Neighbor Scientist – Chapter 1


Contains non-sense, comedy, Sci-fi and Fantasy. This is a purely comedy one and no really underlying plot as of now.


“Garden, this is Belladonna. Do you copy?” I said while putting on the small device near my ear. After a brief sound of static, I heard the reply in relief.


“Garden to Belladonna. We are copying loud and clear. it’s great to know you arrived just fine. Do you have anything to report already? Has the Locust made any movement yet?” Garden replied with his usual rough voice. I took some moment to take a deep breath before nodding..

“Sir Ale… I mean, Garden. I have so many things to report I sincerely don’t even know where to start.” I said while drumming my fingernails through the wooden table of my room. “You thought that the locust was into something big… Something dangerous…”


“Is it as we feared?” He interrupted me. I shook my head despite knowing that Garden couldn’t see me. “Is the Locust preparing an attack?”


“No, sir. I doubt that the Locust is planning an attack. Even though I arrived today, I can guarantee you that much.” I replied and heard as Garden heaved a sigh of relief. “But, sincerely sir? I think that what we have here is far… Stranger than anything we might have thought we knew about Locust.”


“What do you mean, Belladonna?” He asked me confused. “And what do you mean by stranger? Don’t you mean dangerous?”


“”NO! I… I actually…” I corrected him, but as I searched for the words that I wanted to say, I ended up being unable to say anything as I couldn’t even explain what exactly I wanted to say, so after some time I finally sighed and shook my head.


“…Why don’t you start from the beginning then, Belladonna.” Garden said as if to calm me down. “Think you can say it all before Locust notice?”


“I… Aaah… I… ” I hesitated a bit, but after a long sigh I finally nodded. “Yes. I’ll try to explain. It’s… A bit of a long story though. And I sincerely don’t think you’ll believe me, Sir.”


“Why do you think so?”


“Because I can’t believe it myself.” I said with a dry tone before taking in a deep breath and starting my story. “Well, as you expected, everything was just fine while I was in the ship, making my way towards the base…


As I started explaining my day to my Garden, I started reminiscing the moment when I first arrived at this insane asylum that the Locust call home.



While staring at the mirror, I saw a red-haired girl looking back at me. With hazel eyes and a pale skin, even I could say that she was a beauty. Taking a deep breath, me and the red-headed girl from the mirror took our moment to concentrate before saying in a soft whisper.


“My name is Rose Gallena. I’m a young florist who needs the money to send to her sick mother. I was born in Italy, but raised on the west coast. My name is Rose Gallena. I’m a young florist who…” And so I kept repeating these words over and over.


Some of my colleagues often called me superstitious for doing things like these, saying that the whole self-suggestion thing is all a load of idiocy that some fool came up with. If that’s true or not, I couldn’t help but feel that it helps me with falling into the role of my next character.


Feeling as the hazy moment when my own personality and the one of my new persona started to overlap, I finally took another deep breath and closed my eyes. From this moment on I wasn’t an agent any-longer. I was just a girl who had been hired under sketchy circumstances to provide money for my mother.


A sudden jerk on the ship almost made me lose my balance, as I felt my feet slipping and threatening to fall. Shocked and confused, I gave a look to the small window on the side of my cabin and saw that it had been only a large wave that rocked the ship. Nothing too serious.


“Young lass… You still sure you want to do this? This may be yer last chance to turn back, ya know?” A voice came from the cabin’s loudspeakers.


“Ah… Yes captain. I don’t really have much choice.” I replied after fumbling around with the interphone for a moment.


“Oh well. It be sad to see such a fine lass as yourself going to a place like that, but…” I heard him sighing and smiled awkwardly, happy that he was worried for me. The captain had been surprisingly gentle with me in these couple of days, so I may have grown fond of him. “Anyway, pick yer things cause we have arrived.” He said.


