Dollmancer – Chapter 2

This is dumb. Just plainly dumb.


I thought while stepping up to the arena that laid before me. Looking around, I quickly saw that one side was marked with a red ink, so I walked there and stayed in my spot as the announcer went on talking about me. I sighed in annoyance, when I saw him approaching me, probably wanting my input about something.


“Then, Miss Soulfrost.” He asked me before shrinking a bit as I glared at him. “W-What are your thoughts about this match?” He asked me.


“My thoughts?” I asked while taking off my hat and started looking around for my staff. “I think this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.” I said, my voice echoing much louder thanks to amplifying magic.

The spectators stand suddenly grew silent upon my words, and I could see as my opponent froze in place as she stared at me shocked from the opposing side’s entrance.


“Ah, sorry. I don’t mean any offense to my opponent. That wasn’t what I was talking about.” I quickly explained. I might not exactly feel like making friends, but I don’t exactly approve of being rude to people for no good reason. “What I was talking about was how these matches in general are dumb.” I said while grimacing annoyed at the damned staff that was escaping my grasps.


“E-Ermm… What… W-Why exactly you think that, if you don’t mind me asking.” He asked me back awkwardly.


“Because they are?” I said a bit confused. Aha! Found it. I quickly pulled out the item, only to frown annoyed upon seeing a broom instead of a staff. Goddamit. Well, at least I can use it. Activating the broom, I sat on it as it floated before going back to my search.


“D-Don’t you know that these matches are used to show each student’s skill levels?” He asked me in shock.


“Oh, I know.” I said while shrugging. “And I actually like that part. It allows teachers to have an idea of what the strong points of each students are and what nots. Despite what others may say, it’s actually a pretty efficient way to improve individual teachings.”




“What I find dumb are these stupid rules for the duels.” I said with a frown. “Seriously? Limiting the participants to one half of the arena? Not allowing for close range combat? Greatly limiting evasion methods?” I felt more and more annoyed at each word I said. “I mean, I know that it’s supposed to be a magic duel and whatnot, but that needlessly restricts what a person can do. As you can see, it’s dumb.”


“H-Ha… Ha ha… I see…” He laughed awkwardly before finally moving away. Good riddance.


He went on to ask something to the other participant while the excitement of the crowd slowly grew bigger again. Sighing annoyed, I once again returned to searching for my staff while lazily looking around.


Despite having arrived at the academy just fine, I ended up having to take part in this silly tournament-style battles to have my skills gauged. While I didn’t really feel like doing it, it was still required for me to do so, so I could only endure through it while ignoring the glances I was receiving. Thanks to me being so young, and the things I spoke about just now, my standing didn’t seem to be that high amongst the spectators. Students and faculty members, as well as outsiders who would come to watch the matches and see how a beginner compares to a more experienced magician that would follow later.


Finally finding the damned staff after taking off some things from my hat, like the war hammer and the picnic basket, I planted it on the ground besides me so that I could store the trash away once again while I took a brief glance to the girl on the opposite side of the arena, With a short red hair and a wearing a noble-looking clothes of a beautiful red dress and a asymmetrical boots, one being thigh-high and the other being only ankle high.


Carrying a wand in one hand and a flying broom on the other, her hat was adorned with red roses. One thing I DID learn ever since I arrived here yesterday is that witches and warlocks seem to have this strange instinct that makes us want to decorate our hats with items that matches the theme of our main magic.


I would have said it was silly if it wasn’t for the fact that it just felt so damn wrong to not sew the little plushies to my hat. They look so nice there! It’s like they were made for that.


She glared at me, probably still annoyed with the earlier statement, but after a deep breath, she calmed down and looked at me with a serious look.


“I am Hilda Valfurnia de Rose. Pleased to be your opponent.” She said while giving me a business smile.


“Lissandra Soulfrost. May this be a good match.” I replied curtly while not exactly hiding my annoyance.


She glared holes at me, but I said nothing while waiting for the signal for us to start the duel. The announcer was saying something else to the spectators, and while running my eyes through the judge stands, I noticed how the teachers and other mages all seemed to be looking at me curiously. Some of them looked annoyed, others amused.


