(Re)Turn – Chapter 07

(AN: Okay, brief disclaimer, but even I think that Inari went a bit overboard in this chapter when I re-read it just now. That said, I feel it’s kind of fitting to show how broken and powerful Inari is, as well as how her sense of what’s right and wrong, and what can be called going overboard can be a bit distorted thanks to her years in the other world. That said, next chapter is back to more funny shenanigans.)

Well, I don’t know how to say this but… It seems that I started creating my own little country inside the arcade, and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t because of the charm because I kept it under tight leashes.


While sitting on the dislodge car game seat that had been put on the main floor, I extended my hand outwards and soon the prime ministe- ermm, no. The manager, Donovan, gave me the small bottle of water, which I gladly took upon and drank in small dosages, moistening my dry throat.

Thankfully, the look he had was more of someone amused rather than the usual blank hypnotized look that most people would have when they fall under charm, so this meant that he was only playing along. For now. While sighing in relief within my mind, I decided to keep on the joke a bit longer, as I crossed my legs and leaned on the armrest while putting on my queenish smile.


“So, my subjects. Your queen demands an answer.” I said and saw as the other guys from the arcade froze as they knelt. The one or two newcomers simply kept eyeing the situation amused as if this was some sort of performance. Well, not that it’s too far away from the truth. “Thus, you better answer lest you shall see your scores crushed by mine own hands within the next week.”


“Y-Yes, my queen!” They said in synchrony as they shivered while kneeling before me.


“Then, where in this place can one such as myself find a good store that sells me a silk kimono?” I asked, remembering back at my search where I couldn’t find it anywhere around.


However, contrary to my expectatives, the answer didn’t come immediately, as all of them, including the prime… Erm… Donovan frowned and looked at each other. Noticing their reactions, I frowned too for a moment and wondered if kimonos didn’t exist in this world. I mean, I’m almost sure that was the case, right?


“By silk kimono… You don’t mean the ones used for sport, do you?” One of my subjects asked worried, but I quickly shook my head.


“No no no no. I mean the one to use at home… or maybe at a meeting or something. But certainly not the sports one.” I said quickly, and once again their expressions became grim.


Fuee! T-That can’t be! I won’t find any here? That’s… But… Kimonos…


“Well… Maybe at a cosplay store?” One of the guys said in a low voice.


“Cosplay… Store?” I asked back and he flinched.


“No… Ermm… I didn’t mean that…”


“What’s that?” The name is kinda familiar, but it’s been so long that I can’t quite remember.


“Erm… Well… ” The boy looked away awkwardly.


“It’s a store that specializes in high-quality cosplay.” Prime Donovan explained to me in a playful tone. However, seeing how I was still confused, he went on. “Cosplay is a costume of a character in which you enter the role of it. Usually related more to animes and such things, but can also refer to western things.”


“Oh! So that’s why the name was familiar.” I said with a nod. “Hmm… that’s actually a good idea. So, why was he so afraid of saying it?” I tilted my head confused. I mean, it’s not like it was a bad idea, right?


“Well, some people don’t usually take Cosplay too kindly, so he probably worried that you might be one of such.” Donovan explained briefly, to which I widened my eyes and nodded. I see, I think there was something like that.


“Worry not, my subjects. Such trifling matters bothers me not.” I said while waving my hand away. “Tis indeed be a good idea. Though, where doest thy lord can find such establishment in this city?” Aaaand back to the queenish tone.


“Ah… Yes. My sister frequents one of such store, milady.” He said quickly while going back to his kneeling position. “I know where it is.”


“Good. You have done well, my servant.” I squinted my eyes. “Your high score is safe. For now.” He heaved a sigh of relief at my words. But some random thoughts crossed my mind, and before I could process it, I ended up wording it out. “Hmm… I should make some kind of score-based system to define how well I’m being served…”


It seems that the words ‘high-score’ served to make them jerk slightly with anticipation. Geez, so anything point-based is sufficient to have them get excited.


I’m SOOOO abusing that~~


Aah! Bad Ina. Bad! No using your opponent’s tastes to manipulate them into doing amusing things like competing in who serves you better! You don’t want a repeat of what happened at the third demon world’s ball!


