(Re)Turn – Chapter 04

I sat on the couch while reading through some magazines that I found in Clarie’s bedroom. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t anything fashion related, and instead had mostly current news about the situation of the city, country and world as a whole. Taking this chance to catch up on news that were more than a thousand years old for me, I waited as she finished preparing herself.


One good and bad thing about having enhanced senses is the fact that I can hear everything, this meant that even though I’m two rooms away from the bathroom with the TV turned on at a high volume, I could still hear the water running from the shower. Knowing full well how embarrassing it is to have someone listening on you while you are taking a shower, I decided to cast a silence spell around the whole room, blocking the sound from outside.

Still, there’s a bunch of things here that I didn’t even know were happening around here. Even to the point that I re-checked the date on the magazine’s cover with what I had in Clarie’s cellphone.


That said, I also had the problem with my clothes to solve. After all, if my memory doesn’t fails me, we also had to use uniforms to enter the school grounds in this world, and as much as my clothes fit me, I doubt I would be able to simply waltz in without a problem.


And using illusion spells for a long time is a pain, so I didn’t exactly felt like doing it either.


Oh well, seems like I’ll just have to sneak around instead.


“Why are you smiling so proudly like that?” Clarie asked me while walking in drying her hair.


“Just deciding on how to make things fun.” I replied briefly with a shrug before waving my hand and using a drying spell on her.


“…Are you seriously using your cheats to dry hair?” Clarie asked annoyed, to which I shrugged.


“It’s a pain to do it manually.” I complained. I’m not exactly very patient to take care of a hair as long as mine. Turning to her and seeing as she tied her golden hair in a ponytail once again, I saw that she was already wearing a brand new uniform.


“What? Expecting me to come out in a towel or something?” She asked in a mix of a taunt and annoyance, but I simply shook my head again.


“I’ve already been a victim of something like that before, so I know the feeling.” I said in a sympathetic tone.


“…what exactly happened to you in these last years?”


Many things that I’d rather not remember, I thought before shaking my head.


“Just think any cliché situation involving a cute girl and her male friends and you may have a general idea.” I said while remembering the incidents with a certain demon. I’m pretty sure he still have a scar from my slap. “And before you ask, my tastes still lies in women, okay?” I said without needing to see her conflicted expression as she was ready to ask me the obvious question. “And no, I never abused this new body to see girls on bathrooms nor anything like that. I still have some moral code left in me.” I said without needing to see her angry expression as she was ready to ask me the obvious question. “And no, I’m not lying. I made sure to prohibit any maid from entering the bath with me in my castle… Well, not like there weren’t some deviants.” I said without needing to see her dubious expression as she was ready to ask the obvious question.


“…I must admit that’s slightly disturbing… but I’m also impressed.”


“I try my best.” I shrugged before jumping out from the sofa and standing besides her. “So, shall we go?”


She sighed with a small helpless smile before nodding. Quickly casting the presence suppressing spell on the two of us so that we wouldn’t get that many gazes on our way to school, we left the house and quickly set on our way.


Since I had very little recollection of the school trajectory from Clarie’s house, or barely any recollections from going to school at all (It has been more than a thousand years for me, so give me a break, okay? And school aren’t exactly the best memories…) Strange, why did I decide to go to school again?


Oh well, leaving that aside, I was quickly bombarded with the overwhelming sensations of the city as usual, and even grimaced a little before quickly casting a silent room spell near my ears.


Satisfied with the greatly reduced noise, I changed my focus into watching the now much more agitated city. With the worst part of the morning already over, by now a fair number of people already walked around the streets.


Somehow feeling a bit nostalgic thanks to the scenery, I ended up smiling unconsciously.


“Clarie…” I heard a voice calling her from behind. The two of us stopped and turned around surprised, seeing as a group of people approached us from behind. I quickly recognized them as the group I had seen on the beach previously, and they were all friends of mine and Clarie. “How are you?” The girl from the group asked.


With short brown hair and a slim build, her name was Maria, and if my memory doesn’t fail me, she was a college athlete. However, she was also surprisingly quiet and was usually the cooler headed of the group, compared to Clarie who’s a lot easier to explode.


“I’m fine Mary, Guys.” Clarie replied with a smile.


“I see… And who’s the cutie with you?” The tall black-haired guy said while putting up a small smirk and walking forward. Daniel, ex-bully, now in a garage band doing random gigs around the city. Certified womanizer.


“I’m Inari. Kuzuha Inari. I met Clarisse here on the internet and decided to come in for a visit.” I said with a friendly smile.


“Inari… Isn’t that…” The other girl asked. A blonde one wearing glasses. She was taller than Clarie and was probably the smartest of the group, very easily the smartest of all of us. Also, she’s addicted to japanese culture.


“Yeah. That Inari. But don’t mind it, it’s just that my parents were a bit too expectant of me.” I said with a fake awkward smile. “Also, no. I’m not japanese. My father’s grandfathers were, though.” I explained quickly while giving a glance towards Clarie, who nodded as she went around with the play.


“Yeah. Ina here is staying over at my house for the time being, so I decided to show her the way around while going to class.” She explained while turning back and making a motion of walking towards the school.


