(Re)Turn – Chapter 08

I hope I haven’t arrived too late. While wondering about this I opened the doors of the store and quietly peeked in.I immediately widened my eyes in surprise at the various different flashy outfits. While most of them aren’t that flashy compared to what I had seen back in the other world, but they could easily hold up to most of what I had seen. Still, compared to what I had seen in this world, wearing those in the streets would probably be very eye catching.


Hmmm… In fact, there’s some really nice clothes here that I just might get for myself. Still, I couldn’t see any kimono selling, so I decided to ask an employee..


However, upon seeing that there wasn’t anyone at the counter, I sighed heavily in defeat.

I prepared to leave for now and try to come again later, however I quickly changed idea once I heard some footsteps rushing towards me coming from inside the store. Turning around and waiting patiently, I saw as a young but tall girl, probably around eighteen or so appeared. She had a short brown hair and wore casual clothes.


“Ah. Sorry about that. I was…” She started saying worried, but I shook my head and smiled at her.


“Don’t worry. I came at a bad time anyway.” I said before pointing to the corner of my mouth and smiling. “You have a bit of sauce here, by the way.”


She blushed cutely before quickly cleaning her corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. I enjoyed the view for a moment before approaching her on the counter.


“Ah… Erm… H-how can I help you?” She asked after she had cleaned her mouth.


“Hmm.” I giggled a little feeling amused before leaning on the counter. “Anyway, I was asking around for a place that sells kimonos and I was pointed out to here.” I said before looking around the store. “But I don’t see any around here…”


“Kimonos?” The girl blinked surprised before stopping to think for a second. “Hmm, we don’t usually receive many requests for kimonos, but I guess we can have one custom made.”


“Really?” I said excited. “How long would it take?”


“Hmm… I’m not really sure since it’d be custom made.” She said after some time. “It would be a bit more expensive, though.”


“Money isn’t a problem if I get to have some new kimonos!” I said feverishly. A kimono made with modern world materials! I can’t even imagine the quality of something like that! It must feel heavenly!


“Waah.” She said surprised. “You sure sound excited….” She said with an awkward smile. “Ermm… W-What character in specific do you want?”


“Hmm?” I stopped confused for a moment. Character? It took me a few moments to recall that this was a costume store seeing how I was used to seeing those kind of clothes in my daily life. “Ah… Well… I didn’t really have any in mind.” I said while scratching my cheeks awkwardly.


“Huh?” The girl blinked surprised.


“I just… Really wanted a new kimono, but didn’t know anywhere that sold it around here….” Hmm.. I should probably have thought this through. “Is that no good?”


“Ah… That’s…” She looked a bit surprised, then became conflicted. “I’d have to ask my father, but I don’t think it would be any problem if you’d pay…” She said after a moment of thought.


“Your father?” I asked before turning to the door from whence she came from, looking at the newcomer who had arrived. A short, old man with black hair wearing an apron. “I take it that’s you?”


“Well, yeah.” He said while approaching me and giving me a quick look from head to toes. “But… Are you sure, young girl? I mean, I don’t think you have much of an idea of how expensive those things are…”


“I know I look like this, but I’m probably older than your daughter…” I said with a smile and enjoyed seeing them freeze up while trying to process my words. I couldn’t help but give a mischievous smirk as I eyed his daughter for a bit. “In fact… I’d say that I’m even bigger in some parts.”


She quickly blushed intensely as she noticed where my gaze had lingered on, before taking a step back and covering herself with her hands. Still, I didn’t miss the moment where she quickly checked to see if what I had said was the truth. I straightened my back and gave her my brightest smile I had.


“I-It’s true…” I didn’t miss her murmuring under her breath.


Hmm. This is nice. While smiling I quickly shook my head so that I could focus on what’s important.


“Anyway, I don’t have the money right now with me… But I can get it fairly easily” As I said that, I thought for a moment to just fish a gold ingot from my inventory, but quickly changed ideas as it would probably be a strange sight. “Do you have any idea how much it would cost to make a set?”


“Hmm… we’d have to see the materials, then how long it would take for us to make…” He stopped to think for a moment.


