Summoned Net Idol – Chapter 5

I sighed while following the magician inside the house, confusion and anxiety filling my head as we crossed the stony halls and pathways. With the magician leading our group, me and the priestess walked in the middle, while the mysterious swordsman came following us behind.


While there was a clear amount of bloodlust coming from the girl right at my side, I couldn’t feel anything of the like coming from either the magician, who hummed a happy song, or the swordsman, who was oddly quiet all this time.

When the swordsman closed the door behind us, we found ourselves on what looked like a study, a large room with many books and shelves. Noticing that the man was motioning for us to sit down, I quickly took my place on the nearest couch. The Priestess stared at me angrily for a moment before sitting on the opposing end of the adjacent couch.


“Hmm, seems like there is some bad blood between you two.” The guy who called himself Merlin said with a confident tone.


“Well, she did mow down an entire forest while trying to kill me, but personally I don’t have anything against her.” I said briefly while setting my backpack on my lap and hugging it close so I could support my chin on it, not missing the fact that it was a bit lower than what I was used to.


Merlin raised an eyebrow, amused by my words before turning to the priestess and exchanging some words with her in her strange language. While watching the scene for a moment, I took the chance to take a look on my cellphone.


The first thing I noticed was that there were a couple of new apps installed, one of them being called ‘Quest Tracker’ and the other one simply ‘P.K.I.’, while the first one was pretty obvious, thinking back at what the retard squad said before my summoning, the second one left me curious.


However, I decided that checking these could come later, thus I quickly opened my contact list and started scanning it, confirming my doubts when a bunch of unknown names popped up here and there, as well as one simply called Pantheon, which I guessed was for a more generic call.


Sighing, I quickly put myself to work by renaming the few ones I knew the name, like changing “God Brock” to “Geeky God” and so on.


“…lo. Hello! Fox girl!” Blinking surprise, I raised my head from my cellphone and looked at the man, who was waving his hand in front of me. “You with us?”


“No?” I replied instantly in a confused tone.


“Well, bummer. Tea or coffee?” He asked.


“Coffee and milk.” I said. “Get a big cup, fill one fifth with coffee, the rest with milk, then dump sugar in it till I get instant diabetes.” I explained more precisely. I’m not really a fan of hot coffee, nor like the bland taste of milk, but when you mix the two and add sugar, it’s the perfect thing for my sweet tooth.


“That’s…” Merlin looked at me confused for a moment before shaking his head. Turning to a point behind me, he said: “Noa, can I leave it to you?”


Blinking surprised, I followed his gaze until I ended looking at the swordsman, who stood behind us taking out the coat he wore. Except that he was a lot smaller than what I originally remember and the coat was also different.


Confused, I looked down to the ground where something caught my eyes. They were two or three other coats that were piled atop each other around the swordsman, and while I stared at the pile, another one soon fell over it. Then another, and another, and another.


While staring at the ridiculous scene where one thick coat piled atop each other nonstop, the swordsman had already reduced to half the original size, and kept reducing until the last piece finally fell atop the small mountain.


“Nyaaa! I really hate the cold!” Came a clearly feminine voice while a girl made a cliche cleaning the forehead pose full of pride.


“…Why did you say that in english?” I asked confused.
“To make it so that the readers could understand nyaa!”


Waaah… While I felt this strange sensation that mixed worry, wariness, and disheartenment, I couldn’t help but stare at the girl who crossed her arms around her chest with a satisfied proud smile.


Well, if I had to say something that caught my eyes were the triangular ears atop her head and the long tail behind her waist. With a shiny green fur that matched her short hair, with only two long bangs falling on each side of her face. Finishing, she had a toxic-looking pair of purple eyes.


Wearing a long green jacket with a purple shirt underneath, a thick belt surrounded her by waist level where a bunch of testing vials were tied around her. A short skirt that only reached as far as her knees and a pair of sneakers finished her outfit. She was short, with her head reaching my shoulder at maximum.


“Nya-hahah! Charmed by my appearance?” She said while making what probably was supposed to be an attractive pose.


“No, I was actually wondering where is my coffee and milk.” I replied in a cold tone..


“SO CRUEL!” She replied in a shout.


“Noa, you stupid apprentice, less fooling around more drink serving.”


“You too teacher?” She said dejectedly before hanging her head low and walking away. “And this was supposed to be my triumphal entry…” She mumbled before going through the door in a dejected manner.