The others soon followed us and the two girls of the group quickly came to me so that they would introduce themselves excitedly. That said, already knowing all of their names left me slightly awkward in finding a way to deal with them. Luckily, rescue came in the shape of Daniel.


“So, I take it that you must come from the heavens or something, being so angelic looking like that?” He said while stepping in.


“Not really. If anything, I came from hell seeing how I kicked the ass of the last angel that tried hitting on me.” I said with a smile that made him freeze as he noticed the dangerous aura I was giving.


Feeling a curious glare from Clarie, I smiled back at her playfully while sticking tongue out. She probably wondered how veridic is that statement. Well, truth to be told, only the last part is actually true. In both meanings of “hitting on”, though.


“Looks like she isn’t one of those who would fall for you, Daniel.” The other guy said while laughing at the scared expression of the womanizer. Having a tanned skin but being fairly thin compared to the others, his name was Hughes, and if my memory doesn’t fail me, he was the guy who was always laughing.


“T-That’s what you think! There’s no girl who can resist my charm!” Daniel said in a whisper. Still, enhanced hearing made it as clear as day for me as he approached again. Already foreseeing something amazing, I smiled to myself as he approached once again. “So you are a little devil, huh? I don’t mind going through hell for a girl like…”


“I don’t mind if you want to talk to me, but if you hit on me one more time I’m going to remove the lower head you use to think through your mouth.” I said with my best smile while liberating a fraction of a fraction of my pressure. Like, one thousandth of what I used on my parents.


He quickly made a scared expression while using his hands to protect the area between his legs while his knees touched each other. Hughes burst into laughter as the large man started whimpering in pain at the idea.


The girls looked at me amused and I replied with sticking out my tongue playfully, which got me a couple of giggles.


“So… Did you get any info on that lazy bum?” Elena asked curious.


“…Huh?” Clarie said surprised for a moment before finally understanding their question. “Ah… no… I didn’t…” While she said that, she gave me a brief glance.


Wait a second… I’M NOT A LAZY BUM!


Though I’m pretty sure Sophy would deny my denial…


“Hmm… I see… it’s kinda strange for him to be gone for so long.” Hughes said with an uncharacteristic worried tone.


“Eh. He’ll probably appear out of nowhere and say that he was saving the world or something.” Daniel said with disinterest while waving away. “You know Sam. He’s always getting into trouble, only to sneak around it somehow.” Guh… I can’t deny that.


“Well, let’s leave Sam aside, what do you plan on doing, Inari?” Hughes asked curious. “I mean, you can’t exactly enter the school, and you said that you don’t live around, so…”


“Oh. I have my way of getting around. No need to worry.” I said with a shrug while following them to the school. The girls kept on asking me random questions that I would improvise my way through with as little words as possible.


One of the more unknown advantages of having an enhanced perception of time is that you can take your time to answer questions without people noticing. Thanking my OP status for such convenient tool, I managed to find a way through the barrage of questions without raising suspicion. Except for Daniel who seemingly became traumatized from hitting on me.


“I’ll move around the school then I’ll pass some time on the street.” I told Clarie in a whisper when we were approaching the gate. “Just make a mana burst or something like that if something happens.”


Having left her with those words, I gave my goodbyes to the rest of the group while feeling a light tinge of relief thanks to the fact that they were all fine. Still remembering some of their deaths in my mind didn’t exactly help keeping calm either.


The moment they all crossed the school gate and the ever present guard threw me a suspicious glance I turned tail and moved away.


Only to find a desolate corner and cast invisibility on myself and go back to school.


Fun fact. After you get through a certain level, invisibility becomes a lot cheaper than illusion.


Well, for me it doesn’t really make much different thanks to… Bah, you know the drill. I’m overpowered as hell.


Jumping over the fence with ease, I looked around while seeing as the students met each other and made their way to the class. For a moment I considered following them, but I quickly changed idea as I would have to dodge everyone on my way there.


Not that I wouldn’t be able to, but it’s a pain.


So I decided that the great me would happily walk around the outskirts of the school while letting the lowly peasants do their things.


Also, I kept on using analyse in every single person I sensed, after all, it’s not like I came here just to fool around. Even I step up to work!




Not that rarely!


Like, every six months or so!


I’m not useless!




Yeah, somehow I’m getting depressed. I should stop.


Sighing in defeat against this powerful foe called ‘heavy conscience’, I went back to checking on the students once again, this time even going a bit more seriously.


Seeing how each and every one of them were now completely removed from the system, I nodded satisfied. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about them waking up to discover that they had the cheat-like power of the system I became more relieved.


That said, thanks to Clarie I knew that I shouldn’t let my guard down, as there were some exceptions, and if I take being a hero or demon lord/king/god as being one of the requirements, I had at the very least a few other people to check to keep in mind.


That said, it seems that none of them came to class today. Buggers.


Feeling annoyed as I reached the last classroom, I quickly went around analysing the students and teachers that I felt in there. Seeing as all the responses came as: ‘unblessed’, I started to heave a sigh, only to flinch when one answer in particular got my attention.


