Project MMG – Chapter 09

In the end, by the time the leviathan had to leave for her mission, she had barely managed to make a very flimsy water barrier. After all, no matter how much magic someone have, being able to pull out a complex magic usage like that after only a couple of hours of training was probably asking too much. Even more since she couldn’t brute-force her way through, like she had done with her previous exercises in magic wielding.


Receiving a reminder from Vivian that the time for her to go on her job was approaching, she had to leave the training room and head to stairway leading to the ceiling. On her way, she found Ammon waiting for her while carrying a cloak in her hands.


“Here be thy disguise.” She said while handing the cloak to the leviatan. “Just a reminder, but only put it after thy uniform hast been equipped.” She explained.

It took Shelly a moment to understand why the demoness had told her that. Since her clothes were changed completely during the transformation process, it would end up with her simply storing the cloak together with her work clothes.


With a sigh, she nodded before looking around to make sure no one was around.


“Might as well change already.” She said with a sigh. “Now, where could I…”


“We believe that the stairway should be clear at a time like these, and thou hast to go through them anyway.” Ammon said while looking towards the general direction of the passage.


“I see.” Shelly nodded before turning back to Ammon with a curious glance. “Weren’t you going to have Vivian come and give me the briefing?”


“We changed our mind for now.” Ammon explained. “We are the ones who put thee in thy current situation, so tis should only be fair that we are the ones to see thee off.”


“That’s very considerate of you.” Shelly said with an awkward smirk, not entirely sure how to react to this whole thing. “Still, thank you.”


“Tis be the least we could do.” Ammon shook her head before motioning for them to go ahead. “We see that at least thou shall have someone helping thee.”


Shelly nodded before giving a quick glance back, where a small cloud creature was happily floating. Noticing that it had become the center of attention, Lufa started contorting itself in some random abstract shapes. Wondering if that was her way of showing embarrassment, Shelly held back a chuckle before following the Demoness.


As they walked, Ammon pulled something out of her pocket and handed it to Shelly. The Leviathan recognized it as the ring she had seen earlier when she first was assigned the mission. She swiftly put on the ring on one of her free fingers and looked at turned back to Ammon, awaiting an explanation.


“When thou desire to use the key, all thou need to do is fuel it with thine magic and then press it against the syphon. It should break apart and leave behind a small seal in its place.” The demoness explained while extending her hand. As if following her orders, light started bending above her palm and taking on the shape of a simple green magic circle.


Shelly watched in awe and amazement at the clearly fantastical sign before her, but as she marveled over the simple magic trick, the green circle morphed itself in a much bigger, tri-dimensional shape, its color changing to a more ominous purple.


After a couple of seconds, the image changed into a tri-dimensional map of the city center where they were. Shelly stared surprised as the image before her pulsate ever slowly in a beautiful hue. It took her a couple of seconds to notice five red spots shining in the map before her.


“These are…”


“The spots where thou need to activate the syphons.” Ammon nodded in agreement. “These shall be the ones thou shall be in charge of.”


“I see…” Shelly nodded while taking a better look at the map. As she had been told, she was, indeed, supposed to activate them on the rooftops. However… “…These one might be tricky.” She said while pointing at a pair of spots that were in particularly high buildings.


“Dost thou believe thyself to be unable to reach these spots?” Ammon asked while following her gaze.


“Well, yeah.” Shelly nodded. “Kake told me to avoid the rooftops as much as possible, so I was thinking on taking to the streets…” She frowned. “I… Think I should be able to reach these roofs here by jumping, but these two I’m not so sure.”


“…Thou are aware that these buildings are at least five stories tall, right?” Ammon said with a curious tone while pointing to some of the smaller buildings.


“I… Decided to stop taking my common sense into account when talking about these things.” Shelly said bluntly.


“Thou dedication impresses me.” She replied back with an amused tone.”However, tis be true. With thine legs, jumping this high should not be undoable.” Ammon then stared at the said two buildings that shelly considered too high. “Hmm, thou might need to access this building from inside if thou truly follow the streets.” She said while frowning.


Shelly agreed with her idea, however, Lufa seemingly had another idea in mind.. The cloud creature quickly floated towards the side of the other building and contorted its shape into a long string that extended itself from the ground and towards the walls of the building, where she then made an almost ninety degrees turn back to another building.


It took the duo a moment to understand her idea, but once they did, they reacted in opposite ways. Ammon made a conflicted expression while Shelly eye’s widened with a strange shine to them.


“That might prove to be difficult for a beginner, Lufa.” Ammon said worried, the cloud creature  quickly morphing into a shocked smiley.


“…But it is worth a try, right?” Shelly added, much to the demon’s surprise, who turned back to her and was caught unaware by the girl’s strange excitement.


