(Re)Turn – Prologue



I woke up, raising my eyes towards the sky confused as the scene of a forest surrounded me. Confused, i tried to find out what was happening around here.


Feeling a pain in my head, i lowered my gaze in pain and away from the sun while trying to understand what was happening, not helping but noticing that i was strangely close to the ground, i tried remembering what had happened, seeing how my memory had gone fuzzy on the recent events.

My name… is Samuel… Samuel Smith. I’m eighteen and a student, live with my mother and father in a large house in the suburb and have a collection of games and manga. I’m an Otaku to say the least.


Yeah, up to here everything checks. Then, what happened? I mean, i remember being at math class, talking with some of my buddies when suddenly… Everything went white? That’s it.


I spent a few seconds trying to think on what happened, but after some time without nothing coming, i decided to simply go and find out where i was. I raised my gaze and looked around, taking note of the details of the scenery this time, like how massive these trees were.


Are these what people call sequoias? I mean, they do look big enough to be something like that. Curious, i started to approach the tree, but stopped when a strange feeling coursed through my body.


Weird. That was too weird. When i tried moving my body… it actually answered just fine to my attempt at walking, and i even took a couple steps forward. However, the problem was something else entirely, as the way it moved was unlike anything i had ever felt previously. Confused, for the first time i looked down at myself when a weird feeling started to finally register in my mind.




There wasn’t clothes nor skin. Not even human body. There was fur when i looked downwards. A pair of cute looking fox paws stood a bit beneath my head, and a quick look behind revealed that an equally furry looking body tail that seemed oddly static.


I took a step forward and the bundle of reddish fur soon followed.


‘Ha… Ha ha… Hahaha…’ I laughed wryly. ‘This is a joke… right?’ I asked confused. However the only sound to actually echo was: “Kyuu…”


Aaaaaah…  I see… it makes entire sense. I mean, i became a fox, isn’t that what happens to every single teenager out there? One day they wake up as a furball?


Ha ah ha ha ha ha!


I might be broken. I mean, this doesn’t really make sense, right?


When i started to break down in confusion, a voice suddenly echoed in my head, surprising me.


Conditions cleared, Title acquired: Summoned Being.


Title effects: Increase skill and level acquiring speed greatly. Skills acquisition requirements removed.



Ah… I see… I think i know this pattern.


So… This means that I’m in one of those reincarnation story?




Condition Cleared, Skill acquired: Howl. Level 1


Skill effect: Intimidates and surprise enemies, reducing attack and defense. Can also be used to communicate with others holders of Howl.


And this was just the beginning of how my life started going downhill.


(AN: Welp, that’s everything i had written of the story. Better luck next poll :p)

(AN2: Okay, okay, put down the torches and pitchforks, that was a joke. This is only the prologue. There’s a few more chapters in the backlog. I’ll create the project page and post the first chapter either tomorrow or monday, so stay tuned.)


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  1. Tch. Got my hopes up with that little joke in the author’s note. I voted for gunslinger android if I recall correctly. Oh well! This’ll be good to I’m sure. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, to be honest, out of the three options i put up in the poll, ReTurn is the one that have the most backlog of chapters, so it’s most likely what will support the site for the time being >.>

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you for the chap… erm, prologue 😀

    Well, it definitely seems interesting

    *is checking out all directions if a truck is coming before looking forward to the next chapters* 😉


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