Poll results update

First off, HOLY GUACAMOLES, more than 100 votes? that’s more than 300% what i was expecting!  (Math says that i was expecting something around 30 votes. 30=100%, 60=200, 90=300%) I’m genuinely surprised there.

Second, since you guys made your very thought off decision after pondering over the details given over each detailed option (AN: Hahahahaha.), i guess it’s only fair that i officially announce the winner and state what story i’ll be posting.

As of the time of the writing of this post, Foxy demonlord hoarded 46 of the 105 votes in the poll.

The official name of the story is (Re)Turn. If anyone ever read it, it’s a story based on the Re: Style stories where the character is reborn in another world as a monster, then have to work their way up monster hierarchy towards becoming the demon lord as they attempt to go back to being human or something of the sort. Usually this kind of story portrays their struggles towards surviving in a world where they start off as one of the weakest monsters and have to survive their way through stronger monsters and adventurers/heroes wanna be.

As you can imagine, the story will pretty much… Cover none of that. The whole point of the story is what happens when such an overpowered demon lord who lived for so long in a fantasy world under that kind of setting comes back to her original with her “slightly” skewered common sense and new body. Different from MMG, in this story the GB is played mostly for the lolz and doesn’t have as much as an impact in the MC (Since she’s already pretty used to it by the time the story starts.) but it’s still there and will still play a role in the story as a whole.

The story genre would be: Slice of life (OMG! WARHAWX MAKING A SLICE-OF-LIFE? THAT’S AS RARE AS WET WATER!), comedy (Repeat previous statement), OP MC, REALLY OP MC and Fantasy.

First chapter should be up next weekend, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

*Wanders off to nap before class*



      1. *lol* 😛 indeed… but I guess it would then run me over – so, I am sure I would not miss it 😉

        (though I have heard that this is the right way in english to express one’s eagerness and expectation for something – if you know a better way to express that – please enlighten me) 😉


      2. Oh, do not worry yourself – I was just being silly right back at you – or forward – or around – or… 😛


      1. Girl gets locked in a tower where it throws progressively stronger demons, who have exteamily toxic blood, at her. 300 years later she escapes and has no idea how society works much less why everyone is so weak. Lots of death follows when people don’t understand that she doesn’t understand the concept of mercy nor restraint.

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    1. *Minds udin-san and slowly walks away while taking off the cellphone.*

      Hello? Is this the police? I think i might have a stalker… yes… Yes… No… Huh? Well, he just told me he was stalking me… What? No… Well, yes but… Hello? Hello? Goddamit.

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