Project MMG – Chapter 01

Michael felt as if a heavy curtain had been lifted from his mind as he started to regain his consciousness. Being someone who was a bit slow to wake up on his own, it still took him at least two minutes of collecting his thoughts to finally earn enough motivation to open his eyes.


Even in his slow mind of post-waking up, it took him no more than a few seconds to understand that he was in a place he didn’t recognize. The ceiling wasn’t the wooden roof he was used seeing in the old man’s house. Nor was it the plain ceiling of the house he had been renting.

It was a simple light yellow ceiling, but the air con unit that was right above him was clearly something he wasn’t used to. As his mind wandered around trying to guess where he could be that had an air con unit, he noticed that he was feeling cold.


However, it was a strange feeling. It wasn’t the uncomfortable type of cold, such as having the AC unit too powerful, more like, ‘the cold side of the pillow’ type of cold. Except that it was much more intense than anything he had ever felt before, to the point that he wondered if it wasn’t snowing outside.


“Maybe i’m sick…” He whispered to himself, and upon hearing his voice with a much higher pitch than usual, he decided that it was definitely the situation.


“I don’t think that’s the case.” A female voice echoed, catching him by surprise.


Turning around searching for the source of the voice, he saw a beautiful blonde woman sitting besides him.


“Vivian…?” He asked in a low voice, trying to sit himself up. However the blonde woman quickly stopped him by putting her hand on his forehead and pushing him back.


While wondering why her hand felt so warm, Michael looked at her confused as if asking her what exactly was happening. The woman made a troubled face for a moment while looking away, making Michael raise an eyebrow at her.


After a sigh, she stood up from the chair and walked away. Michael saw that she was heading to the desk on the far side of the room. The same desk he had seen her sitting at earlier, and picked something up.


“Ermm… First of all, i’d like to ask you to remain calm, okay?” She said while approaching him again and handing him the item she had picked up. “Second, Whatever it is that you want to ask, i’ll be sure to explain on the best of my capacity.”


“What do you…” Michael started asking, but trailed off once he noticed what the thing in her hands was. A mirror.


However, he could only stare at it in shock and confusion, as there was something quite wrong with what was appearing in the reflection.


A beautiful girl, roughly fifteen years old, with long flowing black hair, skin pale as snow, yet not unhealthy looking. Her brows were slightly slanted, giving her an aggressive appearance that was matched by the fire that seemed to burn in her ocean blue eyes.


However, there was one thing that managed to grab his attention much easier than anything else in the reflection. Instead of  a pair of ears, from the side of the girl’s head grew what looked like two long fins, stretching until roughly the back of her head. Having a light blue tone, the fins didn’t look out of place, but instead gave her an even more exotic appearance, somehow making her look like she would be right at home in the water.


Still, there was one little problem with that.


It was a reflection.


Which meant…


Michael quickly raised his hand towards his ears, however, what he quickly brushed against something he wasn’t exactly used to having. After recovering from the tingling feeling of the strange limb, he brought his hand up front, looking at them and seeing how they were now much thinner and delicate looking, with long nails extending from their tips. The usually rough skin he had was nowhere to be seen, and in its place was one that looked so smooth that it would leave even silk in shame.


Finally, he looked down, and almost immediately, she regretted it.


A small body and slim waist was what met her eyes, not the fairly well built body she had been half-forced to forge during the last few years. On her chest, despite her youthful appearance, a clear pair of bulges were already forming against her now baggy t-shirt. From the waist down, while she couldn’t really dare wonder why, she was wearing nothing, leaving a pair of beautifully toned legs up for all to see.


She hesitatingly poked her own thigh, wanting to make sure that it really was her own body that she was looking at, and when she received the feedback, she quickly became disheartened and confused.


Finally, as if mocking her human common sense, a long and smooth reptilian tail laid comfortably besides her. With jet-black jewel like scales covering it all the way to the tip, she saw what looked like a pair of light blue fins sprouting from the very tip of the tail in a V shape. While staring at it for a moment, she noticed that it reacted to her thoughts briefly shaking its tip


With even more hesitation than before, she moved her fingertip from her thigh to her tail, and once she touched it, she shivered, as her brain seemingly got used to registering all this new information.


