Chapter 7

Project MMG – Chapter 07

It was only after a couple of minutes after Amy left that it finally sunk in to Shelly that the promise she had made fundamentally meant that she would have to change back into a girl even after she managed to learn how to change into a man. And worse, she would have to go see her childhood friend in that form!

Thoroughly regretting her inability to refuse any sort of  request from Amy whenever she made that pleading face Shelly could only let herself sink on the chair while pulling the tip of her tail to fiddle around with absentmindedly.


Hero – Chapter 7

“So, you mean to say that not only you took a person you just met into your house, but even revealed your secret identity to her?” Dead-shot said in a tone that left her unsure whether to believe in her own words or not.


Seeing how all that Ace did was looking away from her while a muffled whistling sound echoed from his helmet, she left out a long sigh before shaking her head and looking at the other person who stood on the rooftop with them. The blue girl had been carried up here by Ace a bit before even the cops appeared to take the bandits away.


Horsemen – Chapter 7

“…and here is the money for the taxi on the way back.” Aliss said cheerfully while handling a note to Drake, who gladly accepted without a second thought.


Her job done, Aliss then closed off the car’s windows and drove off from the mall’s parking lot. With a quick jog Drake got out from the driveway and stood at the entrance of the mall where Kara awaited with a slightly uncomfortable expression. (more…)