The Ranting Warhawx

So yeah… It came to this… A random ranting post.

Well, the reason why I am doing this is very simple to be honest. There was a lack of updates recently and I kind of just felt like doing this too. So take a seat, prepare your cookies and let the Rants start.

If you found these sentences, please stay quiet and let the others in the dark about it. It’s funnier this way.

Firstly, the reason for lack of updates is simple. As i said earlier, I am on a writing Marathon for my main work that is, as of now, one chapter away from it’s 100th chapter. (Pops confetti) With that, I’ve been avoiding writing other things, but… I’m kind of burnt out on this last chapter, so it got a bit difficult to write it down, and I REALLY feel like writing something else. Probably Project Hero first.

I’m actually a bad author and already started a new story in this time! T.T

Well, aside from that, i just felt like ranting, so let’s begin with something that many people already know me for. MONSTER HUNTER!

It’s a summoning story poking a bit of fun on summoning story.

So, recently Monster Hunter Cross released in Japan. Massive improvements combat wise, all weapons getting four styles that completely change the way you play the game, as well as super skills that  are simply Over the top awesome. I know some people didn’t enjoy the idea, but i found it really amazing.

It’s also a Gender bender, so I’m sure some people won’t like it.

Then, comes the sad part, where Capcom made no announcement of bringing the game to the west. DAMN YOU CAPCOM! I WANT TO HUNT RAIZEX WITH MY BUSHIDO STYLE BOW AND CUT HIS TAIL WITH MY SPANKING NEW CUTTING ARROWS!

Well, for now there’s very little written.

Well, stopping there before I get too carried away, I did have an idea for what I could do here in the blog. The idea of creating an Ideas page, where I would write down only the ideas of stories I had so I can use them later. And if I deem the idea a bit too out there for me, I could simply pass it away to someone who felt like writing.

I’m going to upload it after I finish my main work marathon.

Of course, there is also the idea of posting old works of mine that have long since been abandoned. I’m a bit hesitant on this since some people might take it as a promise of me writing more of those works. But then, this is what I made this blog for, so I’m probably over-thinking.

If you found these. Good job and get yourself a cookie!

Anyway, this is all for today, so see you later guys!





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