Project MMG – Chapter 11

“Oh gods… You aren’t going to start it again, are yah?” Pris asked with a fatigued tone as she watched the yellow magical girl’s eyes sparkle dangerously. “You are…”


“My, oh my. How could I have been so blind. It all makes sense now!” Sparkle yellow said as she started twirling into the air. “All our battles up to now had mostly been one-sided even though our enemies were always big monsters. Then, suddenly, a human-looking girl in dark clothes similar to ours appear and become a real challenge, even to the point of defeating us as she looks down and say: You aren’t worthy of being magical girls!”



Hero – Chapter 6

The one to make the first move after the exchange of attacks was the lizard-man. Spinning around as he swept his tail around in a wide arc. Ace reacted quickly by summoning a short-spear and stabbing it into the ground, intercepting the attack. He soon followed with a kick to the lizard’s back, which mostly served to make him take a step forward.

However, his partner didn’t lose the chance to try and take a shot, pulling her revolver and shooting at the man’s back. However, the rubber bullet strangely lost most of its speed a few meters before even reaching the man, to the point that even Ace could see the bullet flying by the end of its trajectory, and by the time that it reached the lizard, it simply bounced harmlessly.


Horsemen – Chapter 9

Author’s note: I guess that I should tell you guys, but this is the last chapter I had in my stock of chapters. I just forgot to upload it. For now I might have some down-time while I finish my IO marathon. Either THAT, or i could upload some older, already dropped works…

Anyway, enjoy your story!



Making his way through the mall back to where he left Kara, Drake couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement and anticipation towards the idea of seeing something literally out of this world happening right in front of him. That, and he wanted to check if his friend was fine too, of course.


Horsemen – Chapter 8

“Drake!” Kara said in a hurried tone as she pulled him closer. Still shocked with the sudden event that occurred in front of him, it took him a few seconds to understand what was happening.”We need to move these people away from here!”


“Huh?” He asked idiotically before shaking his head and putting on more focused expression. “Why?” He asked in a low tone. “Do you recognize that thing?”


“No.” Kara denied immediately, getting the boy by surprise. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 2

Drake walked his way back to the stop he missed because of the girl’s strange word. In fact, it was the exact same stop where she had left the bus, so in a way, it was her fault that he had to walk under the rain for even longer than what he actually needed.

Using his backpack as a cover, he ran through the wet sidewalks and dodged the occasional puddles with uncanny expertise, Drake went from cover to cover, using everything he could to avoid getting wet as much as he would. Not that it made much different when he could feel that his clothes were already drenched. (more…)