(Re)Turn – Chapter 01

I felt an odd sensation as the space distorted around me, but i still didn’t stop my unending assault against the very fabric of reality before me. Grabbing and twisting it until it would bend to my will, i quickly opened a rip that was just big enough for my small body to pass by. Quickly changing back to my feral form, i jumped through the space before it twisted itself back into shape, hiding the tear that threatened to destroy the very existence of this world.


Well, that is what would happen if i made a mistake, but after a few times doing that, you kind of get the hang of bending the space-time continuum.

Feeling as the rough ground touched the soft pads of my paws, i couldn’t help but make a brief satisfied purr as the nostalgic feeling flooded me.


Then i started coughing as the smoke and pollution of the world around me started flooding my hyper-sensitive nose. Quickly turning off my Hyper-sense skill, i still found myself with an uncomfortable smell, but compared to the Galvanir’s sewers, this was nothing i couldn’t handle.


Then, it was my ears turn to be strained, as the sound of many humans walking around rached me, followed by the ever present buzzing of voices and the roar of motors. Shaking my head to clear away the shock, i looked at where i was to make sure i hadn’t made any mistake.


from the way things looked, i was in a random alley from some city. The buildings besides me served to hide my arrival on this world from any prying eyes, and the only one who seemingly saw me was a man who was so wasted that he probably thought he was seeing things. How i knew he was wasted? Because there were easily twenty beer bottles laying on the ground besides him.


Beer bottles… That’s kinda nostalgic after only seeing beer in caskets for the last years.


Still, this might be lucky, seeing how the man don’t look all that poor when i give him an appraisal.


Conditions cleared, title acquired: The returnee


Title effect: Allows the use of system-assisted skills in a world without the system. While this title is in effect, the effects of “Summoned Demon Lord” do not apply.


Nice! Just like Sophy foresaw. Smiling at the system’s voice that echoed in my mind, i quickly turned back to the man who looked at me in a mix of confusion and wariness.


Quickly changing back into my humanoid form so that the corresponding titles would activate, the man jumped back in surprise, but with a wave of my hand he froze up completely, and after giving him a small smile in response to his confusion, i cast one of the most useful Mind magic ever. Sleep.


The man passed out on the spot, and after quickly casting a presence nulling spell around me, i approached him and started searching around his pockets and bag. Luckily, i found what i was looking for fairly quickly, and after giving a brief look at the nostalgic item, i quickly searched my memory to remember how this thing worked.


Hmm… Seems like i’ll need his password if i want to use his cellphone. This is annoying.


Crouching besides the drunkard and frowning at the stench of alcohol, i rested my hand on his forehead and started using mind-read on him.


Luckily, humans in this world are extremely weak to magic, so it was really easy to find what i wanted without having to scavenge his mind for things i probably wouldn’t want to know. And he wouldn’t end up a vegetable either, so, as you can see, it’s a win-win situation for both of us.


Turning back to his cellphone, i quickly typed in the number combination and searched around for the app i needed.


Hmm… If my memory doesn’t fail me, wasn’t my own cell the same model as this one? It was so long ago that i can’t be so sure, but if it wasn’t, it was fairly similar. This much i can guarantee.


Opening up the calendar, i quickly saw the numbers and started to compute their meaning, as it has been a long time since i last saw this format.


Wait… Isn’t this… The same year i was transported? And the same month?


I can’t quite remember the actual day, but if i go by what i’m seeing here… Doesn’t this means that only a couple of weeks passed here at most? This… This is insane! I mean, Sophy did say that time flowed differently, but this is downright insane!


Not complaining, though. Changing the app, i soon brought up a map of the place where i was and then typed the name of my old city where i lived.


To the northeast. A couple hundred kilometers only. Wow, this is a lot closer than what i was expecting!


Giggling excited at the idea of getting back home still today, i gave the man back his cellphone and cast a detox spell on him as a thanks, before setting the sleep spell to wear out in a couple of seconds.


He would thank me for the detox if he remember what happened.


Anyway, looking up to the buildings besides me, i quickly leapt from where i was and landed on the rooftop of the taller one, looking around to see the scenario around me with a satisfied expression.


How long have it been since i last saw this? These glass and steel buildings, the sound and smell of technology, the feeling of knowing that everything was connected and that i could have almost any information i wanted with a small device that fits the palm of my hand.


Well, it was also extremely noisy and i could do without this ever-present smoke smell. But nothing’s perfect.


For a moment i almost jumped ahead towards the northeast, where my old house lied, but i quickly stopped myself just in time before looking down.


Yeah… My current appearance was bound to attract attention no matter how many spells i threw in to cover myself.


Sighing annoyed, i quickly went back to my feral form before jumping away once again, leaping from rooftop to rooftop towards the place where i had marked. Bringing up a copy of the map in my head, i soon found the place where the road left the city and became a long stretch of lonely asphalt, with only the occasional car or truck crossing it.


