Summoned net idol – Chapter 3

(AN: Three cheers for early release! Hip, hip, GUACAMOLE!)
(AN2: What? I like the word. Sounds funny. Heh. Guacamole… Heheh.)

As I came back from my pit of memories, I let out a long sigh, feeling as my whole body seemed to reply to it by the weight in my chest wobbling slightly. The fact that I’m kind of getting used to it already is REALLY scary, but I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about it for now. While thinking so, a thought crossed my mind, so turning my attention back to my cellphone, I asked the gods on the other side about something.


“Wait a second. How the hell did you guys know about the name Aszuci? I’m pretty sure I never spoke about it before?” I asked dubiously.


“Hmph. You think that I, the god of technology wouldn’t know about your default name for female characters?” Geeky said with a proud tone. “Anyway, when I mentioned it to my buddies here, they liked and decided to make it your name while you are there!”


“Oi! Brock! Give the phone back! I want to talk to her!” I heard the black haired one complaining in the background.


“It was such a cute name! How could we not use it!” I heard mirror speak on the phone, so I sighed before looking back to the red girl who had an annoyed expression sitting on the ground besides me.


“So, I didn’t exactly get the chance to check it, but is she one of the priestess I should be looking for? It would fit this kind of story.” I said while looking at the girl. She seemed to notice that I was talking about her, because she turned to look at me and puffed her cheeks annoyed.



She was surprisingly cute when she did that.


“Nope. Not her.” Brock denied outright. “She have too much of a temper, so it would probably be better if you even made sure to not let her raise as a priestess if possible.”


“That one… Is a lost case…” Plant added with a sad tone.


“Why? I quite like her!” Bear-skin said.




Oh, so bear-skin is the god of war? While hearing what’s supposed to be one of the strongest and meanest gods around weep sadly, I gave a wry laugh while turning to the girl once again. Indeed, her kill-first-forget-to-ask-later kind of personality did somehow fit a war god’s preference, I guess.


Shaking my head, I once again turned my attention to the cellphone.


“So… I don’t think I’ll be getting any more help after what I got myself into, correct?”


“Yep. Good to hear you understand.” Black hair said once again through the phone, only to hear him grunting after the sound of something hitting him echoed.


“Oh, by the way, the cellphone is already connected to your old world internet.” Geeky said after a while. “You have free unlimited access to it and more than enough memory to play around.”


“…Thanks, I guess?” I said with a sigh. “Thinking about it, what should I do with internet access anyway? Besides looking on the internet for interesting things.” I asked dryly, and there was a moment of silence as the gods seemed a bit confused.


“OH! I KNOW! I KNOW!” I heard an unicknamed god saying in the background. “Make a blog and become a net idol!”





As I took the cellphone away from my ears and stared at it in confusion, I noticed that I could still hear them just fine even with the speaker so far away as they started to agree with the idea, giving their opinions and all.


“Okay, it’s decided. I’ve made you a premium account on a blog site. The login’s your name and your usual password…”




“Me Tech god ‘member? Anyway, I’ll set it as your homepage on your cellphone.” He said excited. “It’s not traceable, so the government won’t bother you. Besides, it’s impossible to take it down while I am the one managing it. MWAHAHAHA…”


“Shut up you geek!” I heard mirror complaining while she took the cellphone from him. “Also, deary, you can be sure that your pretty face will get you many followers! I made sure to make you beautiful enough to win the world with only a glance!”


“That didn’t seem to affect the guys back at the temple, though…” I replied in a deadpan tone.


“That’s because they wanted to kill you after seeing that you are a demon. This and that are different.” Mirror said with a slightly angry tone that only managed to get me a wry smile.


As I prepared to make a couple of more questions, I heard a shout of annoyance “Oi!” coming from behind me. Turning back, I saw that the red girl was looking at me angrily while leaning her sword against the ground in a sign of annoyance. Sighing loudly, I quickly turned one last time to the gods while making a motion for her to wait for just a bit longer.


“So, any chance you guys can at least tell her to leave me alone for now?”


“Nah. No chance.” Black hair denied immediately.


“Not a world under our care.” Geeky replied with a wry tone.


“Sorry…” Plant said shyly.


