Chapter 3

Monsterventurers – Chapter 03

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Hello there! It’s your favorite slime Astelle reporting in!


And yes! I now have a name! Hooray!


And I’m about to take my very first step into becoming an adventurer too!


I… I know I’m not worthy of such huge blessing, but, I shall do it, for there’s no greater honor than to get even one step closer to such a summit. One step closer to becoming an adventurer!


I’m… I’m getting emotional. Okay. Deep breath, Astelle. Deep breath. Ignore the fact you can’t breathe, what matters is the feeling. Okay. Ready. Let’s go over what happened.



Dragooness – Chapter 03

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I mostly spent the following days resting in the bedroom. From time to time a medic or teacher would come by to talk to me. Well, only those who had been here during the ritual actually came to me, so there wasn’t a great variety of visitors, but at the very least I had someone else to talk to.


Grandmaster and Sven both paid me a visit once. Grandmaster seemed to have been warned of the situation and wasn’t all that surprised upon seeing me, but Sven, on the other hand, took almost a full minute of convincing to accept that I was the same student he had seen here the last time.


Dollmancer – Chapter 03

After the display on that opening day, I could say that things were going roughly as I had been expecting. Since I left it clear that I wasn’t exactly sociable, the other students, despite their curiosity about my youth and whatnot, left me alone during classes and other times.


Well, mostly.


One slight miscalculation of mine was for the desks to be made for two students at the same time. Sitting side by side.


This meant that, by simple luck and basic exclusion logic, me, the antisocial loner would end up with whoever was unlucky enough to not find someone willing to share a desk with them. Of course, if on one hand you had the unsociable me, the other one was the excluded bully victim, miss handsome.


Project Anchor – Chapter 03

The following week went by in the blink of an eye… Is what did not happen. In fact, thanks to my anxiousness, I spent most of my time thinking my plans over and over due to the lack of things to focus on during my break times.


However, for this whole week that I spent working under Koltz, I ended up even more confused about my current situation. As the days went by, I started noticing with greater ease the disparity between those who are players and those who aren’t. From the way they acted to the way the walked, all of them had these slight details that left it easy and clear who they were.


Most importantly, was how they seemed to be indifferent and ignorant when they spoke to me and other non-players. Though, to be honest, I couldn’t really blame them, as I’d most likely do the same thing in their case.


Summoned net idol – Chapter 3

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As I came back from my pit of memories, I let out a long sigh, feeling as my whole body seemed to reply to it by the weight in my chest wobbling slightly. The fact that I’m kind of getting used to it already is REALLY scary, but I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about it for now. While thinking so, a thought crossed my mind, so turning my attention back to my cellphone, I asked the gods on the other side about something.


“Wait a second. How the hell did you guys know about the name Aszuci? I’m pretty sure I never spoke about it before?” I asked dubiously.


“Hmph. You think that I, the god of technology wouldn’t know about your default name for female characters?” Geeky said with a proud tone. (more…)

(Re)Turn – Chapter 03

“Muu… I see. I can kind of understand now.” Clarie said annoyed. “Still, you could have tolds us about you earlier, you know? I mean, i don’t know if i would have helped you, but…”


“Sorry…” I said a bit depressed.


“Also, did you really have to release your full pressure when we met? That was kinda mean. You have any idea how scary you are when you are using it?” She asked me while tightening her grip around my neck annoyed for a moment.


Project MMG – Chapter 03

“Magical… Girls?” Shelly said shocked as she held her head in her hands. “And i’ll have to fight them?”


“Well, it MAY be one of your duties later on.” Vivian said as she waited for Shelly to recover from her shock before walking ahead. “Also, we aren’t entirely sure if that’s how they are actually called, but if we base ourselves in your culture, then we believe that to be the case.”


Makina – Chapter 03

“You just stated yourself as being a foreigner, and the lack of data about your person agrees with that fact.” Zero said in her usual tone. “However, taking in account the archaic garments and equipment you had in your person, as well as you insisting on something like a god sending you here leads me to conclude that you might suffer from delusions based on fantasy settings. While the cause of such delusions is unknown to me, it is enough for me to conclude that you require assistance.”


“And why the hell would a god sending me to another world be enough to conclude that I’m crazy?” I asked in a mix of annoyance and confusion.


“Because an entity such as ‘god’ has not been found or confirmed as of yet.” She replied.


Neighbor Scientist – Chapter 03

A sigh came from the other side of the line. Even from here I could feel as it carried heavy disappointment.


“Belladona…” Garden said in a tired tone before sighing once again. “…I’m dismissing you from service.”


“WHAT?” I shouted surprised before covering my mouth in a hurry. “W-Why sir?”


Hero – Chapter 3

Within the top floors of Grandia enterprises branch building, on the Darta’s city central area stood a massive reunion room. It had more than enough space to house officials from all the other branches, including the main building.


In fact, the sole reason this building wasn’t considered the Headquarters of Grandia was tradition, since long has been since the branch had grown bigger than the main building itself. Still, that didn’t stop the company to expand almost endlessly throughout the countries.