“As I said, I don’t care about the price. Get me a good material that I’ll cover the expenses.” I said feverishly, and he raised an eyebrow amused before nodding.


“Well, if you so want it, then I guess we could use some silk to do that. I’d say something around… Seven hundred… Eight hundred per piece.”


“Seven hundred?” I stopped to think for a moment.  “Sounds good. Could I ask for five then?”


“F-Five?” The old man sounded surprised for a moment.


“Is that too much?” I asked curious.


“We… It’s not…” He stopped for a moment before taking a deep breath and nodding. I could pretty much feel as he psyched himself up, as if preparing for a battle.  “We are just a small cosplay shop. Mostly me and my daughter. If we were to take an order like that…”


“I don’t mind waiting for some time. Nor do I need all of them at once.” I quickly waved away his worries. “As long as the craftsmanship is good, waiting a few months isn’t that troublesome.”


“Hmm… In that case…” He looked at her daughter for a moment, who, after a brief moment of hesitation, finally nodded. I  bounced a bit excitedly while giving a silly smile.


“Hmm… I’ll need to take your measurements.” The girl said with a mix of a gentle and amused smile.


“Hmm? Ahh, so you want a chance to see how I look under these clothes? Aren’t you surprisingly daring?” I said with a fake embarrassment while looking away with my hands on my cheeks. I could almost feel the air heating up as she blushed violently.


“T-t-that’s not it!” She said desperately.


“Would you mind stop  embarrassing my daughter?” The man said with a sigh.


“Sorry, it’s stronger than me.” I said with an awkward smile and using my signature puppy eyes that not even Sophie could resist.


It worked. Hooray for puppy eyes bonus for being a fox!


Still, even though I wanted to use the chance to tease the girl a bit more, she didn’t need to remove my clothes to take the initial measurements. Not even when it came to my three sizes.


I must give it to her though. She could easily take off the difference caused by my clothes with only a brief glance. I wonder if I could hire her to work on my castle one day.


Wait, am I even allowed to build a castle here? I can’t quite remember…


“Hmm… Is there anything in specific you want in your kimono?” She asked me while noting down my measurements in a small notebook.


“Hmm…” I stopped to think for a moment. “Maybe…” I almost said that I wanted a hole in the back for my tail, but I changed ideas. I was already used to having to prepare those myself, so I guess there’s no need. “Nah, not really.”


“Are you sure?” She asked me curiously.


“Yeah. Just get me a normal kimono. No need to get it too fancy.” I said with a nod.


“Hmm… Okay… A normal kimono. That should make things easier.” She said while stopping to think about it for a moment. “I’ll try to see if I find something about making so we can get an idea on how to make it.” She said before nodding.


“Hmm… Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there a bunch of characters that use kimonos already?” I asked after feeling confused.


“Ah… That’s right, but… Not everyone asks for a character that uses kimono. And even then they prefer something that looks like it, but is easier to wear than the actual thing.” She explained. “In truth, I’ve never even seen a kimono in real life before.” She added a bit embarrassed.


“Heh… Then you’ll do it from scratch? That’s quite commendable of you.” I said surprised.


“Haha. Not that much. I’m a bit scared of messing it up to be honest.” She heaved a heavy sigh. “I hope I can find a good reference on the net.”


“Hmm? If you had the real thing it’d be easier?” I asked curious and she nodded. “Then what about this one? It’s one of my favorites!” I said while showing her my favorite blue with sakura model.


“Ah! Yes! This is perfect!” She said while gently taking the cloth from my hand and spreading it on the table, running her fingers along it as she eyed it with extreme care. “Waah, this is so good! What material is this? Silk? Feels a bit different…”


“I’m… Not entirely sure. I got that one as a present from a friend and I’ve been using it ever since.” I said feeling a bit nostalgic. Still whatever it’s made of, I’m fairly sure that we wouldn’t be able to find around in this world


“Heeh. Anyway, do you mind if I take some photos of this?”


“Sure. Go ahead.” I stepped back and let her work on her own craft.


