(Re)Turn – Chapter 03

“Muu… I see. I can kind of understand now.” Clarie said annoyed. “Still, you could have tolds us about you earlier, you know? I mean, i don’t know if i would have helped you, but…”


“Sorry…” I said a bit depressed.


“Also, did you really have to release your full pressure when we met? That was kinda mean. You have any idea how scary you are when you are using it?” She asked me while tightening her grip around my neck annoyed for a moment.

“That… Actually was only half my pressure.” I said awkwardly and felt as she froze.


“…Only half?”


“Well, more like two fifths to be honest.” I said awkwardly.


“…Are you kidding me?” She said shocked before grabbing me and making me look towards her. “How strong are you actually.”


“Well… ” My eyes drifted away while i thought about how to tell her the answer.


“Saaaaam…” She pinched my nose.


“I’ll say! I’ll say!” I shouted so she would stop. “I’m… Well… five…” I started saying, but my voice drifted away.


“Five?” She asked confused before widening her eyes. “Five hundred?”






She froze and simply stared at me in shock as the number entered her head. Well, not that i blame her. Before me, the strongest known being in that world was a dragon with the level one thousand.


Well, that guy was only a guard to a nightmarish place that the only reasons the monster don’t leave is because everything outside is too weak for them. Literally. If someone enter that place and manage to survive, it’s not really strange for them to become a couple thousand levels higher.


Well, besides my level i also had the [Lord of terror] title and [Fear] skills which increase the potency of my pressure, which is what actually made Clarie and her party faint on our first meeting.


Well, the past is in the past.


“And i thought that i was the cheaty existence…” Clarie said depressed.


“Believe me. You DON’T want to pass the one thousand milestone.” I said dryly. “The things you have to do are… ha… ha ha… ha ha…”


“Is it that scary? Sam? SAAAM? Hey?” As i delved deeper and deeper into the traumatizing memories of when i surpassed the thousandth level, i was quickly brought back by Clarie shaking me furiously. “Seriously? What happened? I’m getting scared!”


“Clarie… NEVER go through the thousand level! NEVER! EVER, Do that!” I said while staring back at her seriously.


“Ah… O-Okay…” She said confused while nodding weakly, before finally pouting. “Still, don’t think that i’m going to let you get off of this without some kind of payback, okay?” She said seriously. “I’m still angry with you afterall.”


“That’s kinda hard to believe when you keep petting me nonstop, you know?” I said while feeling her hand combing through the fur on my head and flattening my ears in the process.


“You know i’m weak against small animals!”


“That’s one of the reasons why i had this form, and not my demon god one.” I replied with a proud smirk, to which she simply sighed.


“Ghh… You have an unfair advantage after all.” She said annoyed before putting me back on her lap and going back to petting me. “Thinking about it, now it finally makes sense why you always knew what i was going to do.”


“Yup. You were never a genius at strategic thinking, after all.” When i said that, i felt as she pulled my ears annoyed, only receiving a couple of giggles from me in response. “Anyway, do you know if anyone else…” I asked, and she quickly stopped.


“No. I spoke with the others and they don’t seem to recall anything.” She said briefly. “Everyone from the class have no memories of that world.”


“I see…” I nodded weakly before frowning. “Not even Mya?”


“Huh?” Clarie asked me confused. “Well, i didn’t quite ask her, but… She didn’t look like she was any different.”


“Hard to approach as usual?” I asked with an helpless tone, to which Clarie nodded. “She really keep up the ice-queen act really well.” I said with a dry laugh.


“Ice-queen act?” Clarie asked confused. “You mean she isn’t actually like that?”


“Yeah.” I replied with a nod. “Didn’t you know? She was the first hero  from our world!”’


“HEEEH? THAT MYA? Are we talking about the same person here?” She asked me in shock and confusion. “I never heard about it!” She said in shock before stopping and frowning. “Wait, does that means that you…”


“No. It wasn’t me.” I shook my head denying it. “Back when i met her, i wasn’t even the demon lord. Actually, if something, it’s thanks to her that i became a demon lord.”


“…okay, i’m officially lost now.” Clarie said annoyed.


“It’s a long story.” I said with a sigh before shaking my head. “Oh well. I’ll go see her later. For now, i want to spend my time catching up with some old animes.” I freed myself from Clarie grasp and jumped down to the floor of my room while changing back into my humanoid form.


Running towards the computer, i quickly fuzzed around the folders while holding back a sigh of admiration for the wonders of technology. Feeling half like a newbie due to the long time since i used this kind of thing, it took me a few minutes to get the hang of using the computer before i finally found the files i was searching for.


Going back to my bed with my tail wagging happily behind me, i couldn’t help but notice an annoyed glance from Clarie.


“What?” I asked confused while laying down besides her in a better position to watch the screen.


“I just noticed, but it’s kind of annoying when i think that you ended up becoming prettier than me. Even though you are supposed to be a guy.” She said while staring at me all over.


Feeling as one of my racial traits kicked in, i quickly rolled on the bed so that i ended up with my back against the mattress, receiving a confused glance Clarie.


