someone listening on you while you are taking a shower, I decided to cast a silence spell around the whole room, blocking the sound from outside.


(Re)Turn – Chapter 03

“Muu… I see. I can kind of understand now.” Clarie said annoyed. “Still, you could have tolds us about you earlier, you know? I mean, i don’t know if i would have helped you, but…”


“Sorry…” I said a bit depressed.


“Also, did you really have to release your full pressure when we met? That was kinda mean. You have any idea how scary you are when you are using it?” She asked me while tightening her grip around my neck annoyed for a moment.


Project MMG – Chapter 01

Michael felt as if a heavy curtain had been lifted from his mind as he started to regain his consciousness. Being someone who was a bit slow to wake up on his own, it still took him at least two minutes of collecting his thoughts to finally earn enough motivation to open his eyes.


Even in his slow mind of post-waking up, it took him no more than a few seconds to understand that he was in a place he didn’t recognize. The ceiling wasn’t the wooden roof he was used seeing in the old man’s house. Nor was it the plain ceiling of the house he had been renting.