A sigh escaped me and I almost lost track of the start of the match as the judges rung a bell. Thanks to my distraction, de Rose took the first move by waving her wand around once and pointing it to the ground.


As expected, her magic had to do with the earth. Looking amused as a single, thick and spiky root started sprouting from the ground and running towards me, I pondered on how to deal with it. If I were to be sincere, it would be quite easy for me to dodge the attack by moving a bit to the sides, but not only I found that a bit unnecessary, but the arena didn’t really give me much room for moving around, limiting my area to a mere five by ten meters rectangle.


In the end, I decided to counter with a magic of my own. I held onto the staff and focused my magic to course through it before waving an arc in front of me while using a basic ice spell. Pinkish ice formed on the ground as it started to frost-freeze its way to the middle of the arena.


“Hah. Don’t you know that plants thrive on water?” de Rose asked me with a smug tone.


“First, this isn’t water.” I replied bluntly while watching the two spells meeting a bit after the middle point. “And second, freezing is actually pretty bad for plants.” I turned back to her and raised an eyebrow.


She simply stared in shock as the plants suddenly dried out in the frost-freeze that took over. By the time she recovered from her surprise, my wave of cold was almost reaching her, but she smartly stopped it by having a root appear perpendicularly in front of her. With the new barrier, my spell lost its momentum and didn’t reach her.


She started chanting magic spell while taking off her hat and pulling something out of it. I watched curiously while starting up my very own spell from where I was, shifting a bit on the broom to try and get a better angle from her hands.


Noticing with the corner of my eyes that the plants were returning to life, I caught sight of her as she pulled out a yellow flask from it and threw it towards the root of the plant that she had used to protect herself.


I could have launched my attack then, having finished the preparations some time prior, but since I was curious about what was about to happen, I simply stood by and watched.


Suddenly, the spikes on the flower roots started to bulge out and burst, revealing beautiful yellow coloured roses that released some curious yellow pollen around us. Deciding to not let her have her way with that, I changed my focus back to her and released the spell I had been holding back.


Twenty or so spikes of ice flew from behind me towards her with frightening speed, however she blocked them by casting a basic barrier spell and holding back the attack.


However, I didn’t miss the ground next to the flowers slowly changing as grass started growing over it.


“…Well, this is going to be annoying.” I thought while looking at the scene before me.


“This should teach you a lesson.” She said with a victorious smirk.


She picked up another phial from her hat and threw it over my side of the arena with magic. It splashed on the ground before me, spreading itself all over the grass. The grass quickly reacted by growing at an alarming speed, both in length and in variety.


Hmm… I don’t feel like finding out what those do.


Deciding so, I swiped my staff near ground level while releasing one of the most basic spells in a witch’s handbook.


Wind blades swiped near ground-level, mowing all the grass between us up to the root barrier before her.


“My victory.” She murmured victoriously.


I raised an eyebrow as she waved her wand around. Wondering what her trick was, I reacted almost too late when the root she had released first burst through the ground and flew towards me with great speeds.


No wonders she felt so sure of her victory. Using the grass thing as a distraction while reviving her first root was a quite good move. A normal novice magician would probably have been caught by surprise.


I didn’t let myself panic before slamming the staff on the ground.


“Don’t think a ice-shield will save you!” She said smugly.


I just glared back at her with a smug grin. The shock on her face once the pillar of fire appeared underneath the whip’s connection to the ground and severed it was priceless. Now, without a direct connection to the rest of the root, the whip simply flew straight, missing me by a significant margin.


Even I doubt I’d be able to make a shield strong enough to defend against that attack without time to prepare, so I decided to simply change my approach. Taking advantage of de Rose’s shock, I turned back to her and extended my staff towards her.


A ball of fire formed in front of me and shot towards her.


Showing her experience, she reacted in time, pulling out a warding barrier just in time as the fireball hit. However, that wasn’t the only fireball I would be releasing, and one after another I sent them towards her, only for them to disperse against the barrier


“Kuh… Do you really think a basic spell like that will pass through my defense?” She asked annoyed.


“Not really. That’s a pretty good barrier you have there to be honest.” I said while pulling out my hat. “But… There’s one thing that a warding barrier isn’t that very good at stopping.” I turned it towards her and sent my magic towards an item deep within it.