“…Should I ask what the hell was that?” I asked after the girl left, Merlin shook his head while sighing.


“She’s usually like that. Don’t mind it.” He said before suddenly putting a serious face which sent shivers down my spine. “Before that, I have a question to ask you.” I nodded slightly while he stared down at me. “Hina said that, earlier today, you coordinated an attack at the fortress city where she lived. Do you have anything to say about that?”


“An attack?” I asked confused for a moment before widening my eyes and shaking my head. “That’s a mistake.” I said with a shake of my head. “You see, I was summoned to that place via a summoning ritual, but due to a few screw ups that, sadly, were my fault, I ended up like this.” I said pointing to my body, Making merlin raise an eyebrow. “So, the moment I came out from the ritual, since I couldn’t even speak their language to explain myself, they started attacking me. Of course I ran away then.” I said with a sigh.


“So this is why you are so civilized!” He said with an amazed expression. “Then, the explosion that destroyed half of the fort…?”


“I sincerely have no idea how the hell that happened.” I said seriously. “I didn’t even have the chance to stop and think from the moment I arrived here. Heck, I don’t even know what can I do!” I complained before looking at my hand. “Well, except this whole claw thingy I found out a couple minutes ago.” Bringing out my claw for a moment, I stared at it, wondering how sharp these things actually were.


“I see…” The magician said before turning over to the priestess and exchanging some words with her. The girl firstly seemed to deny it strongly, before finally frowning and putting on a slightly confused look.


While the two talked, I took the chance to quickly check what the gods had put on my backpack for me. Surely enough, there were a couple of spare clothes that were fairly similar to the one that I was wearing. Underwears included. Quickly shoving back the underwear while feeling my cheek redden greatly at the sight of the surprisingly large bra that I had brought up.


T-They were big. Pretty big, to be honest. Now that I think about it, this is something that I was wearing at that exact moment, right?


“From your words, am I correct to think that you weren’t like this previously?” He asked me suddenly, snapping me out of my shock.


“Ah… Well, yes…” I said with a nod.. “I… Never had a tail in my entire life.” I said while raising the long bushy tail that followed me, the movement coming a lot more natural than what I had expected, before frowning slightly. “Well, to be honest, I wasn’t even a girl before this whole thing, and that’s more troubling than the tail.” I looked down at the large breasts that were pressing slightly against the bag.  At these words, Merlin looked shocked for a moment.


“Wait, you mean that your gender changed when you were summoned?” The Magician asked me surprised, his eyes shining with a scary curiosity. “Is that the work of magic of some kind? How did that happen? Would you tell me?”


“That… Well…” I leaned back for a moment, surprised. “Well, I kind of got carried away when I was talking with the gods during the ritual.” I said wryly while scratching my cheek. “So they made this body and put me inside it.” I said briefly.


Merlin froze for a moment as he tried to process the words I had just said. For a moment he opened his mouth, but quickly closed it so he could put on a more pensive pose, trying to understand what I had just said. After nodding seriously for a moment, he turned to me and opened his mouth while a serious glint crossed his eyes.


Then, something hit me on the back, throwing me on the ground as a cheerful squee came from someone who was on my back.




Falling on my face, confused about what was happening, I felt as a pair of hands started to hug me around my waist, moving around my belly in a strangely perverted way as a panting sound echoed on my ears.


Trying to make sense of what was happening, I let out a surprised squeal when one of the hands mischievously made its way towards one of my breasts.


In a quick reaction, I quickly jerked my arm back, hitting with my elbow on whoever it was on my back, and hearing the sound of impact as the person bounced on the ground and slammed against the nearby wall.


Somehow recovering myself, I stood up and opened some distance from the now bleeding Noa, as the scarlet fluid ran down her forehead and a perverted smile appeared in her lips, her hand twitching in a perverted shape.
“You are nyot getting away!” She said impishly, making me take a step back while covering my breasts with my arms, my face burning in embarrassment as I looked back at her, my legs still trembling slightly at the foreign sensation that ran through my body a few moments earlier. “I’ll explore every nook and cranny of your body to see if it’s true or not!” She said, a feeling of dread flooding my body as I took another step back, my mouth opening slightly as I started growling.


“NOA YOU FOOL!” Merlin shouted angrily, surprising the two of us as a gust of cold wind blew on the room.