I could simply go to some high place and then use spatial transfer to quickly cover the distance, but i sincerely didn’t feel like doing it at the time. This is my long awaited return home, so i decided to enjoy my time on the return home as much as possible.


This included slowing down to the pace of a car during the run and looking towards the boy on the back seat, who took a couple of seconds to notice me as he was absorbed in playing a portable console, only to cast invisibility when he called his father’s attention to the fox running at one hundred kilometers per hour outside.


No need to say that he got scolded for distracting him.


I also fooled around by trying to run under the animals that appeared on the ground, but i quickly stopped this as i was making them tumble down with the wind pressure alone.


Conditions Cleared, Skill leveled up: Sonicboom level 3


Level Up effect: Increased maximum knockback. Small ammount of damage dealt if above a certain speed.


…Whoopsies! Tee hee!


Deciding to stop playing around with the poor animals. (I’m sorry miss cow!), i decided to speed things up a bit, getting a bit more serious on the way, i only made one brief detour near a beach for a very important reason.


“…That’ll be… Seven dollars…” The clerk said to me in a state of shock. I nodded while bringing up my inventory and picking a small object with my hand. Of course, i hid this action in my pocket.


“Here. Keep the change.” I told the man while putting a small sized translucent gem in his hand.


“…Huh? Is this…”


“Yup. A diamond!” I replied before moving away knowing about the commotion that was about to happen.


“Dia… WAIT I CAN’T…” The man ran after me after recovering from the shock, but having already leapt up to the ceiling, he would never find me.


What i bought?




Engorging myself on what was supposed to be a group-sized ice cream serving, i stuffed my face happily with the sweet good while enjoying the scenery. The sun slowly falling down on the horizon as the people started packing up their things to go back to their houses after a long day of lazying around on the sandy beaches.


While taking a spoonful of chocolate ice cream to my mouth, my eyes landed on a small group of people who were walking away from the beach, and for a moment i froze in surprise.


I see… So they were fine.


A sense of relief flew through me while watching the group of two guys and two girls walk underneath the place where i was and towards the inside of the store.


For a moment i wondered if i should go down and talk to them, but i quickly gave up on the idea. That would only make things awkward between us right now.


Finishing my ice cream after seeing the group hop on a car and drive away towards the bigger city on the horizon, i sighed and once again took my route, quickly surpassing them as i made a beeline towards the place where i had to be the most.




Stopping my dash just outside of the house on the outskirts of the town, i gazed at it nostalgically for a few minutes, a happy and fuzzy feeling going through me as i stared at my… Rather, my parent’s house. If my memory doesn’t fail me, I was still a freeloader back then.


Seeing how all the lights were out, this meant that my parents were out right now. Stopping my gaze on the first door on the left side of the second floor, i quickly leapt towards it, landing on the small balcony and tried opening it.




No problem. A quickly pick-lock magic and the door easily came open by itself. Entering, what i saw was a sight for sore eyes.


A room with a large wardrobe to the corner, and a computer set up far ahead with three monitors. The headphones hanging on the top of the screen just like how i remembered it, and the game console to the side, ready to be connected to one of the monitors should i feel like playing something different.

On the wall, posters of a space-ship and a huge monster, both from two of my favorite franchises in gaming. The corner of the room was stuffed with an assortment of things. Most prominent being the large backpack that i used to take to class. Finding the control to the room’s ceiling fan, i quickly turned it on to blow away a bit of the heat i built up while running.


Not that i needed, though, but i kinda missed the sound that more often than not followed me into sleep.


Ah… Sleep.


Bed. How much did i miss you. If there is one thing that magic never managed to reproduce as well as technology when it comes to comfort, is a good bed like this one. Letting myself fall on the mattress with a strange nonexistent exhaustion on my body, before i knew i was lulled into a calm and lazy feeling that threatened to put me to sleep.


“Wh…at…” A voice sounded, making my ear perk up in surprise as i raised from the bed in full alarm.


Oh my goddess. I actually fell asleep. Seeing how the moon was already in the sky besides me, i quickly turned back to the source of the sound, seeing a person standing in front of my room’s door with a shocked expression.


With a short build and the long blonde hair tied in a bun, the woman on the door was someone i wouldn’t mistake for anyone else no matter how much time i spent away.


“…mother…” I said in a whisper as emotion flooded into me. I prepared to jump towards her and get her in a hug. But…




Oh, yeah… I will have to explain that to them, won’t I?


(An: So, this came faster than the expected seeing how servers were down for the game i play >.> Anyway, i couldn’t quite recall, but it seems that (Re)Turn’s chapters are a bit shorter than my others stories. It’s been some time since i wrote these first chapters, so i don’t really recall all the details.)

(AN2: Also, I did start trying to write down a new story to see if it helps getting over the Slump(c). Haven’t really gotten very far into it, but if I manage to finish the first chapter, I might just post it together with whatever I am posting at the moment.)


Chapter 02



    1. I plan for her backstory to be told in small pieces through the main story. Heck, i could probably write an entire story based on what happened in the other world with how much i had planned >.>

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