Suddenly, a brown blur sped off from the hat towards her. She didn’t have time to react as it effortlessly passed through the barrier and hit her right in the middle of her forehead.


A shattering sound echoed and cracks formed in her body, parting from the place where she had been hit and spreading through her entire body. Before we could react, her body broke apart in millions of glass-like fragments.


Another de Rose stood where the first one shattered, looking confused and shocked as she tried to understand what happened.


“…Judges?” I called once I noticed a lack of reactions.


“…The victory of this round goes to Lissandra Soulfrost!” One of the judges shouted after a moment of hesitation.


I nodded satisfied before floating back to the girl who was still looking at the object that hit her with a confused expression. I picked up my reserve flying broom from the ground and put it back in my hat satisfied.


“H-How did you do that?” de Rose asked me while gently touching her forehead.


“Ugh…” I groaned annoyed. “Go read ‘On barriers and wards’ by Galatras.” I said briefly, not really feeling like giving a detailed explanation.


She looked at me surprised, probably not expecting my answer to be so indirect.


I walked away from her before she could make any more questions or the announcer could remember that he was supposed to speak with me or something. I sneaked away from the arena while once again putting the hat back on my head.


By the time the Announcer recalled his job, I was already back into the new student’s benches, sitting down in annoyance while waiting for this whole ordeal to finish. Some people came up to talk to me, but I mostly ignored them while I re-read one of my great-grandmother’s book’s about magic.


It was an outdated and fairly old book about the basics of magic, but it had been what I used for the most part to learn how to do magic on my own. Wondering whether the academy had a better book that I could use to improve my magic, I didn’t notice the time passing.


“That was impressive.” I heard someone talking to me out of nowhere. I peeked over the book and my eyes landed on a pretty person who was looking at me with a warm glance. “You are really good for someone so young.”


I stared at her for a bit longer. Long black hair tied in a ponytail with a sharp face that gave her a pretty handsome look. With beautiful blue eyes and a gentle smile, I couldn’t help but think that this is one of the so famous lady-killers girls I would sometimes see in my previous life. Being taller than average and wearing a military uniform usually reserved for boys, she was treading a very blurry line between pretty-boy and handsome-girl. Her hat was made of a silky dark-blue material and embroidered into it were small blue crystals of all shapes and forms, giving it an impression of a night sky.


“Ah! You looked at me!” She said with a playful victorious tone.


Well, back to ignoring you it is. Changing my focus back to the book, I could hear as she sighed in sadness. Hoping that it would be enough to have her move away from me, I was left disappointed as she sat down besides me, her aura of disappointment being annoyingly clear.


“Ha ha… Not even the commoners care about me…” She said in a depressed tone. Then she hurriedly added. “Ah… Sorry… I didn’t mean to…”


“Annoying.” I said while staring at her. Can’t you see I’m trying to ignore you here? You are making it difficult to study!


“Eh?” She looked at me in shock, probably not expecting my reaction. “Ah… Sorry… I didn’t…” She lowered her head awkwardly. “Sorry… I won’t bother you again…”


“Good.” I said with a nod before turning back to my book.


It took her exactly five seconds to interrupt me again.


“Say…” She called me. GODDAMMIT GIRL! CAN’T YOU READ THE ATMOSPHERE? I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE! “Eep!” She squirmed in worry for a moment. “A-Aren’t you worried… That I might do something against you?”


“Should I?” I asked annoyed.


“Uh… Well… I mean… Don’t you know who I am?” She asked meekly.






“And I don’t really care either.” I said briefly. “On the academy’s role of conduct, thirty seventh rule. While in the academy, all students are equals, indifferent of class grades, social class, job or descendancy.” I said briefly. “And, if I follow those rules, it means that I shouldn’t have to bother with you if I don’t bother with anyone else. So there you have it.”


“W-Was there really something like that?” She asked shocked before taking off her hat and taking out the rulebook so she could read. “Ah… There is!” I raised an eyebrow confused. Did she really not know that?


“But, I’m not a fool to believe that such an idealistic thing will be followed around here, so, let’s make a deal. You don’t bother me, and you’ll never notice that I’m here. If you can forget my existence then even better.” I said briefly.  She blinked surprised while staring at me. “Good? Now, if you’ll allow me, I have a book to study.”