After all, let’s be honest, while usually a maneuver like wall-jumping between buildings was usually inconceivable for a normal person. However, at this moment, Shelly was far from a normal person, and despite having a clearly female body, her heart was still of a man’s who’d get needlessly excited at such an action-movie like idea.


“…Indeed… One attempt should not be an issue.” She said while feeling incapable of denying the girl her chance.


While Shelly was still calming down from her new idea, they finally arrived at the stairway that lead to the top level of the building. Shelly went in first since she still needed to change into her so-hated uniform, however, once she was done, Lufa followed her into the area together with Ammon.


“Once again, we’d like to tell thee that the military conflict is not something thou should worry about.” The demon said in a worried tone. “Tis was not why we brought thee here nor do we wish for thee to partake a place in such actions.”


“Don’t worry. I don’t really plan on getting in that kind of brawl either.” Shelly agreed with a disturbed tone.


“Good.” Ammon said relieved. “Anyway, we foresee that the whole operation should last no less than forty minutes, thus, thou should have plenty of time to complete this. Once thou are finished, just come back to the store and await until the barrier is undone or simply leave it. Whichever one thou feel like doing.”


“Isn’t there some sort of magicky way to pull that one out?” Shelly asked.


“Indeed there is, but we do not believe thou are capable of doing it so at this moment.”


“Oh…” Shelly said in a disappointed tone.


“Well, thou should get on thy way.” Ammon said while pointing upwards. “Tis should be but a few minutes before we start, and tis would be better that we do not accidentally go in with thee.” She turned towards the cloud creature. “Lufa here should be able to guide thee through the city. The first spot is right on the top here, so feel free to activate the syphon first thing.”




“The syphon should be near the doorway on the top.” Ammon said before taking a moment to think. “We believe that should be all. May fortune smile upon you.”


“Yeah, thanks.” Shelly said before nodding. “I… We’ll be going then.” She said before walking away, feeling a mix of anticipation and anxiousness about this whole ordeal.



It came with a surprisingly precise timing. The moment Shelly’s cellphone marked the appointed time, the strange feeling of being involved into the barrier flowed through her body and she saw as the world before her distorted itself.


Different from the previous barrier, this one seemed to distort the world itself around her, as she felt strong wind currents running through her and the horizon seemed to be consumed into an eternal wall of fire.


Being recalled back to reality by Lufa, who flew in front of her to catch her attention, Shelly quickly nodded before pulling one of the stone disc from her pocket and pressing the ring against it.


The disk shone into a bright green color as cracks spread around its body. Letting go of it, Shelly watched in awe as it floated in place, the cracks slowly spreading as the stone crumbled into dust, leaving behind only the magic sigil floating in air.


Then, after a few seconds it slowly faded away.


“…This was totally worth getting this job for.” Shelly muttered impressed before slapping her cheeks again, focusing back to her job. “Looks like the fight still haven’t star… Started.” Shelly almost trailed off as she looked up to the sky and her eyes landed on the massive red flying wyvern that was stood high above the ground. “So… Cool… No, focus Michael.” She quickly recovered and approached the border of the building.


Strangely enough, the drop didn’t seem that big. She frowned slightly wondering if there was a chance that this might be something to do with her physiology, but she quickly decided to not mind it.


On the other hand, Lufa didn’t seem to mind her worries as she flew down the building side, as if hurrying Shelly to follow it.


The leviathan took a brief breath before stepping over the building. She had heard about the fall causing adrenaline to pump through one’s body and causing the sensation of the time dilating.


Strangely enough, she felt none of that. The fall was much faster than what she expected, and thanks to her enhanced body, she landed harmlessly on the ground.


Feeling a bit disappointed by the simplicity of the whole situation, she shook her head and looked around, quickly finding Lufa who was already flying ahead, she gave a light jog to catch up to it.


“Where to next?” She asked, and the cloud creature contorted itself into the shape of an arrow.


Shelly nodded and ran after it, only to hear a massive roar followed by the sound of what sounded more like an atomic bomb than anything she had ever heard.


Giving a quick look back to the sky, she watched amazed as the wyvern breathed a massive ball of purplish fire towards a place far away, the ball exploding into a massive mushroom-cloud explosion.

“Holy.” Shelly said in a surprised whimper, only to gawk in shock as a bolt of a blue something shot from the cloud and hit the wyvern straight in the chest, making it fly backwards for a bit before using the wings to stabilize itself once again. “…I’m really glad that’s not my job.” She muttered before suddenly skidding to a halt as Lufa suddenly made a curve that she wasn’t expecting.


Following her little friend, the two of them went through some confusing alleyways that even she doubted she knew despite living in the city for so long.


For some time Shelly was curious about why they were doing that, but once she heard the sound of something flying by at great speed at the main streets, she started to understand the little cloud’s idea. Looks like in the middle of a chaotic battle, it wasn’t strange for the girls to sometimes end up flying low to avoid something.