Feeling someone not only blessed, but also possessing many skills made me worry for a moment before noticing it was only the foolish dense hero, I calmed down.


That said, I didn’t miss the fact that Clarie shivered slightly.


Thinking about it, being successfully analyzed gives this creepy feeling to someone with good instincts. I still remember how I kept analyzing some enemies over and over during battle to distract them…



Analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse, analyse…


Ah! Seems like she figured me out. Time to escape.


Running away as I felt Clarie’s bloodlust expanding through the whole school grounds, I jumped over the fence once again while seeing the guard shiver slightly in fear.


Sorry about that! I didn’t expect her to attack me back!


Making a silent apology to the old man, I quickly found myself back on the streets while wondering what I could do next, seeing how school was off-limits for now.


Hmm, I don’t think I have any money with me. While thinking about it, I quickly checked my pockets and became slightly surprised when I noticed that I had one single coin in one of my pockets. Surprised, I stared at it while trying to remember how much its worth in this world. I blame the fact that the other world gave price to the coins based on size and material.


I think I might be able to buy something small with this…


Wasn’t there an old arcade in the mall nearby? While thinking about it, I quickly decided to find my way around. That said, I didn’t have a map, so I had to improvise. Once again leaping towards the top of a random building, I took a moment to look around the city and try to find said mall.


Finding a large building with a huge parking lot in front of it, I quickly made my way towards it. Being only a couple of minutes away if walking, I arrived there in three seconds.


Hooray for superspeed!


…I didn’t make a sonic boom and break a window, did I?


Conditions Cleared, Skill leveled up: Sonicboom level 4


Level Up effect: Increased maximum knockback. Moderate amount of damage dealt if above a certain speed.


Damn it.


I quickly turned back and noticed that there were some cracked windows near the place where I had passed. Sighing annoyedly, I shook my head and took some gold coins from my inventory before approaching the windows and teleporting the small coins inside each window.


…It should be enough to pay for the damages, right?


While hoping that I didn’t do anything too silly, I once again made my way back to the mall.  This time after casting a protection spell to avoid the sonic boom from breaking things.


Chapter 05



      1. Still got to read it nice and fast, so that’s fine.

        Oh, and I’m actually going to differ from what I assume is the majority and say keep it on the weekends: Something to look forward to (Although admittedly I totally forgot about it last night: got a new AC in and it was SO NICE to have a cool room to sleep in for the first time in a while…)

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  1. Hahaha, I think is better you reach the full count before release or you will be pressuring yourself the next chapters, better be slow but constant I’d hate if the quality drops by our fault… Thanks for the chapter and keep the good work

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    1. So, my first thought at the word instance was the instanced dungeons from world of warcraft. So i kinda went: Why the hell would i post it when i’m inside a dungeon?

      Though that would be amusing. Writing a story from inside of a dungeon…

      *Wanders off to smash some walls with his head for self control matters*

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  2. Because of this chapter, I googled “Inari” and “learned” something. I have school holidays and I don’t want to learn in my holidays!

    ps. Thanks for the chapter.

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    ps3. I don’t want to make you any pressure with MMG

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    1. You forget a very important detail: You learned useless stuff. It’s entirely different from learning important college/school/job related stuff. it will never have any use, but it’s easy to remember and doesn’t tire you out. ^^


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  3. Thank you for the chapter 😀

    @AN: whenever you please 😛

    *looking forward to any update* 😉 (no trucks in sight, though…)

    PS: I found a typo:
    After all, if my memory doesn’t fails me,
    => fail (the “s” is already covered by “doesn’t”) => After all, if my memory doesn’t fail me,


  4. Surprise grammar check since I have nothing better to do.
    I’ll ignore the lowercase i’s…
    Very first line.
    (…magazines that i found on Clarie’s bedroom.)
    It should be either: found “in” Clarie’s bedroom. {Or} found on Clarie’s “bed”.

    At the part where she meets her old friends.
    (“Yeah. Ina here is staying over at my house for the time,)
    You didn’t complete the saying: for the time “being”.

    When Daniel starts using his pickup lines on mc.
    (“Not really. If something i came from hell)
    The saying is: If “anything”. Not something.

    A bit after the pickup line.
    (…i smiled back at her playfully while sticking tongue out.)
    You forgot a word: while sticking “my” tongue out.

    Around where the friends were getting emotional over the mc’s original self.
    (…The girls kept on making me random questions that…)
    It should be either: kept on making me “answer” random questions. {Or} kept on “asking” me random questions.

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  5. *sitting here waiting on MMG*
    hmmm… I wonder why he hasn’t posted any new chapters yet. that was a hell of a cliff hanger he left me on.
    *checks blog for recent posts.*
    oh, there was a poll? New story?
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    hmmm. I wonder when he is gonna post the next chapter. That was some intense goofiness I got hooked on…

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  6. nice story!
    i think i found a mistake:
    -Quickly casting the presence nullifying spell on the two of us so that we wouldn’t get that many gazes on our way to school, we left the house and quickly set on our way.-

    she casted a presence nullification spell on them, but the group of friends noticed them like normal. nullification means total erasure so i think you made a mistake there.

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