I once again went back to reading the magic book. This was my plan to deal with the nobility in this school. Avoid them the most possible and stay the hell away from them. But, if they still insist on being annoying with me, I’ll just quietly follow along until they forget I exist or get bored with me.


Since pretty-boy here didn’t seem the type to be aggressive, I decided to leave it clear what my stance on this whole thing is.


At least she finally took a hint. While she didn’t leave the seat besides me, she did stay quiet while I went over the book. For a few minutes nothing more happened besides the few other students being called to the arena,


“Now, Apprentice Warlock Valerian Di Garbosa, please proceed to the arena.” The announcer called.


I raised an eyebrow in curiosity when I saw the handsome-girl standing up and dusting away her pants.


“Ermm… Thanks for keeping me company, I guess.” She said gently before walking away.


…Huh? But didn’t they call a warlock? Why would she go then?


Oh well. Not my problem.


And finally, some peace!


With handsome girl going away, I shifted my focus back to the book and ignored the rest of the world. Thanks to earlier, the rest of the new students weren’t too keen in talking with me, so until the end of the tournament I hadn’t had the need to bother with socializing.



After the tournament ended, the next thirty minutes were spent on a ceremonial presentation where they granted each and every student a blank grimoire so that we could register our very own magics in them, and then we were all sent off to a massive party that celebrated our acceptance into the academy.


Or, we were invited to one. I had big-sister’s hand-made lunch slash dinner in my hat still, and I had no intention of leaving it for the following day, so I ‘politely’ refused the invitation and headed back to the dorms.


As I approached the student’s dorms beneath the night sky, I started to smile cheerfully at the idea of finally testing the doll. It was something that me and my big sister did together, so I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited.


Before I noticed, my broom was swaying from one side to the other in rhythm with my humming. One thing that they did warn us about the school ground was to avoid flying too high during the night, since the guards might not be able to identify us, thus, I was flying just barely above the the ceilings of the houses.


It was kind of interesting, to be honest. Despite being an academy, the whole place was actually a pretty sizeable city. With its own town center and main street, and even a small administrative office focused entirely on the small town that the students spent their free-time on.


Thanks to the sheer size of the academy, each student would get a room of his or her own, which was extremely convenient for me. Of course, it was one of the options to request a communal housing, and it even had its own advantages, since you could get closer to your friends or even get help from a senior with a project.


Thanks to that, it wasn’t strange for lower nobles and commoners to share housing in the academy. However, from what I knew, the more powerful and influential nobles would usually just rent, or even build their own mansion inside the schoolground.


Well, thanks to my skill, I managed to get myself permission for a small cottage a bit far away from the main street all for myself. The fact that I said I needed a large workshop for my project also helped me in getting it done.


I flew happily through the sky while going over the things I’d need to do to finish up the doll. Since the whole ritual that I had planned required extreme precision and would, most likely, take a long time to activate, I decided to leave the activation for one of the rests days, where we wouldn’t have classes.


Best part is that it will be a full blue moon in that day, when the spirits of water are the most excited.


Fu fu fu.


This is so exci…




No. That was painful. Not exciting.


Stopping my broom and turning around to look for the source of the pained shout, I looked down to the ground while searching for who could have cried like that. The cry was clearly one of pain, and not a simple one of surprise.


Looking from above, I quickly caught sight of a flash of a basic magic spell being cast. Frowning a bit confused about the situation I quickly flew down to where the flash occurred and hopped off from my broom once I reached ground level.


“What do you think you are doing?” I asked annoyed when I saw a trio of students, two males and a girl, ganging up around someone else.


“Tch.” I heard the skinnier boy click his tongue. “Look. Why doesn’t the baby leave this matter to the grown ups and go to sleep?” He told me while waving away with his wand.


“First off. You are only two years older than me. Second, I can’t exactly ignore what’s happening here.” I said annoyed while staring at them.


“Look, why don’t you drop the act already?” He told me annoyed. “We saw how you acted in the stand. It’s not like you care about others, so just leave us alone.”


“It’s not like this matters to you anyway.” The girl added with a snub tone.


