(Re)Turn – Chapter 12

It’s just a simple gold and jewels selling interaction. It’s not like I could screw this up that badly if I put my mind into it. Glancing annoyedly at Clarie that was following me closely, I sighed before shaking my head and slapping my cheeks to psyche myself up. Yeah, I can do this.


I stepped forward and opened the door that led to the gold buyer’s building.


“…Wow, this is a lot less shifty than I thought.” I let out surprised, only to receive a slap to the back of my head from Clarie. I gave her a confused gaze that she replied with only a silent and furious stare.

“Be careful of what you say!” She whispered to me. “Luckily, they didn’t hear us.”


Aaaah. Good point. I did say something rude, didn’t I? I nodded in agreement before looking back to the place that, as I had said, was nowhere near as dodgy looking as I had expected. I mean, when I got this information from the trio, and since I related what I was doing with illegal stuff, I was kind of expecting that the office would be in some kind of rundown building where all kind of suspicious looking people would be sitting around hiding their faces.


Instead, the place was… A pretty normal, and almost fancy looking office. There was a secretary desk sitting in front of us, but I guess that the secretary wasn’t in here at the moment, since it was empty. There wasn’t anyone else besides us here at the moment, but from the looks of it, it shouldn’t be long before she/he is back, since there was a cup of coffee on the table.


I looked at Clarie and we wordlessly agreed to sit down on the couch. I quickly fixed the position of the bag that she lent me in my lap while looking inside and pretended to check if everything was alright inside it. After all, it would be odd if I just pulled out the gems out of nowhere. See? I’m not that bad.


After a few seconds of waiting, a tall man wearing a social shirt appeared and looked at us suspiciously.

“…Good afternoon.” He said, sounding a bit confused. “Did you have an appointment?”


“No, not really. Do we need one?” I asked curious. On the storefront it didn’t mention anything like that.


“No, no… But without a prior schedule, we can only buy so much at once.” He explained while taking seat behind the desk.


Oh, hey. A male secretary! I thought those only existed in myths.


“Hmm. Makes sense.” I nodded in thought. Did they forget to tell me this? Looks like I’ll have to teach them a lesson afterwards. “We can still sell a bit nonetheless, right?” I asked just to be sure and he nodded.

“That’s right.” The man nodded. “Mister Olsen is talking to a client right now, but should be available in a few minutes.” He took a sip of his coffee. “Would you mind showing to me what you plan on selling, though?”


“Sure?” I said a bit suspicious, but I put my hand into the bag and pulled out a couple of jewelry and gems from my inventory.


The man looked at them impressed for some time before carefully picking up one of the necklaces and examining it closely. First with only his eyes, then with a magnifying glass.


“Hey. What did you do?” I heard Clarie whispering to me while the secretary was examining the items.


“What? I didn’t do anything this time!” I whispered back.


“Then why did he look at us like that?” She asked furious.


“Huuh…” I stopped to think. “Dunno?”


“…What did you do? Anything.” She asked furious.


“Look, all I did was unlock the door and come in, okay?” I said with a pout. For some reason she just stared at me blankly. “But the sign said they were open!”


“No wonder he was suspicious.” She sighed tiredly. WHYY? “Have you thought that they might have locked to door for security?”


Aaaah. I see, that seems to make more sense. Yeah, that makes more sense than they just forgetting to unlock the door after lunch. Whoops.


“So, you basically had screwed over immediately after saying you wouldn’t do it, huh?” Don’t say that. It makes it look like I can’t do things right!


“Hmm, these look legitimate enough to me.” The man said after he finished examining the item and passing back to me. “I take it that’s what you came to sell?” He asked while noting down some things in a notebook.


“Well, there’s still some more stuff here with me.” I replied.


“I understand.” He nodded. “Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, we might not be able to pay full price for that necklace without prior preparations, however, we might be able to give some front-payment for the gems.” He raised his eyes back towards us. “Would you like to schedule it already?”


“Sure. The sooner the better for me, though.” I said. He nodded before going through appointment book.