“Haah… Although more than a few questions popped up, I’ll talk to you guys later before she tries to kill me through my back.” I said with a sigh.


“Okay. We’ll be watching you, so anything just give us… What was that?” Black hair suddenly said in a confused tone. I blinked surprised at his strange change in attitude.


“What happened?” I asked dubiously.


“…Nothing worrisome. Anyway talk to you later.” He said curtly and I heard as he dropped his cellphone. However, I could still hear a few things before the line cut off. “Hey, what is someone like you doing heeeeiiiii!”


“What the!”






“WHER…” Just as the commotion started to sound ugly and a new voice I didn’t hear before echoed, the line cut off.


Blinking surprised, I looked at the cellphone in my hand confused and saw that there was still signal incoming. This must mean that geeky is still alive, right? While thinking so, I sighed loudly and tried to find a pocket to store my phone for now. Luckily, it seemed that this clothing was a bit more practical than what I expected, because there was a couple of pockets hidden between the seams of the upper robe.


Seeing that I was done, I quickly closed my backpack and threw it back over my shoulders. Turning back to the red girl who put on a relieved look before putting back her ferocious smile, holding the sword tightly as she prepared to attack me.


I sighed helplessly. Do we seriously have to fight?


While thinking so, I noticed something far behind her and tried to take a better look. Upon examination, I noticed that it was a small army of samurai-looking guys riding horses coming towards our direction. Since the forest had been pretty much mowed down by the hot-headed fool in front of me, they had no trouble crossing the ground between us.


As I watched the scene worried, luck struck me, seeing how the girl also turned back and put on an annoyed face upon seeing the approaching army.


She then turned to me and to the army with conflicted gazes. Leading the charge I saw the man who was on the balcony earlier with her, so they were probably coming here to recover her.


Seeing this as a chance, I subtly turned back when she watched the approaching force and darted away. It didn’t take me more than a few seconds before I heard the irate shout coming from behind, but my inhumane body more than made those seconds count, as I had already opened a good tens of meters between us.


But I guess that the girl is as cheaty as me when it comes to sheer power, because it didn’t take long before she was already running right behind me, swinging her sword furiously trying to split me in half.


Luckily, I managed to avoid the attack with spare room thanks to the ridiculous boost to agility and the fact that I was ready to avoid the swords in the first place this time.


This doesn’t mean that it was any less scary.


Taking my way straight to the mountain where I hoped I could miss this war-crazed sword swinger, I quickly saw as the trees once again started populating the area around me. Thinking back on the magic or whatever it was that she used back there, I didn’t let my guard down while running forward, always making sure to look behind and see if she was going to try something funny.


Luckily, she seemed too close to me to even think about using that attack again.


Jumping over a rock that was soon split in half and landing on a tree branch with surprising ease, I wasted no time wondering how I was managing to balance myself before once again running away.


Looking behind worriedly, I quickly heaved a sigh of relief when I noticed that the red girl was hesitating to follow me up here. With my boots hitting on the wood and being able to do some surprisingly agile movements using these tree branches, for the first time I started opening some distance from the red girl.


Always climbing higher and higher, on the increasingly steep mountain, with a look back I could see that we were already a couple of kilometers away from the city, even though no more than half an hours passed ever since I arrived here.


Thankfully, I wasn’t feeling tired at all, so I managed to open even more of a lead on Red, who was starting to show some signs of exhaustion on her angry expression.


But the moment we reached the top of the mountain, where the trees were scarce and the snow started covering the ground, a loud thundering sound echoed all the way to where we were.


The two of us stopped in our tracks surprised and confused, looking back to the city where the source of the sound was.


Even from here we could see as one of the faces of the castle started crumbling. Red’s eyes widened in shock and horror at the scene while I couldn’t believe it myself. The castle was in a perfect state the moment we left, so what the hell happened? A quick look at the foot of the mountain, I noticed as the army that was left confused on how to chase us had turned back and started running at full speed back to the city.


Then, while I was watching them retreat, I felt a shiver down my spine as murderous intent came from the girl right beneath me. She swung the blade, sending a wave of destructive force towards me that almost decapitated me and dug deep into the mountain behind us. Falling backwards in a desperate attempt, I felt as my heart started beating violently, as if it tried to jump out of my chest.