“Hmm… Looks like there’s a small mistake in how you see me.” I said with a sigh. “But then, I guess I didn’t exactly help there.” I shook my head annoyed. “While it is true I don’t really care about talking to people, I’m not exactly some heartless monster who’d just ignore a blatant scene like this.”


Call me hypocrite or whatever. I don’t care. When the one time I needed someone to be there for me, I found myself alone, it left me with the worst of the feelings I ever felt in my entire life. I’d even dare say that it was worse than the feeling of dying itself. I may not feel like trusting others anymore, but this doesn’t mean I’ll just ignore someone in a similar situation.


“You… Look, why don’t you go taunt someone your size, brat.” The first guy said annoyed while pointing the wand at me and casting a spell. I stepped aside as a basic shock spell landed on the ground besides me. “Look, get lost. This isn’t even something a plebeian should be bothering with anyway.”


“…This counts as first strike, right?” I asked while watching the smoke rising from the shocked ground.


“Huh?” The boy made a dumb sound while trying to understand my words.


I let go of the broom that darted away at high speed towards them. Probably recalling back to the duel earlier, the trio all stepped aside to avoid it. However, the moment they were looking away in worry at the distraction of the broom, I pulled out my hat and quickly found my staff from inside it.


“…Are you really thinking about taking the three of us?” The fatter boy asked me once he turned back to me. His tone was like he just found a good joke.


“What? No. Getting tangled with politics is just not for me.” I waved it away before pointing the staff upwards. “But I do wonder how the teachers would react if they saw a fireball flying from here in the middle of the night.”


The trio’s face all suddenly went pale as they understood what I meant by that. They shared a look between themselves before finally walking slash running away in worry. Watching amused as they retreated. Hoping that they wouldn’t become too vengeful since I didn’t attack them directly, I undid the magic preparation and lowered my staff while turning back to the victim.


A groan of annoyance escaped me once I noticed the handsomely-dressed girl looking at me in shock.


“Ugh… It’s you.” I said annoyed.


“…Ah…” Handsome-girl looked at me in shock while holding an injured arm.


“Can you get up?” I asked her.


She nodded weakly before leaning against the wall and lifting herself back from the ground. I felt annoyed at that, and before she stood up entirely, I pointed my staff at her and a basic water-element healing spell.


“Heh? You know healing spells too?” She asked shocked while looking relieved at the fading pain. “Aren’t those…”


“Yeah yeah. I know what you are going to say.” I dismissed her words while continuing to heal her. While I wasn’t very skilled with support magic in general, I still could pull out a simple heal for superficial injuries like this. “There. Can you walk now?”


“Ah… Yes.” She said after taking a few steps. “Thank yo…”


“You should still get some rest, so don’t move around too much” I interrupted her. I know it’s a bit late, but I’d rather make sure that the wrong idea she had didn’t get blown out of proportions too much.


“Y-Yes…!” She said in surprise.


“Call out your broom and avoid walking too much. I’d say that you should avoid the party, but then, that’s up to you. Being a noble and whatnot.” I said while eyeing her up to see if I had missed any spot with the healing. “Okay. Looks like you are fine. I’ll go back on my way now.”

I picked up my broom again and sat down on it. However, before I could take height, Handsome-girl grabbed my hand and started shaking it.


“T-Thank you very much!” she said. “If there’s anything I can do to repay you, I’ll…”


“No! I don’t really care about being paid back or anything.” I said while trying to pull my hand off from her grasps. “Don’t bother with that and just go back to doing whatever you do, okay?”


“I can’t do that!“ She said in shock. “You are the first person who ever helped me like that! I can’t just let you go without doing something!!


“I’m…” First one to help her? Seriously? “No, rather. Still don’t care. Let go of my hand!”

“I refuse!” She flatout said. “Until you tell me a way that I can pay you back, I refuse to let go of you!”


“Then I want you to pay by not paying me. Done!” I once again tried pulling my hand out, but this cursed young body of mine was unable to make up for the difference in age.


“No! I refuse that payment! I want to do something meaningful!”


“But I don’t care about meaningfulness! I don’t even want to get involved with nobility!”


“Then, let me help you as just Valerian instead of Valerian Di Garbosa!”


