Chapter 4

Dragooness – Chapter 05

Despite what I had expected, morning classes had gone extremely smoothly. Even when we were in the period between classes, there wasn’t anything big happening, seeing how Lumiera kept a tight guard around me all the time.


On one hand I felt that she might have been overdoing it, but on the other hand, I was glad she did it since she kept the incoming questions limited to only one at a time. Besides, from the way it seemed, the Grandmaster’s explanation during the morning assembly had already answered some of the more pressing matters.


For the last morning class, the students were split between their courses, so Lumiera had to go to her specialized magic class while I had to go to fencing classes.


Though I say that, I had been excused from class both because my sword’s handle had been broken and because the medics insisted on me avoiding extraneous physical activity. However, I didn’t really felt like just sitting in a corner of the room and simply watch the others, so after at least doing some stretchings, something that gathered a lot of attention for various different reasons.



Dragooness – Chapter 04

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“Are you not satisfied with the uniform?” Alleana asked me with a slightly worried tone as I looked at the mirror in front of me. “I guessed you wouldn’t want a feminine uniform, so I tried using the male one as a basis.”


“Yeah. And I’m really thankful for that, but…” I looked at the mirror before me.


Project Anchor – Chapter 04

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From me leaving the main hall of the hub to the shuttle starting its atmosphere re-entry procedure took only ten or so minutes.


Back in my game days, I had never really bothered taking in the appearance of the transport, thinking that it was only just another transport I had to go through, but recently that had begun to change ever so slightly. While lowering the bulky and uncomfortable shoulder-guard once the warning sign came on, I once again marveled at how spartan the innards of the whole thing was.


With only the bare minimum lights to break the dark and ever so slightly claustrophobic space, I had to expand the photon receptors in my eyes to manage to take in the rest of the ambient. With ten seats and shoulder-guards combo on each side of the narrow walkway, each with its own baggage area both above and beneath the seats worked to make the small space look even more cluttered.


Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 5

I sighed while following the magician inside the house, confusion and anxiety filling my head as we crossed the stony halls and pathways. With the magician leading our group, me and the priestess walked in the middle, while the mysterious swordsman came following us behind.


While there was a clear amount of bloodlust coming from the girl right at my side, I couldn’t feel anything of the like coming from either the magician, who hummed a happy song, or the swordsman, who was oddly quiet all this time.


Summoned net idol – Chapter 4


I don’t know whether it was a lucky sign or a sad one that the priestess didn’t try to attack me while I was laying down in the snow, almost literally laughing my worries away in the snow trying to calm myself down. It took me almost ten minutes of doing so before I could finally stand up and look around.


It was clear as day that we had been transported somewhere else that was nowhere close to the place we were before. As confused that I was, I decided to actually enjoy such occasion as it meant that I had escaped with my life.


(Re)Turn – Chapter 04

I sat on the couch while reading through some magazines that I found in Clarie’s bedroom. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t anything fashion related, and instead had mostly current news about the situation of the city, country and world as a whole. Taking this chance to catch up on news that were more than a thousand years old for me, I waited as she finished preparing herself.


One good and bad thing about having enhanced senses is the fact that I can hear everything, this meant that even though I’m two rooms away from the bathroom with the TV turned on at a high volume, I could still hear the water running from the shower. Knowing full well how embarrassing it is to have someone listening on you while you are taking a shower, I decided to cast a silence spell around the whole room, blocking the sound from outside.


Project MMG – Chapter 04

“Don’t ask.” Was all that Shelly said as she approached the two who had come to see her. “And for god’s sake, can someone go fetch me a towel?” She said while hugging her body embarrassed.


“Hast thou asked me, i’d have gladly given thee some bathing garments from mine store.” Ammon said as she looked at Shelly in a mix of amusement and curiosity.


Makina – Chapter 04

Any complaints I would have about being locked in jail for a couple of days quickly flew out of the window after my first two hours in the cell. Not only was the bed much more comfortable than anything I had in my entire life, probably only barely comparable to that one noble’s that tried gaining his party’s favor that one time, but even that one could barely hold a candle to this incredibly comfortable place.


And this was not counting the fact that the food was ridiculously tasty! I mean, seriously, even the best of the best foods I ate back in my own world was a piece of trash. And taking in account that I wasn’t really that restricted in my right to come and go, I was left with absolutely no reason to complain about the way I was being treated.


Hero – Chapter 4

Have you ever seen one of those scenes where the smallest of the sun rays that manages to pass through a blind, lands exactly on the character’s eyes, waking him up in a good and refreshed mood?


Well something similar happens every morning on the Fencer household. Johan’s room had one of those multiple horizontal bars layers, but due to overuse, some of them started breaking up. Including the one that made way so that the sun would always land exactly on his eyes no matter the season.


Horsemen – Chapter 4

Attracted by the delicious smell of food coming from the large cooking pot, Drake and Kara reached a silent consensus of leaving the serious talk for later and enjoy the alluring food for now. Raising themselves from the couch, Kara made her way to the dining table while Drake went to the kitchen so he could wash the spoons, as his sister had asked.

Washing done, he brought the spoons over as well as the dining plates, putting one before each of the people present. Once done, his sister opened up the lid and the fragrant odors from the pot bombarded their noses with the juicy smell of meat and vegetables as the stew came in full view. (more…)