The tail itself felt incredibly smooth and pleasant to the touch. Even a bit moist, something that the head fins also shared.


As the initial shock finally faded, Michael finally took a deep breath before turning towards Vivian, who was anxiously watching her from the side.


“Explain.” Her voice echoed, the room seemingly freezing at her words.


“Ermm… Well… Remember when I said that the chief had her ways of dealing with her androphobia?” Vivian said while looking away awkwardly. “Well… Looks like this was her answer.”


At her words, Michael once again glanced at her hands for some time before sighing tiredly, letting herself fall back upon the sofa she had been resting on. True, this was an excellent way of dealing with androphobia. As long as you didn’t take the man’s feeling into account, of course.


Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she once again straightened herself out and stared at Vivian again.


“Then, how?” She asked before glancing at the tail at her side.


“I’m… Not entirely sure how the chief managed to pull this off, but i can tell you that it’s an extremely powerful magic.”  Vivian gave the somewhat expected answer as she also eyed the girl’s new tail. “And from the looks of it, you had some really good luck with your race. Leviathans are a really powerful race.”


“So, not only am i no longer a man, i’m not even human.” Michael said while rubbing her temples. “So, is this reversible? Can i go back to the way i was?”


Vivian unconsciously took a step back once her eyes met with the girl’s furious deep blue eyes. She quickly understood that she wouldn’t take no for an answer as bloodlust virtually oozed out from her very pores.


It was only then that she finally understood that Michael was nowhere near as calm as she appeared outside.


“I… I… Well… Don’t really know…” She said worriedly and quickly shrunk a bit under Michael’s glare. “The chief is the one who knows the details, so… huuh…” For a long time, she shrunk under the girl’s glare, but Michael finally clicked her tongue before looking away.


“I see.” She murmured in a low and angry, yet accepting tone, much to Vivian’s surprise. Not that she sounded any less angry, but at least she wasn’t angry with her.


“…You… See?” The woman murmured in a bit of shock, and only once Michael stared at her she formulated her question better. “Erm… Aren’t you angry with me…?”


Michael widened her deep blue eyes for a moment before making a self-mocking chuckle and shook her head with an annoyed look to herself.


“I’ve… Read stories with settings similar to these ones previously.” She stated in a tone that mixed anger and calmness in an odd way. “Not exactly my favorite genre, but one i like going for the giggles from time to time.” She explained as a matter of fact while waving it away. “Besides, you said it yourself that you weren’t the one who made the magic, so even if i get angry with you, I probably won’t get the answers, much less the solution to this problem.”


Vivian stared blankly at Michael for some time as she processed the words she had Heard, and only after a few seconds did she finally nod.


“That’s… Surprisingly composed.” She said while approaching the girl once she deemed her to be safe.


“I think the word ‘shocked’ would fit me better.” Michael quickly corrected her while covering her eyes with her hand. “I’m feeling so damned confused by everything that i just don’t have any idea how to react.” She lowered her eyes towards the tail. “The fact that this damned thing is super-sensitive right now doesn’t exactly helps me in focusing either.”


“Yes, i did hear that when one gets new limbs, they are… Well… Tingly, until one gets used to it.” Vivian mentioned while hesitatingly sitting besides Michael. “Well… I’m not sure how much this will help you, but i guess i could try and explain you what is happening a bit.”


“…Fair enough.” The girl replied with a weary sigh. “Try to keep it simple. I’m not really in a thinking mood right now. Am i still a human?”


“No. Seems like you ended up as a Leviathan after being transformed.”


“…Leviathan?” Michael looked at her tail. “The sea serpent thingy?”


“Oh, you have knowledge of them in this world?” Vivian said surprised, earning a raised eyebrow from Michael for her words. “Well, to be more precise, Leviathans are a hybrid between dragons and aquatic demons.”


“…Dragons and sea demons?” Michael said surprised, but shook her head deciding to bother with it later and went on with the next question. “Then, are you human? And what about your chief?”


“No, i’m not.” She quickly denied. “In fact, besides the clerks and some managers of our stores, everyone in this company are what humans would call monsters. For example, i’m a Siren myself, while the chief is an Archdemon.”


“…Do the workers know of this?”