“And now that you aren’t a noble you don’t have anything you can help me with! There. Let go!”


“I… Huh?” She stopped to think for a moment. “Wha… That’s mean! It’s unfair! I’m sure I can find a way to pay you back!” She insisted.


“Gaaah…!” This isn’t going anywhere! Stupid girl! Can’t you see I don’t want to have anything to do with this situation? Come on, think Lissandra. Think of a way to fool her into letting go of you… “I know! Next time, you stand up for these guys on your own!” I said.


“…Eh?” She titled her head confused.


“Yeah. Yeah. Something about not letting this help go to waste! There you go.” I said while yanking my hand hard enough to hurt my shoulder. Only for it to thoroughly fail thanks too her grip strength. Uggh… Why do I seem to attract these unreasonables women? First it was mother, now it’s her…


“Ah… I… I don’t think I can do that.” She suddenly said in a low and sad tone.


“Huh? Why’s that? Just call on your family name or something. Isn’t that how nobles work?” I asked confused by her words.


“Ah… I… My family doesn’t really…” She looked downcast.


“Okay. Complicated stuff. Got it. Then just blow a fireball on their face or something. Those guys are the kind to run with their tail between their legs when you fight back.” I mean, yes, there were those who got angry back, but these in particular were too cowardly for that.


“I… Can’t exactly do that either…” She said in a low tone.


“…Okay. Now you are just being silly.” I said with a deadpan look. “There’s nothing some serious training doesn’t help with.”


“Ah… no… It’s because… You see…” She looked crestfallen as her grip slowly grew weaker. I pulled my hand out, but she didn’t even seem to notice it. “I’m not very good with basic magic systems… And my innate magic is rather… Lacking.”


“…Innate magic?” I asked confused for a moment. I do recall reading about it, but since all I could pull out was system magic I didn’t bother looking too much into it.


“Yes… All mine is good for is making crystals. And they don’t even…”


“Crystals?” I said surprised before frowning. “And useless? Are you serious?”


“Huh? Well… Yes… I…”


“You really are one dumb girl, aren’t you?” I said while shaking my head disappointed. I had my guesses but wasn’t quite expecting it to actually be the case.


“Yes. I’m not…” She suddenly froze in place. “Wait… What… Did you just… call me?”


“Dumb girl.” I repeated. “Demeaning connotation intended.”


“Eh… But…” She suddenly looked flustered and panicky. “I-I’m a boy…”


“Err… No. You are a girl.” I said confused while raising one of my brows confused.


“Ah… no… but… You see…” She started trying to deny it, which I found both amusing and strange. “My name’s Valerian… It’s a boy’s name…” She said while taking a step back with a wry smile. I frowned while eyeing her from head to toes once again in doubt.


“Nope. One hundred percent girl.” I said blankly.


“No… You see… I can’t… I’m a boy… I can’t…”


“You do know that you don’t sound very convincing when you are so flustered while denying. Right?” I said while raising an eyebrow.


“Aww…” Her eyes suddenly grew as tears started gathering on their corners, making her look a lot less handsome and a fair bit cuter. “But… But… How… I was… Hiding it so well…” She said in a disappointed tone.


“Wait. You were seriously hiding it?!” I asked while widening my eyes in shock. She simply nodded. “No no no no. This is way too obvious. Certainly everyone else already noticed, you know?”


“Nuhuh.” She shook her head. “Everyone thinks I’m a boy…”


“This is a joke, isn’t it?” I said in disbelief, but she simply shook her head.


Seriously? Like, really? Isn’t this as obvious as the sun rising from the east and rain falling down from the sky that she’s a girl? How comes no one noticed it before? that’s just impossible! I mean, why would she even…


“No. You know what? This doesn’t matter. Don’t care. Don’t wanna know. Bye!” I said while making my broom lift itself into the air.


“Ah! P-Please! D-Don’t tell anyone!” She suddenly shouted to me.


“Not my thing. Don’t let me get in the way of your crossdressing dreams.” I dismissed her worries before accelerating towards the cottage I received from the faculty once more.


Gah. Why do I feel like I just got into something troublesome?


Okay. Let’s make a mental note to never again go close to handsome girl again. She’ll just bring me trouble if I do so. Yep. Let’s do my best to avoid her from now on. The change sidewalk if I see her avoidance.