“Eh? NYA-YA-YA-YA! TEACHER SO SORYEEEEE!” Noa shouted nervously right before a block of ice formed around her body, leaving only her squirming head swinging wildly from one side to the other. “N-N-N-NOT T-T-T-THE C-C-C-C-C-OLD!”


While the scene occurred, I quickly took shelter near the safest and trustworthy place in this entire room. Holding the shoulder of the priestess as I peeked over her, I growled at the perverted cat girl. I didn’t miss the confused glare the priestess sent me, but I ignored it while using her as a protection against the perverted eyes.


Merlin approached the girl and started talking to her in another different language that I simply had no idea what it meant, but from the tone I could clearly notice that he was scolding her. Priestess, did merlin call her Hina? Hina tried to shake me off from her back, but I held on tightly not letting my cover go.


She started saying something in her native tongue, but seeing that I was clearly not understanding anything, she made an annoyed face. It only worsened when I looked at her pleadingly.


“H-How did she even hear us?” I asked Merlin confused. “Is her hearing that good?”


“No, the kitchen should be in another floor.” Should? “Even her ears shouldn’t be able to hear…”


“Ny-Ny-Nya read it o-o-on the text!” She explained while her teeth clattered.


“What text?” I asked confused;


“Ignore her.” Merlin complained while shaking his head. “She have her bouts of nonsense quite frequently. Anyway, why did you suddenly pounce on the poor gir… Guy?” I noticed your slip there. Not that I blame him, though.


I nodded in agreement while clinging to the priestess tightly, who heaved a sigh of defeat while shaking her head exhausted.


“W-Why? Well…” Noa stared at me pervertedly for a moment as drool escaped her mouth. “Characters like that are usually so cute… Feeling conflicted about their gender and all, then becoming curious to explore the new body before finally becoming too embarrassed for that…” Her breathing becoming short and ragged. “Yo-You did that, didn’t you? I can totally see it! Even more with a sexy body like that!”


As she said that, I felt myself blushing even more, which only served to make her pant even more.


“I… Didn’t really have the time to do that.” I said a bit worried about my chastity after the girl made an even happier face.


“Then let me help you with thaAAWGH!” A pained cry escaped her when the magician brought down the fist of justice upon her. I gave a nod and thumbs up satisfied. “Teacher you meanie! I just want to help the new girl with her body!”


“No, you want to harass her.” Merlin said with a sigh. “I knew that taking you to that world was a bad influence.” He took a glance towards a point in the ceiling, but it looked more like he was looking at something beyond. “But I never expected you to become so addicted to manga like that.”


Huh? At his words I froze and stared at him and saw as Noa smiled wryly. Getting out from my barricade against perverted gazes, I frowned and asked.


“Hey, did you just say manga?” I asked and they looked at me shocked. “As in, the eastern comics from my world?”


“…So that’s your original world!” Merlin said surprised. “Oh, that brings me good memories, little Artie swinging his sword around like a kid. Quite a good one too, my tenth work!”


“A-Artie?” I asked confused for a moment, before finally widening my eyes in shock. “Wait, you meant King Arthur? The one from the legends and all?”


“Yes!” Merlin said cheerfully. “I always forget that he became a king after I left.” He said in a mumble. “He was still a brat back then.”


I simply stared at the magician in shock and confusion, not really sure how to react at that. Was he really the real Merlin from all those stories about King Arthur? I scratched my head trying to reorder my thoughts for a moment. Meanwhile the priestess and the magician exchanged some words, seeing how she looked a bit confused about what we were talking about.


A loud whistling sound snapped me out of my confusion. Coming from the passage behind us, I turned confused wondering what was that noise. While both the magician and the priestess looked at me confused, Noa also reacted, seeing how her ears twitched.


“AAAH! T-T-THE COFFEE!” The cat girl shouted in despair.


Merlin clicked his tongue and waved his hand a bit, making the ice melt around the girl. She trembled a bit before darting away from the room once again, but not before slipping and sliding face-first on the ground due to the water.


“So… You visited my world before and made Arthur the king of england?” I asked, trying to wrap my head around. “And you also know about manga, so you been there recently too?”


“Yes. There were a few other visits too, though.” He said while putting on a reminiscing smile. “Like that time I took some younglings and decided to teach them some basic magic. I still remember how they jokingly called them the Alumminati.”