I nodded to no one in specific before picking up my travelling bag and slinging it over my shoulder with ease. Looking around the room one last time just to be sure that I hadn’t missed anything, I grabbed the other bag and moved out from the cabin.


Climbing up to the top deck of the ship, I was met with a wide clear skies and the sounds of waves and a couple of birds. Taking the good weather as a sign that everything would go just fine in this new job, I looked around for the captain. Seeing the thin, but sturdy man ordering his crew to move the cargo to the crane, I made my way to him and greeted him with a smile.


“Thanks for the ride, Captain.” I said before turning to the rest of the crew. “Thanks to you guys too.” I noticed a couple of them blushing slightly, while others put on large satisfied smiles. After giggling amused, I turned back to the thin sea-man. “So, where’s is he? I don’t think I see any docks around here at all.” I said.


While we were near a fairly large island that I was supposed to land, I didn’t see anything that the captain could use to dock and drop me and the cargo he was bringing over. In fact, I couldn’t even see the signs of life in that area, which left me a bit worried.


“You really know nothing, you poor soul.” The captain said in a dejected tone before shaking his head. “If yer gonna stay here in this land, it be best that you leave yer common sense behind.” He said while pointing forward. “After all, that man don’t need us to dock to pick up his things.”


Following his finger, I noticed that it was also the direction where the ship was gently drifting forward. For a moment I couldn’t see anything since a wave was coming in our direction, but once the boat reached the apex of the wave, I finally saw it.


And for a moment I couldn’t help but forget to close my mouth in surprise. If one of my bags wasn’t being held by my shoulder, it would probably have fallen to the ground just like the other one.


Right in front of me, I saw a scene that, for a moment simply looked straight out of a fantasy scenery.


There was a man. With an unnatural black hair, he wore beach clothes, such as shorts, a blue flowery t-shirt, white sandals and black sunglasses. However, in a weird manner he wore a bright white lab-coat over everything. He sat on a beach-chair with what looked a coconut with a straw and a small umbrella in it and drank it with a happy expression. Seeing the boat approaching, the man in a lab coat put down the coconut down and waved to the ship happily.


However, this caricaturistic depiction of a scientist in a vacation wasn’t what shocked me.


It was the fact that he and his beach chair were both standing on top of the rocking water.


“Yaah… Showy as always, uh?” The captain said amused before shaking his head. “PREPARE THE CARGO YOU DIMWITTED SALTY DOGS.” He shouted to his sailors before turning back to me. “Get ready, lass. We’ll be dropping ye here.”


I blinked confused before turning back to see the approaching man standing on the water. With my mind confused as how could such a person be clearly breaking more than a couple of physics laws, I blankly followed the sailors to the board of the ship and stared to the man who was casually drinking his coconut water.


“Yo ol’ San.” The guy said before turning to me surprised and lowering his sunglasses and staring. “…Who the hell is the cutie? Do your wife know about her?”


“Cut…” I said surprised while blushing slightly. “Aah… no. I’m Rose Gallena. I’m the girl you hired for cleaning and garden keeping.” I said while looking down at him, trying to not sound too awkward thanks to my surprise. “I’m… erm… Well…”


“Oh crap. That was today?” The scientist said surprised while jumping up from his chair and standing on top of the water. “…Damn! I swore it was next week.” He said worriedly before looking back to the island. “And I even planned to play a prank… Dang it.”


“Aaah…” I said a bit shocked.


“Oh well. Lost the chance.” He shrugged as if it didn’t matter.  “Anyway, I’m Karl Madinson. Your friendly next door scientist and your new boss. Glad to meet you.” He said, to which I nodded weakly.


“The pleasure is mine.” I replied weakly, and for a moment simply kept on waiting to see what I should do next. I mean, I know I’m supposed to drop here, but… I don’t think I can stand on water with him. No, how’s he even doing it on the first place?


“What are you waiting for? Why don’t you come down already?” He suddenly asked me, leaving me surprised.