“No. You are the first human… Erm… Ex-human to actually learn of this.” Vivian explained. “We don’t want to cause too big of a commotion, so we use magic and spells to disguise ourselves as human when dealing with them.”


“…Then, why me?” She asked confused. “Of all people who already worked under you, why did you have to hire me for… For this?” She pointed at her own body as her voice trembled in anger, confusion and a small tinge of fear.


“That’s… Well… ” Vivian noticed her concern and hesitated for a moment, before finally sighing and gently resting her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “You see, we were needing some new work hands in this area. However, we couldn’t really bring any more people from our own world without raising some eyebrows.” She cast her eyes downwards sadly for a moment before sighing. “So, we put that advertisement on the newspaper. However, we also imbued the words with a certain pattern so that only those with high magical power could read through it.”


“And because i had that magical power, i ended up like this?” Michael sighed before putting a wry smile. “I guess i at least know now why there weren’t many people answering to the job offer,.”


“Well, it did sound sketchy, so there’s also that to make things worse for us.” Vivian commented in an awkward tone, and for a brief moment, the two shared a giggle. “But yes, the main reason we chose a human was for the fact that we were desperately out of workforce.” She glanced at Michael. “That said, I think that the whole transforming necklace wasn’t really in the plans.”


“Necklace?” Michael looked surprised for a moment before finally blinking and looking down at his neck, getting the sight of the necklace in question.


She blinked surprised for a moment, firstly trying to ignore the sight of a fairly alluring cleavage seen by an entirely new angle, and then towards the black metallic necklace that was hanging around her neck. Noticing something about it, she fished it out from her neck before staring at it for some time, trying to pinpoint what exactly she felt that was off about it.


Only after a moment she finally noticed. Around the black cross now had the figure of a long and serpentine creature, coiling around the cross while two long wing-like fins sprouted from a bit below its head.


She quickly recalled that the last thing she had done was to put on that thing before she had passed out. And she was almost sure that the long serpent wasn’t there previously.


“If i yank this off, do i change back?” She asked hopefully.


“I… Don’t know. I’d rather hang on to it for now.” Vivian said with a tinge of worry.


“Haah… fair enough.” Michael sighed. “Okay, one more question.” She suddenly said seriously.


“Yes?” Vivian said while tensing up a bit


“Where are my pants?” Michael pointed down towards her bare legs, and it took the Siren almost a full second to understand the question. “And should i be worried about not wearing them?”


For a good five seconds the two simply looked at each other, before Vivian suddenly burst into a cheerful laughter at just how out of place the question sounded. While Michael did understand why she was laughing, she couldn’t help but grumble embarrassed while fiddling around uncomfortably.


Now that she was slowly getting used to that body and calming down a bit, it was getting easier and easier to notice the differences and start minding them. As a healthy and normal male, at least in mind and spirit, it was a bit of a stretch to ask her to not mind her situation.


“We couldst provideth thee with thine answer.” A new and serious sounding voice echoed from the door coming up from the hallway.


Michael almost jumped in surprise while pulling down on her now oversized shirt to try and hide a bit more of her body in an almost instinctive reaction.


And just as she turned towards the door, what she was left her a bit confused. Boxes, many of them were entering the waiting room. Or rather, someone was carrying them over, but seeing how the pile of boxes was so high it covered the person’s head, leaving only the pair of legs peeking from beneath.


“Thy body mass and volume hast decreased after the transformation due to thine female form.” The girl, at least her voice sounded like a girl’s, said as she tried to balance up the boxes. Michael followed her with her eyes as a strange sense that there was something wrong with her voice assaulted her, though she couldn’t say exactly what. “Whilst everything went as We had planned, thy body becoming smaller and thy bearings becoming looser, thou then started squirming…” The girl stopped as she carefully lowered the boxes into the ground in a far corner of the room. “And then thy tail grew.”


“My tail?” Michael looked down towards the new limb in confusion for a moment. “What does my tail have to do with my pants? And who are you?”


“Well…” Vivian looked away as if trying to hold back a laugh. “Your clothes weren’t really tail friendly, so your tail got caught up inside the pants. It looked like you found it uncomfortable while you were sleeping, because you ripped your pants right off.” She said, making Michael blink surprised for a moment.