“A-Alluminati?” Huh? Doesn’t that sounds oddly familiar? While a tinge of worry passed over me, Merlin started laughing cheerfully.


“Yes. They were so cute learning their magic tricks.” He waved his hand around, making a few sparks appear around him. “Though they did become pretty good after some time.” After a moment blinking, he turned to me with a surprised face and asked. “Wait, could it be that you actually know about them?”


“Well… The name is kind of familiar… Though…” I said a bit wryly.


“I see! They wouldn’t have happened to abuse their spells to try and conquer the world through the shadows, would they?” He said while laughing heartily. I couldn’t exactly bring myself to reply to him, so I simply looked away. His laugh slowly became drier and awkward until it died down completely. “They… Did it??”


“Well… There were rumors…”


“I see… ” He cracked his neck by moving it around a couple of times. “Seems like I’ll need to pay my students a small visit later on.”


Seeing the strangely happy smile while the vein popped in Merlin’s head, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for anyone who happened to be on the receiving end of that expression. But after a brief moment he shook his head and sighed.


“We digress.” he said before becoming serious once again. “So, I somehow got it that you were summoned here and met the gods, is that right?” I nodded at his question. “Yet, you are unable to understand Hina’s words here. Shouldn’t translation be included even in the basic summoning ritual?”


I flinched at his words before looking away with a wry smile. Noticing that, Merlin became even more curious, and after applying a bit more pressure on me, I finally gave in and told him about my meeting with the gods. From the way he reacted when I described them, it looked like he knew some of the retard squad.


By the time I told him the moment when they put me in the new body he was already a wreck of a laugh. At least Noa came over with all the cups and glasses, the cups with tea and the two glasses filled with milk and milk coffee. As I waited for the man to stop his laughing fit, I saw as Noa sat down besides me and nodded.


“Muu… I see why you would do that.” She told me with a sigh. “I was starting to get tired of this whole summoned hero stories too. They always end up the same.” Saying that she sipped a bit of the milk in her glass.


“Right?” I nodded in agreement. “The moment they told me the whole thing was a cliché I kind of snapped.” I said before lowering my head and sipping a bit of the milk. “Oh, this is good.” I said honestly surprised.


“Mu-fu-fu! Of course it is!” Noa said proudly. “Chemistry was born in the kitchen, after all!” She said while puffing out her slightly pitiful chest. Wait a second.


“Chemistry?” I asked confused and she nodded, pointing towards the test tubes tied around her waist. “You didn’t really give me the image of being an alchemist, you know?”


“HEH? But I clearly had the gear with me!” She complained in a shocked tone, but I simply shrugged.


“You just sound too much like a buffoon for that.” I explained


“bu-BUFFOON?” She shouted in a shocked expression, before lowering her head letting the bangs cover her eyes and start muttering. “And I even tried to make myself look a bit smarter with my clothes… Do I really look like that?”


“I don’t think that just a change of clothes can help you with that.” I said dryly while remembering her earlier antics. “Anyway, are you done laughing yet?” I asked the magician, who had literally fallen out of his chair.


“Sorry… it’s just… I never expected to meet someone so foolish as to screw their own summoning like that.” Merlin said while raising himself back to the chair. While he was having his laughing fit, Noa had been translating everything I said to the priestess, which made her look a lot less wary of me.


But now she was clearly conflicted and reluctant to approach me, with a clear mix of confusion and distrust in her face while I sat down besides her. Although there was a brief outburst earlier, she had quickly calmed down after the cat girl said some words with a cheerful tone.


“I would be really glad if you didn’t remind me of that.” I said angrily while taking another sip of my coffee and milk. Noticing a silence in the room while I did that, I quickly raised my eyes and noticed as Merlin looked at me intrigued and Noa looked at me like a girl looking at a small puppy. “W-What is it this time?”


“You are sooooo adorable, Aszusi!” Noa said while holding her cheeks in her hands and shaking her head with a wide smile. Feeling a bit creeped out, I turned towards Merlin, who put on a more serious expression.


“It seems that your body’s instinct is kicking in without you knowing.” Merlin said with a raised eyebrow. “Did you notice how you were drinking?”


“…No?” I said confused before looking down to the cup on my hand.


Now that he said it, I was kind of holding the cup strangely, with my two hands. Not something I did usually previously, and there was still a lot of the milk left, when by now I would usually have a completely empty cup. Confused, I decided to take another gulp and see what was happening, so bringing the cup closer to my mouth…


I quickly covered my mouth with one of my hands and felt as my face blushed fiercely, eliciting a ‘kyaaaah!’ from Noa, who only became even more cheerful.