“Well, if you have more jewels like that necklace, then I reckon we might need at least one or two weeks.” He said while looking at me, seeking for confirmation.


“Hmm. Sounds good to me.” I said after some time thinking about it. If I got a bit of money right out front, I guess it wouldn’t be too hard pressed for money immediately.


“Then, next thursday, is that good enough for you?”


“Yes, sounds good.” I nodded before turning to Clarie besides me. “What was thursday again?”


“Fifth day of the week. One day before next weekend and four days after the last one.” Sounds like a sucky day then.


“Could I have your ID card then?”


Cue in ‘Oh crap!’ Moment.


Okay, now to calmly pretend to look for my wallet. Feeling lucky that my acting skills were kicking in full-force, I started by tapping my side pockets, then to my back pockets. Put in a shocked and worried look, change to searching the bag. Cue in, ‘oh crap’ expression.


The secretary raised an eyebrow at me while I did another round of fake-checking the pockets and look at Clarie in search for help.


“Haah. You really…” She sighed tiredly. “Here, use mine.” She said while taking out her own ID card and giving it to him.


“Thanks.” He said while giving a slightly awkward smile. Okay, looks like I was safe. “This transaction will be saved under your name, is that okay to you?” He asked while looking at her curiously.


“Hah… It’s fine. Not like it’s the first time she gets me into this kind of situation.” She said in a slightly disappointed tone.


The man simply gave an amused smile before going back to writing something down.


Once he was done doing whatever he was doing, he handed Clarie’s ID back to her, and a few minutes of waiting ensued. After he was done writing whatever he was writing in the notebook, he pulled out a small book and started reading it, while Clarie and me had our occasional chit-chats while waiting.


Ten minutes later, the door opened and out walked a woman wearing a fancy red dress. She gave a brief greeting to the secretary and spared us an indifferent glance before walking off.


Following that, the secretary stood up and walked to the inside of the store.


“This is going nothing like what I expected.” I whispered to Clarie once we were alone.


“Yeah, I’m also a bit surprised.” She agreed. “Well, except for the ID thing, but not like you could have helped that.”


“Dr Olsen will see the two of you now.” The secretary said while motioning for us to go in.


“Thanks.” I said before walking into the room and preparing myself for what was about to come. Not that anything interesting could happen. I mean, it’s pretty much go in, have gems checked, get money and leave.


Not like anything big could happen between that.



“…Wow…” Clarie said when we walked out.


“Yeah. Wow indeed.” I nodded in agreement while fixing the bag on my shoulder.


“And here I thought I had seen all kinds of amazing people in the other world.” Clarie said in stupor.


“Yeah. I literally spent a whole millenium in a world where demons and magics are real, spoke with all kinds of people, and even then, EVEN THEN, Olsen takes the cake. He is the most amazing person I have ever met in my entire life.” I said in wonder. “I mean… He just… You know?”


“Yeah. it’s just… I never thought that someone who lives by buying and selling gold and jewelry could be so amazing.” Said the Ex-hero.


“I have a new dream now!” I said decisively. “From today forward, I’ll aim to be a man just as amazing as mister Olsen!” I proudly declared to the world.


“Aren’t you a woman now?” Clarie taunted me.


“Fair point. I’ll aim to be a woman as a amzing as mister Olsen!” I corrected myself, before suddenly deflating. “That said, if even after a thousand years I’m still at this level, it’ll take me a long time to reach it.” I murmured.


“True enough.” She agreed with an awkward smile. “I guess some people were just born to be amazing, you know?”


“Yeah…” I slapped my cheeks so that I could recover from my sudden realization of lameness and quickly set my sight on the next objective. “Anyway, now that I have some money, time to get me a phone. With that said, take me to your best known store, my loyal first dark knight!” I said while looking at Clarie and pointing forward.


“What do you…” She started asking before suddenly shaking her head. “I’m starting to wonder why I’m putting up with this again.”


“Because I’m going to let you pet me when we get back home?” I said innocently.


“…Good point. This way.” I smiled evily when her motivation suddenly came back. Kukuku. She’s so easy to manipulate!