“I’m so lucky you had this one with yo…” She suddenly stopped for a few seconds, as she stopped to think about something. Noticing this, it suddenly dawned on me what I just had done, and I felt as goosebump ran up and down my spine. “Hmm… Didn’t you come here empty-handed?” She asked while looking at me suspiciously.


“Erm… I had it in my pocket?” I said awkwardly while looking away.


“…Do you really want me to believe that you had an full-sized clothe in your pockets?” She asked me suspicious.


“Ermmm… Yes?” Pleasebelievemepleasebelievemepleasebelieveme…


“That’ impossible.” She said confused. GAAAH! I miss people who would believe my silly lies! “How did you do that?”


“Erm… Magic?” I looked away.


“That’s…” She started to say annoyed, playing along with my instantly planned skit, but she suddenly stopped and frowned. “That’s…” She looked back at the kimono I had shown her and deepened even more her frown.


Aah… The fox’s out of the bag, huh? I thought wearily.


“Gaaah! I got too excited at the idea of a new kimono!” I complained while ruffling my hair annoyed.


“…Huh? Seriously?” She asked me surprised.


“Ughh… I should probably wipe your memory just to be safe, but… I really don’t want to do that…” I murmured under my breath. I mean, she looks like a good girl and offered to make me my garments even though she had no experience with it! And there’s always a chance of something to come back if I were to interact with her, so I’d probably have to give up on having her do my clothes.


“H-HUUUUUH? W-wipe my memories?” She asked surprised before stepping back in fear.


I knew that face. She was preparing to run away and call for help. Knowing this, I quickly checked around. Since her father had left to go back to their house, only her had noticed this, so I quickly cast a barrier spell around the room and teleported myself before her.


She flinched surprised as I held her arms (because her shoulders were a bit too high to me to hold comfortably.) and looked at her in the eyes. I noticed that she was getting scared, so I silently cast a calm spell on her.


“Look. Please don’t tell anyone about this… Well, maybe your parents… Anyway, please don’t tell anyone. If you promise this, you have my word I won’t do anything bad to you. Okay?” I told her.


She widened her eyes in surprise, but slowly nodded.


I sighed in relief before leaning back on the table and calming myself down.


“Ehhh? Are… Are those dog ears?” She suddenly asked me.


“Hmm?” I lightly twitched my ears, and frowned slightly. Looks like I got careless when I felt relieved. “Well, fox ears, actually. It would be pretty strange if a fox demon had dog ears, don’t you think?”


“F-fox demon?” She blinked surprised. “You mean… the nine-tailed fox?” She asked curious.


“Not exactly… I’m an odd case.” I said scratching my head while trying to find a way to explain it quickly, but feeling my ears quickly sent my mind elsewhere. “Oh yeah, since it’s out now anyway, think you could make something for my tail?” As I said that, I brought my tail back into existence before wagging it a few times , making her follow it with her surprised eyes. “It’s a bit of a bother to have to constantly phase it through the cloth.”


“I… Is that real?” She asked while watching my tail in a trance.


“Want to touch it?” I asked cheerfully while approaching her and twisting my tail so it’d end up in front of me. She blinked surprised before looking at me warily. “I can guarantee the fluffiness.”


She hesitated for a moment, but nothing a bit of charm magic and some skillful tail weaving couldn’t help.


It’s still to be born the one who can resist the temptation of combing one’s fingers through my fur. Seeing as the girl made a blissful smile while stroking my fur, I put on a victorious smile.


It took her an entire minute to come back to reality.


“I-I think i-i can do something about it.” She said in a failed attempt to act as if nothing had happened.


“I’ll be counting on you then.” I said with a nod before changing back into a full human. “I’ll try to see if I can exchange my gold into some actual money until tomorrow.”


“Ah… I’ll try looking into some materials until tomorrow then to give you a better estimate.” She stopped for a moment before frowning and looking at me a bit more wearily than previously. “Are… Are you just going to leave it at that?” She asked me confused.


“Hmm? What about it?” I asked back at her. “I do prefer not resorting to violence and evilness when possible, you know?” I said in a half joking tone.


