Next Story Poll

So, as i’ve stated previously, Project MMG is catching up with what i have done next week, and after i post chapter 10, there won’t be anything in the backlog since i’m still kind of trying to get out of my slump.

So, as promised, I’ll make a poll to let you guys decide which story should i post here next! Since i haven’t really posted many of these, the choices will all end up being Gender Bender stories i have written.

Now, i could go and give you all detailed info on each of the stories, such as theme, what i aim to accomplish with them, how many chapters there are written and so forth.

But where’s the fun in that?

Instead, i’ll give you guys some very basic info and let you pick your choice mostly blind! Hoorah! As for why i’m doing this, it’s mostly because i thought it would be amusing. So, without ado, click the link below for the poll and make your choice very carefully! The posting will begin on the week following MMG 10.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for stories with low chapter amounts being chosen. The author is also not responsible for reckless reading-starvation related voting and would like to remind all readers to not read-starve before voting. No Animals were hurt during the writing of this announcement, however one squirrel had an “accident”  during the writing of this disclaimer, but squirrels are some nasty crittery hellspawns, so it’s not of great importance.




  1. B-b-but it is your fault…

    You wrote those stories after all…

    (well, I am looking forward to reading any of them…) 😉


      1. *lol* you think that is enough? 😮

        Well, I know where you post your stories…

        (I will lay in wait and ambush the next update) 😉 😛


  2. Pretty much everything I write is a gender-bender in some way, and my favorite novels are all mostly gender-bender ones as well. Can you tell me from the choices why the gender-bender is in it? Like: was it a curse, a reincarnation mishap, a VR avatar? plz?


    1. Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck. >.>

      Edit:Such details, Much helpful, Very Explanation! Wow!

      #UselessAuthor, #MeanAuthor

      (To be honest, most of them are mostly because i just felt like it >.> (the author likes being mean to his characters))

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