“No… Erm… I have my bags with me, so I can’t swim… Also…” I said a bit awkwardly while seeing the sailors raising a large set of crates with the crane. “I… Don’t think I can walk on water.” I said shyly.


He suddenly widened his eyes surprised and looked down, raising his sandal from the water before slamming his palm against his forehead as if he had done something silly.


While I wondered what he meant, I saw the sailors lowering the cargo onto the water besides Karl, who didn’t even blink as it landed on the water besides him. Then, it started to float.


I simply stared in shock at the scene. How could something so large also be standing on the water with him? Looking down to the water, all I saw was the water swaying gently. No matter how much I stared at it, nothing was underwater that could possibly support him.


“Sorry about that. Takoyaki. Pick her and her things up, will ya?” He said while kicking the water.


“TakoyakyAAAAAH!” I shouted when suddenly I felt something coiling around me. I squirmed and looked around trying to find out what it was, but although I could clearly feel something tightening around my waist. When I lowered my free hand, I felt something cold and metallic even though there was nothing there. “What happening… WAAAAH!”




“Geez, why all this shouting. You aren’t squeezing her too much, are you Tako?” Karl said distractedly while I flailed around horrified.


While I tried to free myself from whatever was holding me, I noticed that I was approaching the man on the water. With the heavy bag still being held on my shoulder, I knew immediately that I would drown on the water the moment I was let go, so I started panicking.


Seeing the water approaching me, I quickly prepared myself to throw away my bag and start swimming to safety. It was a shame about the clothes, but… Huh?


There was… something solid. Feeling as some kind of hard surface pressed against my feet, I also saw the wheel bag standing steadily on the water, almost as if it was touching the ground or something.


Then, the pressure around me let go, and I simply stood there, confused and shocked, but mostly dry, much to my pleasure. Except for my shoes that were touching the water, but still dry otherwise.


“There we go.” Karl said calmly before turning towards the ship. “Well, good luck with your fishing, Ol’ San!”


“Thanks kiddo. Don’t go scaring the girl more than that, ya hear me? She’s a sweet lass and I’ll get mad if ye do something to her.” He shouted back. I somehow understood that they were talking about me, but all I cared was how I still hadn’t sunk to the bottom of the ocean.


Hearing the sound of the boat turning on, I quickly turned back just in time to see as the captain made the ship turn away towards the deep sea. For a moment I wondered whether it was a good idea or not to ask to be dropped off here, but since it was far too late, I could only resign myself to fate.


“Come on, Takoyaki. Time to go home.” He said while kicking the water once again.


Suddenly, I felt as the invisible ground started to move, turning around for a moment before it advanced towards the desert looking island. Confused, I turned towards Karl, who had taken the coconut once again and was sipping it happily. Noticing my gaze, he gulped down and said.


“Contrary to popular belief, the small umbrella does not make the drink tastier.” he said with an annoyed expression. Blinking confuse, I simply stared at him for a moment before finally looking down and asking.


“How… What… What am I standing on here?” I asked, in a mix of confusion and fear.


“Oh. This is Takoyaki.” He replied as a matter of fact. “He’s a prototype complete stealth underwater automated ship.” He said before looking down. “Tako. Show your face to the new guests, will ya.” He said.


Suddenly, I felt as the ground beneath me shook for a moment, and as the air and water shimmered around me, and right before my eyes, it appeared.


“…Huh?” It was all I could say as I was completely shocked by what I was seeing.


A massive, gigantic metallic construct simply materialized around me. Being easily the size of the boat, if not bigger, what I was standing on was a metallic octopus like robot. With eight long tentacles that it used to drag itself on the ground. Made of a dark blue metal that I couldn’t recognize, I noticed that I was standing on an odd flat surface on top of its head, which project itself just barely outside of the water so that we could stand on.


For a moment my mind simply froze as I slowly digested what exactly was happening there. How could something so big, so massive hide itself from plain sight like that?