“W-Was I doing it the e-entire time?” I asked confused, but Merlin simply nodded heavily.


Feeling completely embarrassed, I seriously wished that there was a place to hide myself at the moment. Basically, I was drinking the milk like an actual fox would, by using my tongue instead of drinking directly from the cup.


“I take it that you really didn’t do it on purpose?” Merlin asked surprised, and I quickly shook my head. “I see…” He said while scratching his chin and stopping to think about it, however, when Hina asked him something in her native language, the silver-haired magician simply sighed. “This whole translation thingy role is getting annoying.” He complained suddenly, making me blink surprised for a moment.


“I-Indeed.” I said noticing a good chance to change the topic. While it was very obvious, I didn’t really care much about it. “Aren’t you a magician? shouldn’t you have an auto-translation spell or something?”


Much to my surprise, a vein popped up on his forehead as his eyes twitched slightly. Noa made a ‘wa wa wa’ sound while smiling wryly, using her chance to dig a bit deeper on the couch.


“If I know an auto-translation spell, you say?” He said as a strange aura started forming around him. “Are you mocking me? Don’t you have no idea who I am?”


“Ermm… A bishounen-wannabe gramps who can use magic?” I replied automatically and noticed as Noa spilled milk through her nose.




“Out of which, one thousand and forty two are differents way of casting fireball.” I held back a laugh when Noa made the small addition in a low tone besides me. I don’t think even the priestess heard it.


“I AM THE MASTER MAGICIAN WHO MASTERED EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE SPELL FAMILY IN EXISTENCE, AND CREATED MORE SPELLS THAN ALL THE OTHER MAGICIANS PUT TOGETHER! THERE ISN’T A SINGLE SPELL THAT I AM UNABLE OF USING!” As he said that, he stood up, the whole room becoming darker and sparks of lightning crossing behind him, giving him a menacing atmosphere. However, after a brief moment of silence, the room went back to normal. “Well, aside from illusion spells… Those things simply don’t make sense.” He did that on purpose, didn’t he? While I couldn’t help but sigh exhausted, he quickly shook his head. “Anyway, yes. I do have the spell you speak about.” He said while removing his hat and sweeping his hair back, in an strangely annoying motion.


I nodded satisfied before seeing as Merlin’s hand started to shine and he started weaving some weird words that were completely different from anything I had heard before. Nodding satisfied I awaited for him to finish his spell. I know that I was the one to complain about this, but it’s not something I want to have to deal with by myself.




I heard my cellphone beeping at the moment he was about to finish his spell. Blinking surprised, I quickly fished it out of my pocket and saw as the symbol of a message appeared on the screen, coming from none other than Mirror herself.


[Why did you rename my contact? Anyway, you aren’t affected by translating spells.]


I blinked surprised for a moment, but soon another message arrived.


[We cursed you just in case you tried something like this! :-P]





(AN: Sorry for the delay, three things kinda went together to screw my update plan. One was being stuck in beach house for the weekend, where the bad net and the worse net both contributed to not let me have decent net acess. The other was that two games released updates this week/weekend and they ate the little time i had left… So yeah, two third guilty.)

(AN2: On another note, NOA! She’s 90% based on Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia games, from her looks (Rebirth 3 more specifically, different colors though) to her fourth-wall breaking powers that will only be played for lols. And she’s a bit*cough* of a perv too, soo… Expect her to cause problems.)

(AN3: Thorough gods are Thorough.)

(AN4: Also, looks like someone forgot a gun in this chapter. Hope they come back to deal with it >.> #SubtleTropeTalk)

(AN4: Now, i’m off to class. (-.-)7 )


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    1. Yeah, not like the retard squad would be any good in doing curses, right?
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  1. Wow, thank you for the chapter 🙂

    …poor her/him – no translation spell… 😕

    …but at least Merlin did help out with the priestess 😀

    Easy solution: use that spell on that whole world – so anybody could understand Azi and speak her language 😉

    So, they renamed themselves to Illuminati later on??? 😮


    1. Cookie aspirations:

      “…Should I ask what the hell was that?” I asked after the girl said, Merlin shook his head while sighing.
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      Was he really the real merlin from all those stories about King Arthur?
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