But… it would be so fun… Just a bit wouldn’t hurt, would it?


As I was left alone with my pranking thoughts for a moment, the guy from earlier started fiddling with his cellphone and brought up a GPS map. Blinking at the sudden present he offered me, I looked over the cellphone and recognized it as a marker for the store he had been talking just a few seconds ago.


Quickly recording the map on my head so I could find my way there, I stared at it for a few seconds more just to be sure, before nodding and looking over at the entrance. After a long sigh, I finally stood up and threw my hair back in one fluid movement. A trick to gathering attention without needing to use magic.


Then I dropped the queen look entirely and stretched a bit.


“Hmm… Well, that was amusing.” I said happily and saw as they relaxed all of a sudden. The manager let out a brief amused smirk before shaking his head. “Still, thanks for the company guys. And sorry for the machine once again.”


“Don’t worry about it.” Donovan once again waved away, but I couldn’t take it.


“Nah. I won’t rest well till I repay you…” I said dramatically while putting some intensity, making him take a step back surprised. “Well, not really. But it does bother me a bit. Anyway, I’ll think of something before I appear here next.” I extended my hand and he blinked surprised for a moment before taking it.


“Well, I’ll be waiting eagerly. It seems like some amusing things will happen then.” He said with a smile.


Afterwards I quickly gave my goodbyes to the other boys and playfully left a vague threat about destroying one more highscore next before leaving the area. Already with the store in mind, I left the mall while, in a corner of my mind, I hoped they wouldn’t start a cult to idolize me. At least not for real.


Those types are really annoying to deal with.


Looking at a random passerby’s clock, I saw that it was still around ten o’clock, so I had some more free time before Clarie would leave her class. Deciding that I had no need to hurry up to where the store was, I followed around through the streets.


Missing the usual help from Sophie, who would keep giving me directions and estimate arrival time as I walked around, I noticed the gazes I was gathering, both from girls and boys. Smiling impishly to myself, I once again enjoyed the attention and even held back a laugh when I heard a girl slap the boyfriend across the face.


Still, I kind of forgot, but this world’s cities are surprisingly overwhelming, huh? Though I don’t think it was still rush hour, it was already comparable to the times when the capital of my country would get busy. And that’s only going by the people on the walkways, the cars added a whole new level of noise, ambiance and smells.


Well, smells was probably the biggest difference in my opinion. While the other world it was much more rustic and soft, this one’s was a lot more impactful and blended, and while there were a few smells that were a bit too strong, none of them were bad smelling.


Though, really, do people take parfum baths in this world or something? Some people really need to learn what moderation means, you know?


Oh, yeah. I also one hundred percent sure there are three guys following me by now. Amusingly enough I can smell gunpowder coming from one of them. And the right one could REALLY take a bath. Just using deodorant isn’t enough, you know?


Well, let’s see the situation. Here we have a girl who’s apparently oblivious from her surroundings (That’s me acting, by the way), three guys who looks like they are really looking forward to some ‘fun time’, and a road that doesn’t really looks THAT used up ahead.


I could, one, use it to miss these guys and avoid any possible trouble, or two, use it to get into trouble and let my damned title rest for a while longer.


Hmm… Such a difficult choice.


Whoops, almost popped up the tail back there..


“Hey there, young lady.” Someone suddenly called me, snapping me out of my amusing thoughts. “What about buying some new blouses? They are in the promotion?” A salesman called me while I walked by the store. Blinking surprised, I turned to him and tilted my head as he approached me. I was pretty sure I had sealed my charm enough to avoid this, didn’t I?


“Sorry, but I don’t have much on me right now.” I said with a wry smile.

“I see. Such a shame.” The salesmen said with a sigh before stopping and shaking his head. “Look, don’t react, but there are three guys following you.” He whispered to me.


Okay, now I feel bad for thinking that he was trying to hit on me.


No, wait, he could be using that as an excuse to hit on me, couldn’t he? I mean, I think that did happen a couple of times in the past, didn’t it?


“Sorry…” I said with a wry smile while nodding slightly and going back to walking ahead.