“Eh? So I took my pants off while I was out?” She asked in a mix of embarrassment and surprise, before shaking her head. “Then, could you give me them bac…”


“Not took off. Ripped.” The newcomer said as she turned back towards her. “The remains of thy bearings lay beside the place where thou hast rested.” The moment their eyes met, the girl gave a brief amused smirk before finishing. “And We are the one who hired thou.”


The girl looked at Michael expecting a reaction, and upon seeing the girl completely frozen in shock and confusion, she quickly made a small satisfied smile, however it didn’t last long as she noticed that the leviathan’s reaction was a bit different than what she was expecting.


As the black haired beauty rubbed her eyes to see if she was seeing correctly, the new girl quickly understood that her shock came from something else.


“A… Amy?” Michael whispered in shock.


Hearing the girl whisper that, the newcomer raised an eyebrow. However, as much as Michael was willing to accept that her common sense was useless around here, there were still a few things that were beyond her scope. The fact that his childhood friend and love interest was the one who had just come into the room and said she had hired her was definitively one of those.


No matter how much she stared at the girl before her, she was the Amy she had known for so long. From the long silky hair to the gentle, yet absent looking gaze she had.


“Hmmm? Hast thou told her about us already, Vivian?” The girl asked the siren in a confused manner.


“Not yet chief.” Vivian denied, equally confused.


It was only during this exchange between the two that it finally dawned to Michael that there were some differences between the Amy he knew and the one before him. First would be the hair. After all, last time he saw Amy, she had a dark black hair, not this shining white one. The pair of crimson horns sprouting from her temples were also fairly eye catching if he took his time to notice it.


“Huma… Nay… Leviathan, Where hast thou heard Our name?” The copy of Amy asked in a tone of confusion and hesitation.


“Our… Wait, you ARE Amy?” Michael asked in surprise.


“Why dost thou sound confused? Hasn’t thou correctly referred to Us?” She asked, now even more confused. However, she suddenly stopped and widened her eyes as if she had understood what exactly what it means. “Ah… We understand now.” Amy said amused. “It seems that thou knows Our counterpart in this world, and we share names.” She stopped for a moment. “Or at least we share similar names.”


“What…” Michael asked confused, before finally shaking her head as she understood this wasn’t the Amy she knew. “Explain! For the love of god, I was just starting to understand what the hell is going on!” She pleaded.


“Ah… Uh… Alright… I… ” Pseudo-Amy became a bit startled by her sudden outburst, before finally clearing her throat and trying to go back to her previous state. “I mean, Ours and thine worlds aren’t entirely disconnected.” She explained. “Thus, occasionally one would witness an event where the same person would be born in both worlds. Said person would usually be extremely similar to one another. Both physically and in the very basis of their personality.” She explained as she slowly regained her high-handed tone.


“…So you are actually an air-headed homely girl?” Michael commented absentmindedly as she tried to absorb the information.


For a good two seconds, Pseudo-Amy stood still as she opened and closed her mouth without any sound coming out of it. Noticing the abnormality, Michael raised her head that was in her hands towards the girl while Vivian let out a contained giggle.


“I… No, We have no idea where T-thou hast t-taken such a silly idea that someone as great as Ammon Yvirgris Dellanight Vul Lucyf The twenty Seventh could be like that.” She said in a hurry while trying to sound angry.


For a good second, Michael simply stared at her blankly, not really understanding what was happening as this pseudo-Amy pouted angrily with her cheek dyed red in embarrassment.


However, while amusedly (and secretly pleased) watching this expression that her childhood friend has never made previously, a thought suddenly dawned on her, and she stood up and her surprise changed into anger as she shoved a finger towards Pseudo-Amy’s direction.


“Wait, doesn’t that means that you are the one who made me into a girl?” She asked angrily while looking up to her, only to realize that in her haste, the shirt had rolled up a bit, so she quickly put herself to pull it down embarrassedly.


Noticing that the talk had changed to something a bit more seriously, Ammon quickly cleared her throat before nodding and looking downcast.


“Yes. That was indeed the case.” She explained before looking up towards Michael, who took a step back upon seeing her guilt-ridden face. “Due to mine situation, We are unable to stand with a man in a room without panicking. However, thine characteristics were just too rare to let thy go, thus we had to resort to doing this.”