“Well… It’s a kitsune thing, but i tend to show myself when people are looking.” I said with a tongue out before crossing my arms under my chest, emphasizing them on purpose.


I received a pull on the ear as a response as Clarie became angry. She always had an inferiority complex about her figure, even though she’s actually quite cute nonetheless.


If my memory don’t fail me right now, she did have a small fan-club following her at school. That, and when she was a hero, from the five people in her party, three were actually head over heels for her. And that’s because the other two were already dating.


Sophy said that i have no right to speak about dense people, but Clarie is probably even worse than me, seeing how she only found out that the elf ranger and the beastman Knight in her party were a couple when she was in my castle. Even though they were always walking with their hands linked for ninety percent of the time.


When it comes to herself… Well, things only go downhill. To the point that she literally misunderstood a confession.


And by misunderstanding a confession, i mean a literal “Go out with me!”


Denseness, thy name is Clarisse.


Giggling at the annoyed Clarie who had now finally calmed down and sat besides me with puffed cheeks. Wriggling my ears a couple of times was all i needed to do before she started stroking them once again.


Even back then, with her swearing to kill me at the door of my castle, all i needed to do was present my ears and she would melt all over.


Leaving that aside, watching the intro of the anime together with her like we always did before everything that happened had a somewhat relaxing effect, and it didn’t take much longer before we were simply seeing the animations on the screen quietly.


“Speaking of which. You kept all your status?” I asked distractedly while watching the overpowered MC from the story.


“Nah… Status reset to basic.” She replied in the same trance as me. “Skills all back to level one. At least kept them all.”


“I see…” I nodded. “I admit that i missed this.”


“Yeah. This is kind of fun.” She replied with a smile before finally sighing and laying besides me. “Hmm… Weren’t we too big to do this?” She asked suddenly while looking at the bed.


“Advantages of a small body!” I replied proudly before rolling on the bed for a bit. “Well, it is annoying how i have to use magic to get things up high, though.” Back at the castle, i would have to spend most of my time flying around just so i didn’t need to ask for help. It’s kind of annoying to be honest.


“So… What are you going to do next?” She asked me. “I mean… You came back to this world like this… And probably can’t change back, right?”


“Hmm… Kinda.” I said carefully while choosing my words. “It’s not like i can’t change my form back into my old body. I do have shape-shifting maxed out, afterall.”


“Huh? Then why don’t you…” She started asking me surprised, but i quickly interrupted her.


“The body is just a vessel for the soul.” I said a deep philosophical thing i heard from somewhere. “I’m not sure whether it’s because i was reincarnated as a fox, transformation in the demon lord or whatever else. But my soul right now have the form that fits this body. While i can change my body to anything similar to this and stay that way permanently, i don’t have such leisure with bigger changes.”


“What do you mean?” She asked me.


“You see. If i were to… Dunno. Give myself another tail.” With a poof, my tails doubled, making Clarie jump up surprised. “Change my hair color…” My hair changed from the usual foxy-red to a deep blue. “Or even change back into my feral form.” I changed back into a fox, but this time carrying the blue fur and twin tails. “It’s still something that fits my soul. So even if i keep this shape for long periods, i don’t feel any difference.” I quickly changed back to my original form. “But if i were to… Dunno, change my height.” I quickly did so and visibly grew taller than Clarie. “It becomes something unfitting for my soul. So i start getting this uncomfortable feeling.”


“Is it that bad?” She asked confused, and I nodded.


“Yeah. Think an itch. Now make it happen in a place that you can’t reach. Then, make it grow stronger the longer you can’t itch.” She quickly contorted her face in annoyance at the idea. “It’s something like that, but directly in my soul.” I quickly snapped back into my original form once again. “And the bigger the change, the worse the itch.”


“That sounds nasty.” She said, to which i nodded weakly.


“You have no idea. I couldn’t last more than three seconds as a male.” I shrugged.


“You say like it’s not that big of a deal… I don’t think i’d be able to stay that calm if i had changed gender, you know?” She told me, but all i could do was reply with a weak smile.


“I had more than a few hundred years to get used to this body. By now it barely bothers me. Hell, i even have a hard time thinking on how it would be to have my old body back.” I explained.


For a brief moment we simply looked at each other, but after a few seconds Clarie simply sighed. Before i even had the time to react she had pulled my head into her lap and started petting me.


“You actually had it hard too, huh?” She said, to which i nodded with a satisfied smile and a wagging tail. “Still… Is there any reason why you have this form in particular then?”


“Nothing much. It’s just… Hmm… how to explain…” I stopped to think for a moment. “This is kind of an anchor point? A starting point of sorts?” Seeing how Clarie raised an eyebrow at me, i quickly cleared my throat and said. “You see, i have four main forms i can take. This is what i call Goddess form. Or humanoid, demon lord, demon god and so on.” I said pointing at myself, to which she nodded. “Then, i have my animal forms that i call either feral or… Well, animals. One is the small fox that’s how i looked when i was just a young kit. The other is the large demon fox form you saw that time.” She nodded before finally tilting her head.