Ghh… The trio looks hesitant now. Geez, what will I do if they don’t follow me into the alley anymore? As I pouted to myself, I went back to walking ahead and entered said abandoned street.


Stopping roughly around the mid of the street, I searched for signs that they were still following me, and after hearing their footsteps approaching me, I smiled happily to myself.


Fu fu fu. I guess it’s time to have some fun.


Waiting for a moment until I was sure they were in earshot, I took a deep breath and quickly changed my expression, putting myself on the mood for the new act.


“Ara? Ara ara ara?” I said, my voice sounding extremely innocent and surprised, the complete opposite from my queen mode. “Wasn’t the store this way?” I started looking around while resting a finger in my lips and looking around. “Hee? It’s strange? Wasn’t I on the main street just now…?” I tilted my head to the side and kept there thinking for a while.


Sighing in dejection, I quickly spun on my feet while putting on a grumbling expression. To this sudden action the trio became startled and almost jumped back as I stared at them in a fake shock. Just as they began to show the signs of getting worried, I clapped my hands together and skipped forward, using the chance to release a bit of my charm, I looked up to the trio of annoyingly tall men and beamed my best innocent smile.


“I’m saved!” I chirped. “Neeh! Could you three help me with something?” I asked completely disregarding their surprised looks. Well, in their defense, they did look surprisingly proper for someone in such cliche position. Heck, I’m pretty sure that anyone else in my position would probably not even doubt them.


Actually, I guess I should give some credits to the store guy then. It’s not easy to notice something like that when these guys could easily pass as proper citizens in this city.


“Ah, sure?” The blonde guy said with a slight tone of surprise.


“So, what happened?” The black-haired one said while trying his best at putting up a gentle smile. I’d give him a two out of ten. One point for the effort, by the way.


“Ah! You see, You see!” I said cheerfully before freezing and stopping to think for a moment. “Muu… I didn’t get the store’s name…” I realized suddenly.


“Store?” Blondie asked while eyeing his buddies.


“Yeah… I asked a friend about it but…” I sighed annoyed, this one actually not being an act. “Muu… Maybe you know. It’s a costume store of sorts…. Ermm… Cospay… Cosplay… Yeah, cosplay store!”


“Cosplay…” For a moment I noticed how the black haired guy’s face contorted, but he quickly covered his expression with a smile that owned him a one point five out of ten score in my mind. One point for the effort.


“Well…” The blondie said awkwardly. “I guess I heard of that place before…”


“Really? I’m saved!”


“Why don’t we take you there, then?” The last one of the group, a baldie, said.


Come on! He could at least try to look a bit less dirty-minded, couldn’t he? His smile was completely crooked! I give him a zero out of ten. Also, what with that line? It completely sounds like: ‘follow us to get raped’! Heck, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m playing the fool here, no one would have fallen for that, you know?


…Actually, scratch that. I know at least one person who’d completely fallen for that.


Looking back at the blondie, I couldn’t help but sigh in my mind. You really have it though when your friends suck at hiding their intentions, don’t you? While hiding my pity behind a cheerful expression, I nodded and saw as the three exchange slightly shocked glances.


Afterwards I quickly skipped after them as they supposedly guided me towards the store. It didn’t even take me one turn to notice that they were already taking me towards the wrong place. While I kept on talking with the blondie, I noticed that he actually was someone from a fairly wealthy family. Probably explains why he carried a weapon with him.


While we walked with me faking interest in his story, his two buddies quickly surrounded us like an escort. Though it was kinda clear they were doing that so that I wouldn’t be able to escape. Well, not that they could even dream of stopping me.


“It’s here.” Blondie said, and after a moment I simply blinked and stared blankly at the building in front of me.


“Ermmm… Are you sure it’s here?” I asked. Even faking, it would be too much to believe it right away. The building was clearly abandoned for some time now. Even with my rather lacking common sense, that much was obvious.


“Yes. It’s just that this is the back entrance, so not many people know about it.” He tried explaining.


“Ah… If you say so…” I said taking a step forward and entering the building that reeked of dust.


Hmm… Is it just me or is that a plaque warning that this building is marked for demolition up ahead? While staring at it blankly, I suddenly felt as one of them pushed me forward. With the door slamming heavily behind us, and the sound of a lock being put on it.


