Chapter 1

(Re)Turn – Chapter 01

I felt an odd sensation as the space distorted around me, but i still didn’t stop my unending assault against the very fabric of reality before me. Grabbing and twisting it until it would bend to my will, i quickly opened a rip that was just big enough for my small body to pass by. Quickly changing back to my feral form, i jumped through the space before it twisted itself back into shape, hiding the tear that threatened to destroy the very existence of this world.


Well, that is what would happen if i made a mistake, but after a few times doing that, you kind of get the hang of bending the space-time continuum.


Project MMG – Chapter 01

Michael felt as if a heavy curtain had been lifted from his mind as he started to regain his consciousness. Being someone who was a bit slow to wake up on his own, it still took him at least two minutes of collecting his thoughts to finally earn enough motivation to open his eyes.


Even in his slow mind of post-waking up, it took him no more than a few seconds to understand that he was in a place he didn’t recognize. The ceiling wasn’t the wooden roof he was used seeing in the old man’s house. Nor was it the plain ceiling of the house he had been renting.


Makina – Chapter 01

Author’s corner: Hooray for new story! Well, this is the whole intent of this site, so can’t really blame me for doing even more of them, right? Anyway, on to the story!

“Gerstalt, such a pitiful man you are.” Her voice said, filled with sorrow. “Burdened with the destiny of an entire world, forced to make a choice between destruction and slaughter. Branded as a hero, yet treated as a villain.”

All I could do was smile sadly at her words. True, I had been forced in that situation, but at the same time, I was the one who chose it. Did I really have the right to be pitied for that? (more…)

Neighbor Scientist – Chapter 1


Contains non-sense, comedy, Sci-fi and Fantasy. This is a purely comedy one and no really underlying plot as of now.


“Garden, this is Belladonna. Do you copy?” I said while putting on the small device near my ear. After a brief sound of static, I heard the reply in relief.


“Garden to Belladonna. We are copying loud and clear. it’s great to know you arrived just fine. Do you have anything to report already? Has the Locust made any movement yet?” Garden replied with his usual rough voice. I took some moment to take a deep breath before nodding..


Hero – Chapter 1

Pria was confused.

Ever since the day when she changed her shape to match the one of Marian, who was her friend, many things happened. Men in white cloth invaded her room and took her away back to the tall building. She could still remember as her friend kept shouting something at them angrily.

Then, she was freed from the glass container that had always held her. Though it wasn’t permanent, she was given the freedom to walk around in her own room freely for some time on her own. At the start, she had simply slithered around the ground. But after some time she started trying to copy the way that Marian had moved around whenever she went to talk to her. For a couple of days she was fairly content, not understanding the reason why her friend always looked so distressed. (more…)

Horsemen – Chapter 1

It happened earlier that day, some time right after noon. Drake couldn’t be quite sure due to the lack of clocks, as his usual watch had broken the wrist-band just the day before and his cellphone died a few minutes ago.

The fact that the sky was as dark as the deepest night and the rain had been falling non-stop for the last hours, with even the occasional lightning strike every few minutes or so didn’t help his situation either. (more…)