“Then… How’s your fourth form?” She asked me curious.


“Well… Think of it as a mid-term between demon fox and my human form.” I said with a shrug, however, feeling Clarie’s gaze on me, i simply shook my head. “No. I enjoy my freedom too much to think about showing that form to you.”


“Boooh.” She said annoyed.


“Anyway, about what i’ll do afterwards… Hmm… Hard to know until Sophy finishes doing her thing. Though if possible i do want to go back studying.” I said with a shrug. “That, and go to a cinema. And Eat more ice-cream… Learn how to brew coffee… Maybe find a fun job… And try to survive any trouble that comes my way.”


“Aren’t you a bit too carefree?” Clarie asked a bit doubtful. I simply smiled in return.


As i am right now, i can easily survive without eating, sleeping nor anything of the like with ease. I won’t get sick and i doubt anything less than an Hydrogen bomb will be able to even scratch me. That’s how absurd my stats are right now.


Besides, i’m almost sure i might be immortal by now (this one is a bit hard to verify cause reasons), so i don’t really have much worries when it comes to time. I mean, i could literally wait the eternity for something right now…


“…I really might need to rework my common sense.” I commented out loud.


“Huh? Why?” Clarie asked me confused. I simply shook my head.




Having said that, we two simply went quiet and started watching the anime once again, growing excited like a couple of small kids while seeing the misadventures of the protagonist.



“Huh? Sun?” I asked confused when i felt my head heating up.


“Ah!” Clarie shouted surprised while looking through the window. “It’s morning already!” She quickly raised up and looked around while searching for her cellphone, before finally picking it up and seeing the time. “Hmm… Only a couple of hours before class start.”


“Wait, you are leaving?” I asked surprised. “We still have ten or so more episodes to go through!” I said while pointing to the screen.


“I can’t get late to school, you know?” Clarie said angrily. “I already have a hard time trying to remember the subject. If i also get late i will get into serious trouble.”


“But you never were good with studies anyway!” I said while tugging her sleeve. “Come on and be a lazy bum with me! it’s more interesting to watch this together!”


“Weren’t you the one saying that you wanted to study?” She said angrily while landing a hit on my head.


I faked some tears, but she quickly saw through it and ignored me while looking for her backpack that she had left somewhere in my room.


Sighing in defeat, i finally waved my hand and paused the video from where i was before also standing up and stretching myself lazily. She eyed me dubiously, but i simply shrugged. I started watching the series with her, so it feels kinda strange to finish it myself. Scratching my head i started to think on what i was going to do next.


“…I think i might go with you.” I said as something crossed my mind.




“Eh. Not like i have anything to do anyway. Might as well go and take a look at my old school.”


“I’m… Not going to bother asking why. But do you seriously plan on going like that?” She pointed at me, and i blinked before looking down at myself.


“…Yes?” I said confused. “I mean, i can hide my tail and ears just fine, if that’s what you are wondering.” I said after pointing at my tail that waved behind me.


“I meant more about your clothes rather than species, you know?” It took me a moment to understand what she meant as i remembered the people i saw on the streets earlier.


“Oh… I might need to get something else then.” I said with a nod before going to the wardrobe in my room. “Hmm… It should be fine if i use my old clothes, right?”


“Well… if they fit you…”


To her words i simply smiled mischievously and quickly browsed through my wardrobe until i found something that pleased me. Some denin pants, a red shirt and black jacket.


Of course, they were all ridiculously huge for me. The shirt itself probably being big enough for me to use it as a dress. But nothing a couple shape-shifting-based spells couldn’t fix.


A snap of my fingers and the clothes disappeared in thin air before taking place of kimono. All of them fitting me perfectly despite the fact that i had lost almost one third of my original height.


“You have to teach me that.” Clarie said in shock. I simply stuck my tongue out before following her out of my room.


(AN1: Welp, decided to do an early release just to screw some random person’s schedule. Hoorah for random early release!)

(AN2: I started to work on the next chapter of MMG and don’t look at me with those starry eyes! I’m still not entirely sure i’ll manage to finish this chapter, okay? So don’t keep your hopes up! No, seriously!)

(AN3: Finally, since i started writing this story a long time ago, i decided to change some things to it later on, such as Inari’s stay in the other world going from a century originally to being a millenium now. I HAVE been editing the chapters as i post them, but i’m not 100% that i’ll get all mistakes, so if you notice something like that, please do tell me. We pay in cookies!)


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  2. I honestly really like the fact this takes place after all the hero stuff. That it takes place in our world is even better. It is a fairly original concept and that its so far like a slice of life is even better. I had voted for the cyborg story but I am really enjoying this. I get bored of all the stories where things start in another world or just take place there. That this is both after the hero/demon story, in our world, and a slice of life is just awesome

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      Anyway, here’s a little secret. I heard that in their current world, there’s this magical device that can be used to talk with far away people with ease! They call it… Don’t spread it, but they call it, the cellphone!
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      I’m still investigating this mystical device, so i’m still not entirely sure what else it can do. I’ll try to keep you updated.

      Also, I call author’s right for omission of small details!

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