“Geez. Seriously? That was a lot easier than what I expected.” The blondie said as he completely dropped his polite tone.


“Don’t even say it. I was sure it would be a lot harder than that.” Black hair said with what sounded like a smirk.


Baldie simply started panting heavily at their words. Yeah, I take back what I said earlier about they looking like proper citizens. I don’t think that this baldie can actually fit in that description.


I sighed annoyed before standing up and patting the dust away from my clothes. Fearing what would happen if mother saw how dirty they were, I shook my head and quickly started cleaning myself faster. After I was done, I quickly gave me a look over to see if I hadn’t missed any spot when I heard the blondie coming closer.


“But maan.You really are something.” He said while grabbing my hand and pulling me closer. “Don’t you know that you shouldn’t trust strangers? Are you a country bumpkin or some…” His voice died out as I simply stared blankly at him, completely letting go of the facade I had put up for this.


“Maan. You really are something.” I copied his words while bleeding sarcasm through my voice. “Don’t you know that your act wouldn’t fool anybody? Are you a country bumpkin or something?” I said with a wide sarcastic smile.


He widened his eyes in shock for a good two seconds before he frowned angrily.


“You bitch! You were fooling us all this time?” He said angrily while holding me by the shoulder and shaking violently.


“Geez, look at how you treat a girl, will ya!” I said while freeing myself from his grasps with great ease. “If you are rough with them like that, they’ll never pay attention to you, you know?” I said annoyed while patting away the place where he held me, as if it was dirty.




“Also, really. Choose a better place for a first date, will ya? All this dust is almost giving me the allergies.” I complained while looking around the area. “Still, I must give you some points. This does seems fairly desolate. Almost seems like no one would hear if someone screamed from in here.”


“Well, we can’t have someone storming here when you start screaming, can we?” Blackie said with a wicked smile as he approached too. Baldie was already behind me ready to hold me in case I tried running. Okay, bonus points for working in team.


“Me? Screaming?” I asked while raising an eyebrow, confused. “Why would I scream here?”


“Well, you for sure won’t stay quiet when we are done doing what we plan on doing with you.” He replied as he grabbed my arm and tried pulling me.


Except that this time I didn’t simply let him. Watching as he looked shocked at my completely immobile arm, I smirked before crossing them while he still held me.


“You, and what army?” I asked. Well, to be honest, they’d probably need something like that to move me, but that’s not the case. “By the way, I guess I should warn you, but I’m an expert fighter.” Blackie and blondie widened their eyes surprised, then I finished with a beaming smile. “You can be sure that I’ll hit your fist with my face a lot of times.”


They froze confused for some time as they processed my words. The first one to react was blondie, who seemingly became annoyed at me delaying their fun for so long, as he stepped forward.


“Well, why don’t you let me help you with that then.” He said while throwing a punch at me. “Maybe this will teach you to be more obedie…”


The moment his fist made contact with my nose, he quickly widened his eyes and shut his mouth clenching his teeth. From my privileged place I could see as his knuckles quickly became bright red as the pain settled in.


Though I could have used a barrier, I kinda wanted to see what would happen if I let them go at full power. Must admit that I’m really disappointed.


“W…What the… Fuuuuuuuck!” Blondie said while pulling back his hands and shaking it, trying to make the pain go away. “IT HURTS! GODDAMIT! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” Seeing their friend shouting in pain suddenly, the other two stared in shock as they couldn’t understand what was happening.


I took the initiative by grabbing the hand of blackie and giving him a wide smile. I had a promise to keep, and I have all intention to go ahead with it. Just as he started to understand what I was planning on doing, I head-butted his hand, hearing as some bones broke under the impact.


“…Whoops.” I said surprised as a painful screech escaped the guy’s mouth. Looking at the distorted fingers, I kinda felt a bit of pity for the guy, but thinking that it wasn’t good if he didn’t learn his lesson, I decided to not cure it just yet. “But, what do YOU think you are doing?” I said as I quickly wrapped baldie’s hand with my tail when he tried attacking me with a pocket knife. “Don’t you know things like that are dangerous?”