Before I even had the chance to recover from the attack, the girl was already standing atop of me, holding the sword next to my neck as she stared at me in sheer hatred.


Did she… Think that I’m the one responsible for that?


While thinking so, I quickly pointed at myself then shook my head desperately. She blinked surprised for a moment before pressing the sword even closer and saying something in her language.


I started cursing myself once again for being unable to speak her language, and the moment she started pulling back the sword to behead me for good, I paled. I could see a small amount of blood dripping from the blade at that moment. I instinctively took my hand to my neck, and sure enough I felt as a warm liquid flowed from there.


It was very little, barely a scratch, but it was still blood. MY blood.


That worked to wake me up for good. Up to that time I still had it in my head that this was some kind of dream or something, even knowing that it was real. But at that time it truly dawned onto me that, if she brought that blade down, I would be dead.


However, I didn’t have the leisure to worry about that, because I saw as the sword made its way back down. Not having a weapon nor anything of the like, my reaction used the only thing I had at the moment. to possibly stop the attack.


I raised my hand and grabbed the blade.


Strangely enough, it stung a bit.


Not minding the oddity and the look on the girl’s face as I gripped the blade, I quickly pulled my leg out from beneath her and used it to push her down besides me, yanking the sword out from her at the same time. Using the chance to grip at it properly, I noticed that I had a small scratch in my palm, and while thinking that it was going to sting a bit later, I examined the blade.


I’m in no way a sword coinessour, but even a newbie like me could see from a glance that this sword was an extreme example of fine craftsmanship. The blade looking sharper than razor, the silver metal shone lightly red when light reflected from it.


But all I could think about it was: How useless.


I had no basis for my thoughts, only that the sword, as beautiful and deadly as it looked in my hand, I just felt that it was useless. Seeing as the girl raised from the ground with a shocked expression while I held the sword, I decided that giving this back to her would be a bad option, so I started taking the only action I could think of.


I held the sword by both ends and raised it while bringing my knee up, preparing to break the sword in half.




I heard a meaningless shout coming from the girl as she watched the pose I took. Understanding what I planned to do, she put on an horrified and pleading expression while saying something in her native language.



I swear to the fools… Err, I mean, gods, that I would have carried on with it IF she hadn’t started crying on me. Seeing her crying like that left me unable to carry on with it. Was the sword that important to her? While thinking so, I sighed deeply before slowly lowering the sword and my knee.


The girl quickly noticed this and tried to jump on me to get the sword back, her previous agility and ferocity nowhere to be seen as she tried to get the sword from my hand like a kid trying to recover its favorite toy from a bully.


Ignoring the idea of me being a bully, I stopped the girl by holding her back through her forehead. She started shouting something once again, so I simply sighed and shook my head while pointing to my ears. Rather, where they should be, before fixing towards their new position atop my head.


She blinked surprised for a moment before asking something else, this time slower. I simply shrugged not understanding her, so she pointed to the sword then to herself while putting a pleading expression. I simply stared at her dryly for a moment before putting the sword even further away.


She started jumping to get the sword from me, but since I was taller than her, it didn’t exactly work out.


I sighed while stopping to think of my situation, on one hand, I couldn’t leave her away from the city for so long, seeing what was happening back there and the possibility of needing some extra help with whatever was back there. On the other hand, giving her back her sword would risk me getting split in half.


Sadly, I didn’t really get to think much on the matter at hand, because I soon felt a shiver run down my spine, unlike even the one back when Red destroyed the patch of the forest.


Not even a few moments later, the two of us almost lost our balance, as the mountain we stood started to shake violently. Although I barely managed to hold on thanks to my improved sense of balance and the counterweight of my tail, the girl didn’t have such luck, because the ground beneath her gave in and. Correction, thanks to my tail I somehow managed to barely balance myself, but the girl wasn’t so lucky, and she quickly slipped when a stone beneath her foot became loose, so she fell towards me while flailing her arms wildly, looking for something to hold on to.


Of course, the first thing she found to hold on to was none other than me. With the sudden weight of her body, I lost my balance for good and fell backwards with the girl atop of me.


