Chapter 12

(Re)Turn – Chapter 12

It’s just a simple gold and jewels selling interaction. It’s not like I could screw this up that badly if I put my mind into it. Glancing annoyedly at Clarie that was following me closely, I sighed before shaking my head and slapping my cheeks to psyche myself up. Yeah, I can do this.


I stepped forward and opened the door that led to the gold buyer’s building.


“…Wow, this is a lot less shifty than I thought.” I let out surprised, only to receive a slap to the back of my head from Clarie. I gave her a confused gaze that she replied with only a silent and furious stare.



Project MMG – Chapter 12

Shelly stared blankly towards Shauna who was still floating behind her with a confused expression. The other three girls who weren’t being headlocked by her looked at Red with expression of either hope or impatience.


Staring at the scene beneath her with confusion, Red changed her gaze from the group and then to the sky while scratching her head.


“…Wasn’t the monster a massive flying dragon?” She asked confused.


Hero – Chapter 12

Ace smiled awkwardly while watching over Pria as she tried, and mostly failed, in trying to keep a straight face as she sat besides him. Sometimes fidgeting nervously while looking around, other clinging to him nervously while trying to avoid getting too close to the others, only for her to be once again get excited and look at people once again.

Not that he could really blame her, though. He was pretty much the same as her back when he first came to the hero association’s headquarters, wearing pretty much the same robe and  also registering himself as a capable hero. And being a hero enthusiast, seeing so many of them in one place is quite a sight, even if one wasn’t as much of an enthusiast, it was still something that would leave a good amount of people amazed.