“Wh-What the hell!” Baldie shouted surprised. “What the fuck is this?” He yanked his arm, trying to move away from my grasp, but I only tightened my hold on him even more, though being careful to not break his bones just yet.


“What? Never saw a girl with a tail before?” I asked with fake confusion while letting go of blackie’s hand and turning to him.


“T-Tail…?” He raised his eyes towards me and widened them even more as he noticed the fluffy pair of triangular ears popping above my head.


“Geez, you sound like you never saw a kitsune before.” I said with a fake disappointment.


“Ki… kitsune?” he said in shock.


“In other words, japanese fox demons.” I said while clapping my hands cheerfully. Then I stopped and glared at him with my predatory look, releasing a bit of my pressure just to increase the tension. “You know, the ones who lure in poor guys and then suck their souls dry, leaving behind only husks of a body that doesn’t even resemble humans.” I said in a low poisonous tone.


Even blackie’s screech stopped at that moment as he sank in on the idea of what I had just said.


“M… Mm… mo…” Blondie started.


“Aww… Poor playboy is about to call for mommy?” I said playfully while turning to him.


“MONSTER!” He said while pulling the pistol he had with him and pointing it at my head. “D-Don’t come any closer!” His hand and voice trembled, betraying his attempt at a threat. “I-I don’t know what you are… But I’m going to blast your head off!”


“Aawww.. That’s so cute!” I said with a happy tone while letting go of baldie’s hand and taking a step closer to him. “The little boy want to play with big sister!” I clapped my hands, before pouting. “But don’t you know that that toy is dangerous?” He took a step back in fear while I kept approaching him. “What if someone took it and did this?” As I said that, I gently pressed my forehead against the weapon. He widened his eyes in shock and his fingers trembled. “Or even worse. What… If…” As I deliberately dragged on my words, I held on to his hand and brought the weapon down, slowly turning his hand around so that the weapon would be held upside down. “Someone… Did… This? Someone could die, you know?” I said as the gun was held inside my open mouth, pointed straight to my skull.


For a brief moment he simply stared at me, but once I gently increased the pressure, he widened his eyes and let out a wordless shout, the sudden reaction jerking his fingers and pulling the trigger.


The loud explosion flooded my ears and the smell of gunpowder overpowered my nose. My head jerking backwards thanks to the sudden impact on the roof of my mouth and a metallic capsule fell on my tongue.


For a moment I simply stood as I was, waiting to hear their reactions, and after a good five seconds of roughed scared breathing, I heard as blondie cracked up a hoarse laugh. Waiting until it grew from a panicked one to a relieved one, as soon as his friends joined him, I closed my mouth.


The sound of metal being twisted and shredded forcefully by my teeths as I playfully chewed on the bullet echoed in the room. Bringing my head back to its previous position, I gave them a wide toothy smile.


“See? If it wasn’t big sis here, someone could have died.” I said before spitting away the distorted piece of metal. By the taste, I’d say it’s copper.  “Dangerous, dangerous.” I shook my head while tightening the grip on blondie’s hand.


“HAAAAAAAH!” He despaired while once again shooting the weapon wildly.

“Hey! Stop tha…” I said annoyed as the sound kept echoing over and over again, only to feel as another bullet entered my mouth. Unconsciously I started chewing on it again before frowning. “Geez, that sound is annoying! Stop shoo-OUCH!” I shouted in pain, their expressions quickly freezing as they understood that for the first time I had actually felt pain.

“Ouch… Ouch… Hurfs… ” I said before spitting the bullet and putting my tongue out. “Aah… Ahh… I bith mah tongue… ”


GEEZ! All that threatening atmosphere just gone! Moou! And I was pulling it off so well this time! Holding my damaged tongue gently on my fingers, I quickly started casting a quick heal spell on it, waiting for the pain to go away.


Fact: no matter how powerful and fearsome one becomes, biting one’s own tongue will always hurt like hell. I’m kinda amazed no story ever showed this before. Having sharp canines doesn’t exactly help either.


After the pain finally subsided, I looked back to the flabbergasted trio. For a moment I considered going back to the threatening atmosphere, but sincerely? Losing the momentum made it kinda hard.


