Chapter 11

(Re)Turn – Chapter 11

“Hmm, I should probably go check on them.” I said while we waited for Mya to bring back the bill.


“Hmm?” Clarie looked at me confused for a moment while she held the spoon full of ice-creamy goodness to her mouth. “…Oh, you mean guys you dealt with earlier?” She said after swallowing the ice cream and recalling our earlier talk.


“Yeah. I guess they should have learned their lesson by now.” I said pensively.



Project MMG – Chapter 11

“Oh gods… You aren’t going to start it again, are yah?” Pris asked with a fatigued tone as she watched the yellow magical girl’s eyes sparkle dangerously. “You are…”


“My, oh my. How could I have been so blind. It all makes sense now!” Sparkle yellow said as she started twirling into the air. “All our battles up to now had mostly been one-sided even though our enemies were always big monsters. Then, suddenly, a human-looking girl in dark clothes similar to ours appear and become a real challenge, even to the point of defeating us as she looks down and say: You aren’t worthy of being magical girls!”


Hero – Chapter 11

“I heard some rumors that some boys are after the twins.” Michael said after sipping a bit of his coffee and gently putting it on the table.


Blinking confused, Pria looked towards the elder brother and became slightly scared as the look from earlier slowly took over his face. Feeling a bit scared, she quickly let go of her book and went towards Johan so she could hide behind him, but the moment her eyes landed on the younger sibling, she became dumbstruck and petrified.