“Anyway, I have no idea what’s a good cellphone, so I’ll leave the model choosing to you, okay?” I told her casually.


“You do reckon I’ve spend half of my life away from all of this and only came back a week ago, rig… nevermind.” She started before stopping and staring at me with a bit of pity. “Sorry, I’ll look into it.”


“Eh, don’t mind it. I’m already happy enough I managed to return.” I shrugged. “To be honest, from the second century and forward, I kinda had already given up on returning, so to me this is already profit.”


“You almost made me think that wasn’t as depressing as what it sounded like.” She said amused.


“As I said, I’m allergic to seriousness.” I shrugged. “Sad and somber moments count as serious in my book, so I stay away from those.”


“Yeah, that sounds like you.” She said.


I laughed amused while following her through the rooftops. Having already cast the spell on both of us to avoid attracting attention, a sudden thought about something that happened earlier came to mind.


“Random question…”

“Oh goddess…” She said.


“It’s not that bad.” I pouted. “Do you have no faith in me?” I asked, before stopping to think. “Don’t answer that. Anyway, dear asked me earlier if there were monsters and magic in this world, so I was curious if you knew something about that.”


“That’s…” She started with an annoyed expression, before suddenly coming to a halt and thinking for a moment. “…That’s actually a really good question.” She said while tilting her head.


“I know, right?” I said impressed.


“Worst of all, we are probably the least qualified people to say that’s not possible.” She added with an awkward smile.


“Exactly.” I agreed. “But, in the case there is magic in this world, how would we be able to prove it?” The two of us frowned while we thought about that. “I mean, we aren’t even sure they follow the same rules as our magic.”


“Hmm, I guess we’d just have to actively look around then.”


“Most likely.” I made a mental note to do a full city lookout for something of this sort once I was done settling in.


“Well, if you find anything, do tell me. I’m honestly curious about it now.”


“Will do.” I agreed before following her down the rooftops once again.


To be honest, after Olsen, the whole ordeal of getting me a cellphone went so normal that it was almost boring. Since the gems had netted me a fair amount of forward-money to spend on… I mean, they were excavated and worked by dwarves, so it’s kind of a given that they’d fetch a good price… Anyway, we decided to settle for a more modern cellphone. I went for one of a similar model from the drunk I met in the first day since I still recalled how to operate it.


That said, we only bought the cellphone and avoided applying for a data plan just yet, seeing how I still lacked an ID and registering the cellphone in Clarie’s name would be taking it a bit too far.


Still, I could connect to the wi-fi and access my email (that I thankfully still recalled the password, since it was the same I used in the other world… Or at least in that world’s alphabet’s.)


“Hmm, I wonder if putting this in my inventory would damage it.” I said curious.


“Nah, it’s fine. I sometimes do that with mine when it’s low on battery. You do become unable to receive calls, though, since it gets out of range.” She explained.

“Hmm, then I guess it doesn’t make much difference for me right now.” I commented while storing my cellphone away. “And that’s it for me today.” I said cheerfully. “Time to go home and take a good nap under the sun!”


“Then I guess I’ll also get home and rest a bit. It was nice to be able to stretch my limbs after so long, though.” She said while doing exactly that. “Any chance you can teach me that presence erasing spell later?”


“I’m not a very good teacher, but I guess I can try?” I shrugged. I mean, not like I had much to do until I’m settled down anyway.


It might be a bit boring until Sophy finishes doing her thing, from the looks of it. Hope it doesn’t take too long.


Clarie and I ran through the rooftops until we arrived at her home. After making sure that she arrived safely, which was mostly a matter of politeness than anything else, since I doubt any normal human could take her on even if she was back to level one, I made a beeline back to my old house.


I made a quick check on the presences within the house and noticed that father was away, with only mother staying in the livingroom. I casually opened the door and walked in while finally letting my ears and tail pop out from their hiding-place.


“I’M HOME!” I said while jumping on the sofa and landing on the couch besides mother, who jumped up in surprise.


“SAM!” She shouted angrily. “No… Er… Ina! You know I don’t like when you do that!” She complained.