She stared at me worryingly for a moment before finally nodding and sighing in relief as she fell back and leaned against the wall.


“He… Hahaha…” She laughed drily. “I never expected something like this to happen.”


“I know, right? Who’d think that it would be so difficult to find a place to get a kimono in this city?” I said in agreement while putting on a shocked tone.


“…That wasn’t what I was talking about.” She replied with an awkward smile.


“Eh? We weren’t talking kimonos?” I said in a fake surprised tone while staring at her in disbelief.


“You are doing that on purpose, aren’t you?” She asked after a moment of thought.


“What makes you say that?” I asked suspiciously while looking away. I could feel her staring at me, waiting for a serious answer, so I finally gave up and shrugged. “What? I don’t like when things get too serious, you know?” I said annoyed. “It’s most likely because of what I am, but I feel much more at ease in awkward and cheerful situations than in serious ones.”


“That’s not very demonic sounding, you know?” The girl replied with a slightly daring sound to her. Looks like she’s getting a bit less scared. Feeling relieved, I quietly lifted the calming spell I had cast on her.


“Yeah, some of my friends would often complain that I don’t do a very good intimidating demon lord most of the time.” I said with an awkward smile.


“…Demon lord?” The girl asked blankly, and I immediately facepalmed myself.


“Ughh… I need to learn to keep my tongue in leash.” I turned back to her and put on a pleading expression. “Any chance you can just let that one slide?”


“Huuh… Sure…” She replied awkwardly, before blinking surprised. “Wait, if you are a demon lord, does that means…”


“That’s…” I started to deny her idea, as she probably was about to ask me whether there were more demons like me around, but since I came from another world, so the obvious answer would be no. But… “Actually a very good question.”


I mean, sure, first thing one would think about supernatural in this world would be that it’s just silliness. However, on the other hand, I actually had no proof they didn’t exist, and maybe there’s a chance that they had been hiding somewhere. Deciding to look into this idea further later, I walked around in deep thought for a moment before recalling the girl near me.


“I’ll look into it and give you a call later.”


“Shouldn’t you already know it?” She asked me confused. “I mean, you just called yourself a demon lord.”


“Well… I come from very far away place…” I started trying to give a vague explanation to try and have her not think too much about it.


“Like another world!” She said excitedly as her eyes started shining and approached me in a very worrying manner. “So you are a demon from another world? Like a fantasy world or something like that?”


“T-That’s… I never said that…” I tried to weasel my way out of this. “You’ve been reading too many light novels, you know?”


“How do you know of light novels?” She asked confused before widening. “I mean, if you are just now finding a place to buy clothes, it means that you haven’t been here for long, right?”


“How did… No, that’s just…”


“Ah! So you are like one of those who get transported to another world then come back?”


“STOP GUESSING EVERYTHING RIGHT!” I shouted annoyed before puffing my tail and looking away. angrily. God, I miss so much when people would actually fall for the lame excuses I could come up with. That said, I guess I should have expected that a girl working on a cosplay store would be a bit of an otaku.


“Erm… Sorry?” She said meekly. “Ermm… Should we go back to… You know… The kimono thing?”


“…As long as you don’t try figuring out my story anymore.” I said with a pout.


“He he… I’ll try.” She said awkwardly. “A-Anyway, is there any way I can contact you if something happens?”


“Oh… Hmm…” I stopped to think for a moment before realizing that I didn’t have any way to contact people that wasn’t through magic. “I’ll see if I can a telephone number till tomorrow when I come here again.”


“So you don’t have one?” She asked me confused.


“Yeah. A few things happened, and you could say that I just came back very recently.”  I explained her. “I haven’t really had the chance to catch back up with how things are around here just yet.”


“Ah… I see.” She said with an understanding nod. “Then I’ll take it with you when you come back.” Sounds good enough. Deciding that it was about time for me to go back and meet Clarie back at school, I prepared to leave for now.


“Okay. I have to go see a friend for now. Can I leave the order with you?” I asked her.


“Ah. Sure.” She nodded before quickly pulling her cellphone. “Just let me take the photos really quickly.”