“…What? Shouldn’t you have used this chance to run away?” I commented bluntly.


“…ah!” They all gasped with wide eyes as they heard what I said, realising it was a good chance, before almost simultaneously turning to run away in different directions. Unfortunately for them, I had already healed my tongue, so they’d actually missed their chance to run splendidly. Not that it would have mattered, I still wouldn’t have let them leave the building just yet even if they weren’t idiots.


Pressing off the ground lightly, I was immediately behind blondie so I tapped him on the shoulder to announce my presence with a cheerful “Tag! You’re it!” But he couldn’t respond, as I once again underestimated how weak this world is so the poor guy was now unconscious after his chin slammed into the hard concrete floor.


…Erm… Whoopsies?


Looking around in worry, I quickly took the chance of casting a quick heal spell before the other two noticed. Seeing that blondie was out for the count for now, I turned back and eyed blackie, who was running towards a decrepit set of stairs.


Hmm… I feel like pulling a horror movie scene…


Dashing towards the under-side of the stair, I floated just beneath the last step and waited patiently as his presence was right above me.


Ripping through the rather feeble concrete, my hand popped up from the last step and I grabbed his leg while saying cheerfully.


“I caught you!” Another shriek escaped blackie as he tried to shake away my hand, but I quickly froze the air around his leg and locked him in place “Now wait there while I get baldie, okay?” I said while peeking through the hole.


Jumping down to the floor again, I looked at baldie, who, surprisingly, had been the smartest of the bunch and tried to go for the door. However, as he looked around his pockets, he couldn’t find the keys and started to become nervous.


Standing back and watching him in amusement, I saw as he grabbed a large rock from the ground and started slamming it on the door’s hinges until it broke down. Kicking down the door, he jumped outside trying to run away.


“Nah, nah, nah. You can’t leave the playing area.” I said just as he slammed face-first against the air. I started approaching him with a slow walk while smiling widely. “Bad baldie. You must play by the rules, don’t you know?” I said as he slammed his hand against the invisible barrier I had set up once I got inside. Once I was right behind him, I stood on the tip of my toes and whispered. “Don’t you see, I never once thought about letting you guys go.” I said as he whimpered in fear. “Now, why don’t you come back inside while big sister here teaches you guys how you should treat the ladies?” I said while grabbing him by the neck of his shirt and effortlessly dragging him back to the inner side of the building.


Well, what do I do with them now? I thought playfully.



I couldn’t help but laugh happily at the scene before me. Gone were the three young proper looking men of society, and in their places were three young girls who were hugging their bodies and trembling in fear. I’m pretty sure they would also be crying or something, but since I cast a silence curse on them, I couldn’t be so sure.


Sitting on the stairways and crossing my legs amusedly, I eyed the three girls. Two blond and one raven haired one. They were all fairly cute to be honest, but then, it probably had something to do with my tastes when I cursed them.


“Well, well. Now, let’s see you guys mistreat a girl after today.” I said with a wide smile. “Maybe this will teach you a lesson you won’t forget for life.” I said while standing up and stretching myself.


Amusing myself at the look of discomfort that was so clear in their faces, I remembered myself of the transformation itch that I suffered when changing too much. For someone who isn’t used to it, it must already be almost insufferable to these three.


“You know. From where I come from, it’s not strange to downright kill someone who is accused of rape, you know?” I commented bluntly, making the three girls shiver in fear while shrinking back even more. “But… If I were to simply kill you guys here, it would bring me too much trouble, and I’m sincerely not in the mood for that.” I said with a sigh. That was actually partly true. “So, since I can’t go around killing you guys here and there, I had a wonderful idea. Why don’t I show them how scary it is to be under the receiving side of the rape attempt? Thus, I did this to you!”


“Buuut… You see… Just making you guys into girls wouldn’t be enough.” I tilted my head and put on a sad expression. “I mean, if you guys don’t get the lecherous gazes it’s just not enough, you know? That’s why big sis here also threw in a bonus for you!” Back to cheerful. “I put a charm spell on all three of you! So no matter where you go, you can be sure that there will be a dirty man looking at you with lecherous gazes! Just like how you did with big sis here! Isn’t that wonderful?” Awww, they look so cute when they are on the borders of despair! Almost make me forget they are actually men inside. “Now, if you guys disappeared it would also be no good, so be at ease because the two spells will wear out.” They became relieved for a moment. “Now, when that will happen, I have no idea! Tee hee!”