“Which makes it even better.” I stated proudly before face-planting into the sofa and pointing at my head. “Now, less scolding and more petting.”


“Geez. I guess some things just don’t change that easily.” She said meaningfully before sitting down besides me and cautiously resting her hand in my head. “…Uwaah… Your hair is so silky…” She let out impressed before suddenly going quiet. “I lost to my son.” She murmured.


“Fufufu. Benefits of having mastered transformation magic.” I said proudly while letting my tail wag. “Fluffy hair and fur with ease.”


“You still get proud of the oddest things, huh?” Mom said before finally picking up the pace in her petting.


“It’s not odd. It’s the best thing ever.” I reiterated.


“Guess it’s still you in the end.” She said in an odd tone. “It’s…”


“Any chance I can have you stop right there before you go into nostalgic slash sad mode because I changed?” I interrupted her.


“That’s quite the rude thing to say to your mother, young lady.” She said slightly annoyed. Also, should I mention that I’m probably much older than her right now? Better not, I guess. “The old son of mine was much more respectful to his parents.”


“…I was?” I asked confused.


“…No, no you weren’t.” She sighed. Whew, got worried there for a moment.


“Then I’m still nailing it. Told ya I’m good.” I stated proudly.


“I’m just glad you are back. We were worried about you this last week, you know?” She said. I just remained quiet since I didn’t really have anything to say about that. “Anyway, what did you do? You left home so early.”


“Nothing much, really. Went with Clarie to school to remember how it was. Wandered around the mall, got hit on a few times, found a store to make me some new kimonos…” I started going through the most important stuff, leaving aside the trio, since I guessed she wouldn’t feel very comfortable about that. “Oh, I sold some of my jewelry to the most amazing person to ever exist in both worlds I’ve lived in.” I said excited.


“Is he that amazing?” Mom said curious.


“The most amazing person to ever exist. Period.” I said excitedly.


“I… I see…” She was probably a bit overwhelmed by my excitement, but he was just that amazing. However, while I was trying to prove my point, I couldn’t help but notice as her expression slowly turned scary somehow. Hmm? Why are my fox instincts telling me to run away? Why do I suddenly feel like I’m about to meet with Cthulhu or something? “By the way, Inari…” I don’t like that. I don’t like the way she emphasized my name like that. I slowly tried to move away, but mother suddenly held my hand very, very, VERY gently. “I can’t help but notice that you are using your old clothes.”


“Y-Yeah? I-It’s not l-like I could go out in k-kimonos, right?” I said, feeling like I had forgotten something very, very important.

“Hmm, so this means that you don’t really need the clothes to be specially prepared for you at all, does it?” …CRAAAAAAAAP! “I’ll go get my wallet. You stay right here.” She said with the most cheerful of smiles while standing up and gently patting my head.




Chapter 13


(AN: Yay! Inari shenanigans! Not much happening on this chapter besides the most amazing character ever being mentioned, though.)

(AN2: I really, REALLY should post up the poll already, shouldn’t I?)

(AN3: Fumu… not really much to say here, I guess? Random question then, anybody here plays PSO2? mostly curious, really.)



  1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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    Awww… we missed that amazing person… 😦 😥

    Cookie aspirations:
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  2. I have 2 questions
    1) Will you ever mention why the jeweler(Mr Olsen? Don’t really remember and am too lazy to go back and re-read) was so awesome?
    2)Is there a posibility this si the same world as MMG?
    ps: thx 4 the chapter!

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    1. 1) Mr Olsen’s awesomeness is too awesome to be put into words. Just think of the most awesome awesomeness ever, then multiply it by awesome. That’s one fraction of Mr Olsen’s awesomeness.

      2) …Oh god… Poor Shelly. (Not really the intention, though. But who knows?)

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  3. thanks for the chapter!
    by the way, you messed up the part about thursday being the ‘Fifth day of the week.’, its the fourth day. mon-tue-wed-THU-fri-sat-sun
    and about mister olsen, you wrote first mr. olsen than dr. olsen, than mister olsen again, you should stick to one.

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