Yes. If we don’t meet again, I surely won’t get into whatever troublesome thing this ends up being.


Now, let’s go home and enjoy the lunch slash dinner big sis lovingly made for me!


Chapter 03


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    1. Cookie aspiration:

      It allows teachers to have an idea of what the strong points of each students are and whatnots.
      => what not => …students are and what not.

      A pinkish ice formed on the ground as it started to frost-freeze its way to the middle of the arena.
      => Pinkish (remove “A”) => Pinkish ice formed…

      She started chanting a magic while taking off her hat and pulling something out of it.
      => a magic what?
      => either: just “chanting” => She started chanting while taking…
      => or: a magic spell/chant (etc.) => …chanting a magic spell/chant while taking…

      I could have launched my attack them, having finished the preparations some time prior, but since I was curious about what was about to happen, I simply stood by and watched.
      => either: then => …launched my attack then, having finished…
      => or: at them (whereas them is the girl and her plants???) => …launched my attack at them, having finished…

      “This should teach you a lesson.” She said with a victorious smirk.
      => comma instead of period => …you a lesson,” she said with…

      THe grass quickly reacted by growing at an alarming speed, both in length and in variety.
      => The => The grass quickly…

      I walked away from her before she could make any more questions or the announcer could remember that I was supposed to speak with me or something.
      => ??? supposed to be talking with herself???
      => him => …supposed to speak with him or something.

      I sneaked away from the arena while once again putting the hat back in my head.
      => on (in = outch) => …the hat back on my head.

      Since pretty-boy here didn’t seem the type to be aggressive, I decided to leave it clear what my stance on this whole thing is.
      => I thought she was a girl??? *confused*

      As I approached the student’s dorms beneath the night sky, I started to smile cheerfully as the idea of finally testing the doll.
      => at => …smile cheerfully at the idea of…

      “You… Look, why don’t you go taunt someone your size, brat.” The first guy said annoyed while pointing the wand at me and casting a spell.
      => comma instead of period => …brat,” the first guy…

      She nodded  weakly before leaning against the wall and lifting herself back from the ground.
      => double blank => She nodded[ ][ ]weakly before leaning…

      “Ah… I… I don’t think I can do that.” She suddenly said in a low and sad tone.
      => comma instead of period => …do that,” she suddenly said in…

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      1. Thanks for that. Haz cookie. *Gives cookie*

        And Lissy keeps exchanging the way she thinks of Valerian as Pretty-boy or handsome girl. Basically complaining on the whole “Bishie” thingy that’s often joked around in mangas.

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  1. Remind me. Aren’t crystals and gems a very common expensive reagent or focus for magic in general? And she can make the damned things without having to go to a jeweler or mining?! She needs to get her act together and start to work on her enchanting and ritual casting skills.

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    1. While that’s usually the case (Pretty sure Lissy even used some in her project), usually, when you think of crystals, you don’t really think of using them for fighting directly. Let’s add that the lack of knowledge of what “Is” a crystal also takes a pretty hefty role there >.>

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  2. Nope Lizzy was decent this chapter. And sorry Lizzy but the harder you push away the more you’ll attract the strange ones. She’s from our world but was she a nerd? If she was she would have recognized the flags she just raised. Especially when people assume the outcast ‘boy’ is attracted to her.

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  3. Thanks for the new chapter Hawx.

    I think Lissandra is relatable in this chapter, tbh. I’m of a similar mindset, in that I mainly just want to be left alone and do whatever it is that I do. Though I’m not so openly hostile or quick to blurt out my opinions on everything.

    If I was grumpier and a bit more of a dick, I’d probably be just like her.

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    1. Well, i plan on explaining it further in future chapters, but since i don’t know when that will happen, i guess i can do a basic explanation.

      Magic is basically separated in two kinds. One is innate magic that is different to each person. It basically allows them to directly cast their spells without need of assistance from formulas, chants and whatnots, and make them naturally drawn towards it.

      The other one is system magic, that anyone can use. However, it also requires the user to study its uses, remember formulas and so forth. Usually a lot simpler than innate magic, but much more versatile. Can involve anything from chants, formulas, to even potion making.

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