“Really? Just because i’m a bit rare you go and completely wreck my life like this?” Michael said angrily as she pointed at herself. “Can i even go back to being a normal human man?”


“Yes, that is possible.” Ammon replied bluntly, completely stopping Michael’s rage for a moment as she understood what her words meant. “Though not right now, as thy new body is still stabilizing.” She explained. “But after one or so days, thou will be able to go back and forth between thine two bodies at will using the necklace We hast crafted.” She explained to the still shocked Michael.


After a moment, the Leviathan retreated a bit, sitting down on the couch once again with a confused expression.


“That… I… I sincerely didn’t expect that answer.” She said scratching her head, before wincing in discomfort as she noticed her longer nails.


“Tis against mine policies to damage a subordinate’s daily life.” Ammon quickly waved it off. “I made doubly sure that this would work with minimum problems for thee. After all, a happy minion is a more productive and a less-likely to rebel minion.” She nodded proudly of herself.


“…What’s with an arch-demon having such a realist thinking?” Michael said in a tired tone, before taking a deep breath. “But still, Having to become a girl… Rather, a non-human girl just to work here? I’m not sure I…”


“I’m willing to pay for thy troubles.” Ammon interrupted her. “I could increase thy salary by up to fifty percent.” She said looking at Michael, who quickly stopped in her tracks to stare back at her in shock. “And if thou are willing to start, i can have thine first payment be next week.”


Michael simply froze as she thought about the offer. The pay was already pretty ridiculously high, but with the increase of fifty percent? That would pretty much make it have one more digit in her paycheck! As she thought about that, the Siren turned towards Ammon with a confused expression.


“Wait, can we really do that?” Vivian asked confused. “Can our budget really fit such a raise?”


“Indeed.” Ammon nodded proudly. “Luckily, i had taken this situation in account whilst deciding the payment.” She turned towards Michael and raised her eyebrows. “So, what dost thou say?”


“…I think i could give it a try…” Michael said while moving her eyes away embarrassedly. After all, it WAS a very attractive offer. “I could stay here for a month or two at least.” She said as her voice wavered slightly. She noticed a small smile forming on Ammon’s lips as she felt triumphant, so to change the topic she turned towards the boxes she had brought in. “B-By the way, what are those boxes you brought in?”


“Ah, that’s right.” Ammon nodded. “We couldn’t have my newest employee walking around without some proper clothes, could We?”


It took Michael less than a fraction of a second to regret her question. The bad feeling growing even worse once she noticed the wide smile in Vivian’s face.


“Ermm… Can’t i just get a set of male clothings for myself?”


“We art afraid We cannot have thee walking around in such a get up.” Ammon denied instantly as Vivian approached Michael from behind. “Hmm, thinking about it, we’ll also need to grant thee a new name, right?”
And that was how in less than a hour, Michael went from happily getting to a new job, to regretting it heavily.

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  1. Well Michael, think of it this way. You haven’t actually lost anything. In fact, once your body has adjusted, you will in fact have gained more. You will have gained an additional form that you can change to at will so long as you have the necklace at hand. You have acquired a new job with an extrodinary pay for a blue collar worker. With said pay you will/should be able to find a new place to stay rather easily if that is still something you want to do by then.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First, thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

    Well, I enjoyed reading this far… – and then started the weird speech pattern… 😦

    I do have nothing against using archaic english – but please can you correct it to right forms…? It is really hard reading it otherwise…

    …can you please check the archaic english and correct it – it is hard to read like that… thank you…


      1. Ah, ok, that explains it – well, it is not my native language either… 🙂

        If I find some time I think I can try to correct it.

        If I may ask what is your native language?


      2. Ah, nice, well, I am german 🙂

        …and the archaic english sounds almost like some german (mixed with english)…


      3. And that makes you the second german i met that i know is a german. ^^

        And i did hear that english is considered a language with germanic origins or something like that. My memory doesn’t like me very much, so i might be mistaken.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. “I think the word ‘shocked’ woul fit me better.” Michael quickly corrected her while covering her eyes with her hand.

    “I think the word ‘shocked’ WOULD fit me better.” Michael quickly corrected her while covering her eyes with her hand.

    Rereading cos I didnt have any recent updates on other storys. So Typo’s.

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