I skipped downstairs and stood before the three of them with a wide smile while helping the blond ex-baldie up. Well, more like forcing, but that doesn’t really come to the case.


“Now, it’s time big sis sent you somewhere you can show the world your new temporary self, right? Then, off you go!” As I said that, I quickly cast a simple displacement spell on her, but before I let it run its work, I held back the spell for a moment. “Oh, also, know that big sis can find you guys wherever you are, so no use trying to run away, okay?” I said with a wide smile before letting the spell run its course. Ex-Baldie disappeared on thin air, leaving me behind with the other two, whose eyes were as alive as a pair of dead rotten fish.


Giving my goodbyes to them, I also sent them to another place in the town before finally taking a good long breath and smiling satisfied. It feels good to play a prank on criminals from time to time.


Maybe I should become a vigilante of sorts… it would be fun.


While thinking about that, I suddenly recalled the store I had to go to, and quickly ran out of the building while hoping they hadn’t closed for lunch yet.

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(AN3: So, yeah… I started a new story… And it’s a post apocalyptic one where stuff happens and game worlds bleed into earth and start causing havok… If i ever get around writing chapter 2 i’ll post it here, so now, would you kindly put down the pitchforks and torches before someone could get hurt? Pretty please?)

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  1. Eh, I don’t really think she went overkill considering. What I am surprised at is she didn’t wipe what she looked like: you don’t want them going off and reporting it to the police so they can watch them as they transform back as proof they aren’t lying, right?

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    1. I’m not entirely sure whether i mentioned it in the following chapters or not, but she IS actually keeping track of them, and as much as they could seek help, none of them really knows when the spell will wear off, and going to the police and saying: “Look, i’m a guy who was transformed into a girl by this weird fox demon!” would kind of instantly brand them as crazy or delusional.

      But yeah, I think that wiping her appearance from their memories would make sense… But then, Inari isn’t really much of a planner, and it’s a lot more fun to see things go wrong for her than when they go right, soo… >.>

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  2. Hmmm… No, this actually seems like karmic, well, no. I was right the first time. karmic justice is the right set of words I think.

    One thing I’m curious about is when the others will come out to play. >: ) I mean, she may be the first to arrive back home the long way from her group but I doubt she was the very first. If even a thousandth of those stories have even a fragment of truth then someone has gotten home with their memories intact. Which would indicate that they’ve probably already found others like themselves and probably don’t want any new returnees waltzing back and wrecking their fun.

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    1. Maybe the people that weren’t in school when she checked. I remember Inari saying that the people she wants to retain their powers the least wherend in school.


      1. Errr… maybe I phrased that poorly? I was trying to say that while she may be the only/first person to come back with her memories and powers from her group any other groups that went to other worlds may have already found their way back home and set up shop.

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  3. Perhaps my perception of right and wrong is scewed but nothing she did seamed overboard. I mean I can see some one that has been brainwashed by the idea of “society should be there judge not you” but society is only the judge of right and wrong because there is power in numbers. She has power so she can do what she wants really. They should be glad she’s a good person.

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  4. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    I wonder if she will find a kimono there – or if she needs to go to Japan for that… (or maybe China Town?) 😕

    *looking forward to the next update* 😀

    *channels inner truck* 😉 😛


    1. So, now… suspected typos and stuff:

      Though, where doest thy lord can find such establishment in this city.
      => should that not be lady? => …doest thy lady can find…

      I also one hundred percent sure there are three guys following me by now.
      => am => I am also one… (or: I also am one…)

      Here we have a girl who’s apparently oblivious from her surroundings (That’s me acting, by the way),…
      => to => …apparently oblivious to her surroundings…
      => that’s (small “t”) => …surroundings (that’s me acting…

      Even blackie’s screech stopped at that moment as he sank in on the idea of what I had just said.
      => should that not be: …as the idea sank in…?


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