No, rather. That wasn’t even on the level of camouflage, it was on the level of complete invisibility. Rather, it was beyond that! Not even the water was disturbed while it moved around so close to the water’s surface.


“How… What…” I said confused, but he simply shook his head as if saying it didn’t matter.


“Hmm… Thinking about it, you actually arrived just in time.” He said, completely oblivious to my state of mind. “I mean, I was planning on having some guests today.”


“Guests? Here?” I asked confused. “Who would come here?”


Being bombarded by one surprise after another, I didn’t even notice as we started to raise from the water as the metallic octopus reached the shore. Karl nimbly leapt from Takoyaki to the sand and turned back to me as if signaling me to copy him.


I blinked for a moment before nodding mechanically and approaching the robot’s edge.


But it was too high! There’s no way a girl like me can jump down from this height while carrying such a large bag and not get hurt!


While thinking so, I saw how Tako carefully picked up my two travelling bag and piled them atop of the supply crates while putting another tentacle as a ramp for me to walk down. Slowly descending the surprisingly firm walkway, I made my way to the ground and turned back to look at the imposing machine.


With many joints and metallic plates covering its body, a pair of red lenses cameras were put in place of its eyes. They followed me as if expecting something. The tentacles were made of many and many joints that could extend or contract at will, and the same tech was probably being used by the body, seeing how it was made of many segmented parts that were linked together by a thin membrane.


While looking at the creature right off from a transformers movie, I saw it relaxing it’s walkway tentacle before using it to pick up the beach chair on his head. Noticing it had done that to help me, I mindlessly thanked him, even though it was clearly just a machine.


“Aaah. Thanks.” I said in a murmur, and immediately felt like a fool for thanking a machine.


“Ooh boy.” Karl said behind me amused, but before I could turn to look at him, a change occurred before me that left me shocked.


The whole octopus robot suddenly became red. The metallic shells taking on a sunset like hue as it used its two foremost tentacles to cover its head while flattening the body against the ground. Luckily, my bags and the supplies were being held by another one of its limbs, so they didn’t fall to the ground.


But… This reaction… Isn’t this…


“Tako might appear aloof and all, but he’s actually pretty shy.” Karl said amidst a loud laugh.


“HOW CAN SUCH A SCARY ROBOT BE EMBARRASSED?” I shouted while feeling that the situation was beyond what I could tolerate, only to quickly cover my mouth witrh my hands after noticing what I did.


Looking warily towards both the machine and the scientist, worried about how they would react, I could only become surprised after seeing the robot raise one of its limb and spy me with its red eye-camera.


Then it suddenly became a gloomy blue octopus and lowered the camera to the sand, dragging the tentacles without great effort while turning away.


I may have gone a bit crazy or whatever, but I felt bad for the robot, so in the end I approached it and gave it my apologies, which clearly made it more cheerful.


All of this under the sound of Karl who was laughing out loudly at the scene.



“Wait a second, Belladonna.” Garden interrupted my story with an incredulous tone. “You mean to say that the Locust have a ship-sized underwater robot… And that it became shy after you thanked it?”


“Yes sir. That’s exactly what I’m saying.” I replied pained, as I myself wasn’t sure of everything that I was saying.


“…You may be one of our best agents, but I sincerely have my doubts if what you are saying is true.” He commented conflicted. I smiled awkwardly in my room before sighing.


“Sir… Although I agree wholeheartedly with you, I also need to inform you that this is only the beginning.”


“There’s still more?”


“Sadly. And it only gets worse from here on.” I said.




    1. Shy ROBOTIC tentacle monster. Let’s not forget this small detail.
      And i do have a bunch of other odd things to add here and there, but the fun should start once we get to see the fantasy part of the story.


      1. is he a evil scientist or why does the whole world hate him?
        or could he simply be a genius who is misunderstood as beeing mad?


      2. Well, tbh, i don’t see him as evil. But he’s certainly not misunderstood, he IS mad. heck, it’s even his surname! Karl MADinson!


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