I nodded and once again left her to do her job. She carefully opened the kimono and took photos of it from various angles and positions, making one photo specifically for the tail gap on the back.


Thinking about it, I wonder how I’d have explained that to her when she’d have taken the photo if I didn’t make the mistake. Thinking about it and wondering how I’d go around it, the girl finally finished her job and neatly folded the kimono.


“Here.” She said while giving me the cloth. I immediately stored it back in my inventory and stretched a bit, not missing the look of barely held back curiosity and excitement. “I’ll… Well… Would you mind coming back here and telling me more about the other world some other time?” She asked in a really meek tone.


“…I guess it shouldn’t be a problem.” I replied, unable to refuse her puppy eyes.


Before I even had the chance to react… Well, not really, I mean, I could have easily moved out of the way, but if I had done so, she could have hurt herself… Anyway. She suddenly hugged me while squealing happily.


“It’s so cool to know someone like you exists!” She said while bouncing in excitement.


“Not that I mind the flirting, but I would rather have your name before we start going that way.” I said in a fake shy tone before she noticed what she was doing. I could almost feel her face heating up in embarrassment as she finally understood what was going on. “You can call me Inari, and I’ll call you dear. What do you say?” I continued with a slight blush to my cheeks and squirming embarrassedly even as she let go of me with her face beet red.


“W-wa-wa-wa… T-T-That’s… not what…” She said, having trouble to even form words in her shock.


“Well, jokes aside, I’d be happy to have your name.” I said, completely dismissing my lovey-dovey look and putting on my playful smile once again.


“Ah… Hmm… I’m Karen…” She said while trying to calm down. “Is Inari…”


“My real name? Well, now it is.“ I said with a shrug, and she nodded weakly. “Well, I’ll be going now…” I said while hiding my tail and ears, and she immediately made a disappointed expression. “I’ll come back tomorrow, dear.” I said with a smile, which owned me an angry pout that I engraved into my memory.


Leaving the store in a good mood, feeling that I’d most likely not have any issues with her knowing my identity, I tried to recall my way back to the school. Making sure to quickly check on the three new girls with a spell really quickly, I made my way back.


Hmm… I wonder how they’d look in cosplay… Let’s keep that in mind for the next time I go to Dear’s store


(AN: And back with some more Shinarigans! (See what i did there? Huh? Huh? Inari + Shenanigans! Genius right? Riiiight?)… Okay, okay. I’ll stop.)

(AN2: On another note, i’m almost catching up with what I have of Inari. Only a couple more weeks to go. And I guess i also owe you guys a warning that, if my memory don’t fail me, ReTurn was my longest unpublished story as of yet, so don’t expect other stories of mine to be as long as this one.)

(AN3: MMG tomorrow maybe?)


Chapter 09



  1. Fuu i was expecting her to take at least a few costumes but i didn’t know she has no money… maybe next time could you please us with a fashion (cosplay) show inari-sama?

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  2. I’m not entirely sure of the actual “requirements” are but if one is strong enough they can effectively do whatever they want. It Inari wants to build a castle she simply needs to build it or have someone build it for her. Anyone who disagree’s can go away. Anyone who feels the need to try and stop her physically would need to be be able to, well, stop her. Essentially, she just needs to claim land and fend off anyone who would try and reclaim it. If they can’t oust her and they can’t stop her then she is essentially sovereign state. And with her powers she might litterally be mistress of all that she can see simply because no one can stop her or make her do otherwise if she doesn’t want to.


  3. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    *hmmm, that truck nearly got me reading the story* 😉

    *looking forward to the next updates*


    1. PS: typos and stuff:

      “I’ll see if I can a telephone number till tomorrow when I come here again.”
      => get => …if I can get a telephone number…

      “Then I’ll take it with you when you come back.”
      => *is confused about that sentence* => do you mean: Then I’ll talk with you about it…? or: Then take/bring it with you…? or something the like?


    2. Found another one (I think):

      I said with a smile, which owned me an angry pout that I engraved into my memory.
      => earned => …smile, which earned me an angry…


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