Despite taking so many detours, they arrived at the first building within a couple of minutes of running. Receiving a sign to stay down and wait from Lufa, she watched as the little monster flew to the level of the rooftop and kept watch. After some seconds, the cloud took the shape of a ‘check sign’.


Taking that as a signal, Shelly bent her knees and took a deep breath before finally leaping out. The wind against her face as she shot up at high speed was impressive and the high speed caused her to overshoot the roof for almost an entire floor’s worth of height before falling down back to it.


Despite feeling impressed by that, she didn’t let herself dangle too much before quickly activating the syphon and leaping back down. Staying in clear sight wasn’t exactly a good idea, and while the grey cloak might help her blend a bit more to the surroundings than her not so discreet swimsuit, she felt it was better to not test her luck.


“Well, that’s one down.” Shelly said with a satisfied tone, receiving a thumbs up from Lufa.


Giving a quick glance back to the battle, she couldn’t help but feel amazed at the scene once again. Something so bizarre and fantastic was truly happening right before her eyes.


She still had a job to do, so her amazement was quickly put aside before motioning for the cloud to lead the way once again.


The next few syphons were activated without a hitch, which allowed the Leviathan to get a better hang of her jumping prowess, with her managing to get at just the correct height on her last of the short buildings.


Once it was done, the only two buildings left were the taller ones. Recalling back to the map, the one they were heading towards was one of a pair of twin buildings, which meant that the idea of using wall jumping to reach it would work. Of course, this was only if the leviathan could manage to pull it off, something that hadn’t even managed to cross her mind up to that moment.


However, even if she didn’t consider whether she could pull it off or not, there was still the issue of the taller building that stood alone near the city center.


As she thought about what to do, the duo finally reached the base of the twin towers, with Lufa staying near Shelly while contorting part of itself to look back and forth between the leviathan and the building, and shelly suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the task before her.


Only once they got close could she understand how insane of an undertaking was to try and pull Lufa’s idea when both buildings were spread around twenty meters apart and towered at a massive thirty stories high.


“…we try it once.” Shelly said while staring blankly at the building and taking a deep breath. “If it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll take the elevator?” She said a bit awkwardly, but Lufa quickly shot her idea down by making a symbol of lightning cut in half. “Ugh… so no electricity?” She asked and received a thumbs up. “Great…”


She once again looked at the massive tower, planning on what she would have to do to even have a chance at pulling off the wall jumping. Since the buildings were mostly made of glass and metal beams, she’d have to be extremely precise to avoid simply crashing through a window.


“…I’m starting to have second thoughts about this.” The leviathan said before shaking her head. “Well, still have to try it.”


She took a deep breath before moving away from the building so that she could have a decent running start.


Once she was near the entrance of one of the buildings, she turned back and dashed off, the distance to the opposite door disappearing at an rate she’d never believe herself to ever be able to witness first hand.


Once she guessed herself to be roughly two thirds of the way there, she leapt to the utmost of her ability, the ground growing further and further away as the metal wall grew closer. The Leviathan wondered whether it was a good idea for a moment, but decided that she lacked the time to brood over that for now.


Fixing her posture mid-air the most she could so that she’d have a decent landing, she was surprised as the impact that ran through her legs were surprisingly a lot weaker than what she had actually expected. Taking the little time that she was defying gravity, she twisted her body around and aimed at the opposing building before kicking the wall as hard as she could.


The metal gave in at her push with a loud screech, her leap leaving behind a sizeable dent in the thick wall as her body drew an almost straight line towards the opposing side. She had a more difficult fixing her posture back to a better angle to bounce back. Feeling satisfied about her current angle, she braced for impact.


The moment she landed on the metal wall, she felt something different about the way the metal bent under her. However, since she was still a newbie in this whole wall-jumping thing, she couldn’t say for sure.


Once again she pushed the metal with her legs and that metal screech echoed once again.


It was only once she was mid-flight back to the first building that she managed to notice what was going wrong. Looking at the place she was heading towards, she noticed that she had been getting a bit more off center.


The moment she landed on the wall once again proved it, as the glass near the central beam shattered as the beam’s distortion reached the window.


“Damn.” She cursed annoyed before preparing for another leap.


Thinking of where she’d land if she leapt again with the same angle as she had been taking, she decided to compensate by leaping a bit to the side as well. Except, that she over-shot it.


“CRAAAAP!” The leviathan shouted in a rather unlady-like manner while crossing her arms before herself to prepare for impact.


She crashed straight through the glass and flew inside what looked like a large office with various different cubicles. Cubicles that were straight on the path of our not-volunteer cannonball. Crashing spectacularly through three or four desks while tangling herself with the wires and equipments of the various computers and other devices that inhabited these tables, Shelly only came to a stop after a good ten or fifteen meter away from the window.


