Chapter 2

Dragooness – Chapter 02

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“Are you Rene?” A calm and slightly bored voice called out to me. Blinking surprised, I took my eyes away from my notebook and saw before me an auburn haired beauty.


Different from my knight’s suit, that was focused on practicality and ease of movement, she wore a long and beautiful dress that fell all the way to below her hips and a intricately knitted blouse on top of it. In her hands was the typical staff given to every student in the magician course. Instead of legs, a long reptilian tail extended beneath and behind her, proving her as one of the lamia tribe.


However, in a moment I recognized her. After all, she was one of the most famous students in the course. The prodigious healer who received a blessing from the holy dragon, Lumiera.



Project Anchor – Chapter 02

My mind went into full overdrive after these two events.


No matter how I looked at it, with both the status table that I brought up and the rat-man apex calling me an NPC, this was undoubtedly inside Event Horizon. Despite it being clear that a simulation of this level should have been impossible, there’s simply no other way to explain what was happening.


Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 2

You are probably wondering what mess I got myself in and why the hell I am blaming myself, right? Well, to know that, we have to go back in time.


And no, this isn’t a time-traveling story, it’s just a flashback, alright?


Good. Well, first we should start with who I am, correct? Well, as you might have heard previously, I’m called Aszusi right now. But that wasn’t always the case. Not even close to be honest.


Dollmancer – Chapter 2

This is dumb. Just plainly dumb.


I thought while stepping up to the arena that laid before me. Looking around, I quickly saw that one side was marked with a red ink, so I walked there and stayed in my spot as the announcer went on talking about me. I sighed in annoyance, when I saw him approaching me, probably wanting my input about something.


“Then, Miss Soulfrost.” He asked me before shrinking a bit as I glared at him. “W-What are your thoughts about this match?” He asked me.


“My thoughts?” I asked while taking off my hat and started looking around for my staff. “I think this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.” I said, my voice echoing much louder thanks to amplifying magic.


(Re)Turn – Chapter 02

“Who are you and what do you want with us?” I heard my father’s voice as he skidded to a halt before my mother.


Father was a quite unique figure. He was scrawny, like, really thin to the point that he looks a bit sick, the fact that he already is pretty pale doesn’t exactly help him either, as the long black hair made quite the contrast.

Feeling a tinge of nostalgia as I saw him wearing his usual social clothes that he wore when working, I couldn’t help but feel that, as usual, seeing the scrawny looking father of mine holding such a large and dangerous looking knife didn’t exactly match what people would think of him.


Hmm, actually, I don’t think I know that one. Is it new to the collection?


Project MMG – Chapter 02






The messages popped up in Michael’s cellphone one after another as Shauna started to sound more and more panicked. Either that or angry. Typing as quickly as she could with the still unfamiliar hands, she replied:


Makina – Chapter 02

I was almost freaking out as I quietly followed Dakota and the giant down the alley and onto the main road. Having left my sword in the hands of the giant, I was left without many ways to defend myself, on the other hand, I couldn’t help but feel that the giant was more than capable of protecting both me and Dakota with ease.


And Dakota… well, after his incredible act, he had to double over and let out his breakfast after a wave of nausea hit him. So much for looking competent.


Neighbor Scientist – Chapter 2

“Through there you can see the greenhouse.” Karl told me while I followed him, still stunned by the whole ordeal with Takoyaki. “That will probably be the main place where you’ll spend your time working, so it might be a good idea for you to acquaintance yourself with it later.”


As he said that, I followed the motion of his hand, my gaze meeting with the metallic wall that went deep into the jungle that he called home. With a glass ceiling that stood high, from the place where I was all I could say was that it looked like the building was a lot bigger than what I initially expected.


Hero – Chapter 2

As soon as he told her to just make her request, the first thing that the odd slime girl who stood in his sofa did was to take her hand to her belly and hold to it lightly. It took him a brief moment to understand the meaning behind that action, but when she finally opened her mouth and pointed towards it, he understood.
“Oh, are you hungry?” He asked and saw as she nodded cheerfully.

Nodding back in understanding, he asked for the girl to wait for a moment as he got something for her. Quickly moving around the kitchen in search for food, he noticed that what he had for immediate access wasn’t all that good to give his guest, so sighing loudly he quickly took out some utensils and started cooking something for her. It was fairly simple, a few pieces of chicken and a pre-made home-made sauce to go with it. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 2

Drake walked his way back to the stop he missed because of the girl’s strange word. In fact, it was the exact same stop where she had left the bus, so in a way, it was her fault that he had to walk under the rain for even longer than what he actually needed.

Using his backpack as a cover, he ran through the wet sidewalks and dodged the occasional puddles with uncanny expertise, Drake went from cover to cover, using everything he could to avoid getting wet as much as he would. Not that it made much different when he could feel that his clothes were already drenched. (more…)