I would like to say that I enjoyed that moment, but I was sincerely unable to say so, because for some reason I was utterly terrified. From the moment that I felt the shiver previously, I had this strange feeling that something was grasping at the very core of my soul and slowly squeezing it out of me.


I had no idea what caused that to me, only that something deep inside me was screaming terrifying things to me, telling me that I had gotten myself a fate worse than death. It was just as much of an irrational fear than it was mind-numbing frightening.


Breathing ragged and my whole body trembling, it didn’t take time for the priestess to notice something was wrong with me, so it didn’t take long for her to snatch the sword back.


I didn’t even try to react, as the sound of the mountain top shattering echoed around us, leaving us deaf as a roar that could shatter the heavens came from deep within the mountain. Holding the exotic triangular ears atop my head in pain, I felt as a warm liquid flowed down my hair and into my cheek.


Left with nothing but a loud ringing sound in my head, I could feel as the world around me went soundless. Although, being sincere, getting deaf was the least of my worries, as a shadow covered the sky above us. A huge serpentine shadow with small hints of a reddish coloration as the light bounced off its scales.


The pair of golden eyes staring down at me were nothing short of a murderous gaze telling me to give up life, as the serpentine dragon whose face sported a long moustache like fur which one side had been cut cleanly right off.


It took me a moment to link the damaged moustache to the attack the girl gave earlier that dug into the mountain.


Said girl who was standing up confused before looking up and seeing the majestic giant towering above her.


She probably said something at the moment, but I simply couldn’t even wonder what it could be, seeing that my ears were still left useless to me.


Then, as she fell to her knees besides me and stared at the dragon in shock, it opened its mouth.


So, this is how I die, huh?


As I lifelessly watched the goldish red light gathering at the mouth of the monster, all I could do in my spiritual state was to watch it prepare to scorch me to the ground.


Closing my eyes, I let out a long sigh of regret for being such a hot-blooded individual. Thinking about my family left at my world, I couldn’t help but feel regret at what I had done and lost. With every single part of this new being of mine screaming that I simply had no way of escaping this being in front of me and making me simply lay there in sheer fright, there wasn’t much I could do.


The moment I finally opened, I noticed that he was about to release its breath. Silently accepting my fate, I simply watched him.


Then, Red’s head turned to the side. Following the movement with my eyes, I saw where she was looking at. The shadow of a person was there, arm extended forward as it ran towards us. I never managed to get a clear sight of whoever it was, though, because soon enough, a huge and slightly familiar pilar of light enveloped both me and the priestess.


I closed my eyes due to the sudden light, and by the time I opened it, we were falling.


Blinking surprised, I didn’t even have the chance to react, because the fall was short, so I fell on my back on something slightly fluffy and cold while the priestess fell face-first into the ground.


I quickly got up and looked around in confusion, seeing that we were now in some kind of plains, with snow covering the grounds everywhere we could see and feel a surprisingly comfortable cold spreading around us.


Although the two of us were completely confused about what happened, one thing I was sure of. We had survived somehow and there wasn’t any oriental dragon nearby.


Feeling the pressure that had been holding me down all that time suddenly disappear, I fell to the ground in relief once again.


Then, I started laughing loudly. Because otherwise I would probably have started crying.


(AN3: No. Azsuci is not the default name of female characters i use. It’s actually Ihra (that might or might not be followed by ‘the red’ or some red related title/surname.) It was going to be the MC’s name, but i changed my mind since i want to save that name for another story. That, and MC’s personality didn’t fit Ihra’s anyway >.>)

(AN4:Anyway. If you see a character named Ihra who wears mostly red/red and black outfits in an MMO, chances are it’s me, so come say hi and watch as i squirm awkwardly at the sudden moment of socialization.)

(AN5: On another note, Re:Turn chapter coming. slowly, but coming.)



  1. You know i’m convinced that Luna is some sort of ultra powerful being and she’s the one who messed with the gods and destroyed the temple or whatever and maybe saved them. Don’t ask me to prove it but for some reason i think shes important to the story because the author somewhat stressed her character.

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    1. Not really. I sincerely go back to reading these older stories and feel like they aren’t as good as i thought them to be.

      I must say that having people praise them feels really nice to my ego, though >.>

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