“…Ouch…” She said in monotone while staring at the ceiling.


With not so surprising anymore ease, she managed to remove the debris from above her and stand up just as the small cloud flew through the improvised hole and stopped before her with its worry fairly apparent before her ever-changing shape.


“I’m fine. I’m fine.” Shelly said, once again feeling thankful for the ridiculous durability of her body. “…Though I guess that I can’t say the same about my cloak.” She pulled up a shard of glass from the half-shredded cloak. “…Yeah, looks like that’s not so easy to pull out as a beginner.” Lufa changed into a sad smile that Shelly quickly replied with a dismissing chuckle. “Well, now how do we go up from here?” She asked while walking back towards the shattered glass and staring at the opposite building.


“…Just to be safe, but all of this doesn’t affect the normal world, right?” She asked worried after glancing at the scenario before her.


Lufa replied with a thumbs up, relieving Shelly who then proceeded to run through her options for climbing the rest of the way up. She was a bit higher than the halfway point of the building, so perhaps she could try to jump her way to the top once again?


She considered the idea but quickly shot it down. Even she wasn’t very keen to find out what would happen if she fell down all the way from the top of this building.


“The stairs it is, then.” She decided with a sigh. It would be one boring climb, she thought to herself.


It wasn’t. When one can move at speeds faster than the eyes can see and have a virtually limitless stamina, something small like climbing a few floors on a stairway could be done at a ridiculous pace. The small wall craters every few floors serving as a testament to the recklessness and sheer speed that the leviathan travelled.


Reaching the last floor, Shelly had to force the door’s lock for a moment to open it, but it was a quick job that ended up with a metallic door bent into a C-shape.


“…I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but brute-forcing my way through things is actually pretty fun.” Shelly said with the tone of a child who’s enjoying something their father told them not to do.


Her answer was a drop of sweat shape from Lufa.


“Yeah, sorry. Let’s do this already and get off of here before one of them sees us.” She said while picking a syphon and activating it against the ring. They watched until the magic circle disappeared just to be safe before turning back and preparing to leave. “Now, we just have one to g…”


“…kyyyyaaAAAAAHHH!” Reacting faster than humanly possible to the rapidly approaching cry, Shelly looked back and stepped aside as a blur speared through the place near where she had been, destroying a chunk of the building’s rooftop as it flew by and landed on the building on the opposite side.


“…Was that…” Shelly asked while pointing to the broken rooftop.


Lufa ever so slowly shaped herself into a thumbs up.


“…Will she really be okay after that?” She asked worried.


However, before Lufa could reply, she suddenly became worried and dashed off. Shelly looked back at the cloud creature in confusion, only to feel rather than hear as someone flew above the building behind her.


“Moou! That’s not fair!” Shelly heard a young girl’s voice coming from behind her, making her slowly turn back to see it.


Two things crossed Shelly’s mind at that moment. First, was the color Yellow. The twelve years old girl had a bright yellow hair that could barely still be called blond. Beyond her yellow hair, she wore a cute yellow costume. A frilly dress with a fluffy skirt that reached up to her knees, being matched by yellow boots and knee socks. The entirety outfit was a mix of different tones of yellow and white, the colors giving the impression that a room would light up if she walked into it in the dark. On the hands of the girl, was a large metallic staff with a, you guessed it, yellow gem floating on its tip.


The second thing that crossed Shelly’s mind, had nothing to do with the color yellow, and instead was something related to the girl.


“What the hell is Ellie doing here?” Shelly muttered to herself while staring at the girl that she could easily recognize.


After all, she was one of the friends of her younger sister.


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      1. Eeeeh? How dare you know something like that and not share with the audience? That’s heresy! I say we burn the heretic on a stake!

        *Sets off to take a torch while ignoring claims of innocence.*

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  1. yess! cant wait for chapter 10! really wondering how this will all turn out. Shelly will probably have to run or fight, but it will be interesting to see everyone’s reactions

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  2. Thank you for the chapter 😀

    *lol* she should have taken the steps in the first place… 😛

    …yayyy, as I guessed it – the girls are the sister and her friends – I wonder who gets what color – and what color will the sister be?

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    1. Little sister is red, of course. Only one that would fit.

      And Amy, being Ammon’s mirror, is involved as well. Not as a magical girl, but in the role of the “princess” of the “heavenly kingdom” recruiting the magical girls for the cause, or something. Depends on how that’s implemented here.

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  3. Looking at the title of the series, and how things are going… Shelly is gonna pick up one of the girls transformation gem things and end up transforming again isn’t she?

    Thanks for the chapter. I’ve been enjoying this amusing little web novel.

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