Horsemen – Chapter 6

Drake relaxedly turned on the page of the book in his hand while letting out a brief chuckle at the character’s foolish actions. Laying down on the same couch he had been when talking with Kara earlier, he, ignoring the usual evil-looking face, had a relaxed posture, leaning with his head on the arm-couch and one leg hanging freely from the side.


With a look through the window, he saw the dark cloudy sky and the constant water that fell down from the heavens. Even though the thunderstorm died down and the rain also became a lot thinner than how it was back when he had arrived at home, it was still in a state that he wouldn’t willingly choose to go out on foot.


A few hours had already passed since Aliss came back with a confused, speechless Kara, who seemed to have been completely caught up with the blonde girl’s pacing.


Taking the master bedroom that they usually left free for their parents occasional visit for herself, Aliss decided to lend her own bedroom for Kara for the while until they decided better what to do with her.


Since the rain still fell, Drake decided, unsurprisingly, to spend his remaining free time reading a book he had bought a couple of days ago with his allowance. He did think about playing a game or something, but the dark day made him feel a bit too lazy to press buttons to see a story, so he simply resorted to a book as it didn’t need as much thought processing.


Turning his attention back to the book, he thought about what he was going to do about Kara for a brief moment before giving up thinking and once again focus on the story.


“Hey, Blood-crazed psychopath!” He heard his sister calling from the kitchen. Turning his head, he saw as she peeked out from the door of the kitchen while wearing her apron. “Go wake up our sleeping beauty. Dinner should be ready soon.”


“Okay okay.” He said while marking the page and setting the book aside. “Charismatic leader? More like brutal slave-driver.” He complained loudly.


“And an extra dose of salad to you!” She said from the kitchen.


“I STAND BY MY WORDS!” He said in an angry tone while walking down the path to his sister’s room.


Opening the door carefully, he saw the surprisingly simplistic room that his sister usually used. A dark wooden bed in the corner marked the room, as a similar colored wardrobe dominated the opposing corner. A fairly large LCD TV hung on the wall besides the door at an angle someone could see while laying on the bed. A study desk with a simple laptop laid right beneath the TV.


The somber and serious tone of the room was only broken by the massive and colorful pile of stuffed dolls that laid on the ground besides the table. So many they were that Aliss still didn’t have enough time to transfer them to her new room.


Laying peacefully on the bed, curled up slightly while hugging her own tail and nibbling it’s blade tip, Kara had a peaceful expression that didn’t really match her usual serious look.


If you ignored the fact that she was some kind of super-human being capable of destroying a whole army by herself, the scene looked surprisingly adorable.


Right after being entrusted with the room, Kara, with the help of Aliss, organized her few clothes and belongings on a hastily opened space within the wardrobe, then she curiously went to examine the strange object she called ‘bed’.


Going to get a few last things to leave for her in the room, by the time the siblings came back, Kara was already sleeping peacefully. Unsure of what to do, they simply let the girl alone, seeing how deeply asleep she already was.


Even now he couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty for having to wake up someone who was enjoying her dreams so much, so he had to gather some courage before finally sighing and approaching her. Gently nudging the girl, he called her to wake up, but she only murmured a few words before turning to the other side and laying asleep once again.


For a couple more tries, Drake tried waking her up without being too rough, but it seemed that the girl was too deep asleep to even notice what was happening. But he feared that if he was too rough, some kind of wild instinct might kick in and have her attack him in self defense or something, so shouting her awake was also out of question.


But, seeing as he wasn’t going anywhere with gentle nudges, he decided that a bit more strength might be a good idea, so he shook her briefly.


This time, there was a reaction. Jolting her eyes open, Kara immediately stood up in the bed in a brief moment while putting her right hand up straight, almost touching her shoulder, and taking a step forward.


“Kara Hu-nora presenting for dut…” She started what looked like a salute before falling down, since the step she took forward put her right over the bed and making her fall flat on the floor. “…Huh?”


“He-Hey. Are you alright?” Drake asked while crouching besides her and helping her up.


“Scribe Drake…” She said with a slightly surprised tone while staring at him for a moment. “Yes… I’m… Fine. A fall this short doesn’t even hurt me…” She said while accepting his help to stand up and looking around groggily. “Ughh… What… What happened?” She asked confused.


“You were sleeping, I came to wake you up since dinner should be ready soon.” The boy replied worried.


“Sleeping?” Kara asked confused before looking through the window, seeing as the rain hit lazily against the glass in its ever so constant rhythm. “For how long? I can’t tell…” She replied worriedly.


“Well, if my watch isn’t lying to me…” He said while looking towards his wristwatch and frowning. “Which it is… Damned battery! I changed you last week!” He put his hand down his pocket and pulled out his  cellphone. “You slept for approximately six hours.”


“Six… Six hours?” She asked slightly confused while making some calculations. Finally, she opened her eyes wide in shock. “For that long?” She said while standing up suddenly, only to feel a bit dizzy and stumble a bit. “Ugh… Still recovering, it seems…” She said while leaning against Drake. “Why didn’t you wake me sooner?” She asked with an inquiring tone.


“Well, you were looking so happy in the bed that we felt a bit guilty of waking you up.” He replied with a wry smile.


“‘Bed’?” She asked while looking at the place where she laid previously, then putting on an amazed look. “Ah. The ‘bed’. Such a scary instrument! I never thought that sleeping could be so comfortable.” She said with a tone of amazement. “To think that even a well trained Hu-ara like myself would end up lowering her guard. It’s really a shameful moment.”


“You… Where did you usually sleep?” Drake asked, a bit afraid of hearing the answer.


“Oh, the usual.” She replied briefly. “I prefer to sleep on the grass, but I do know a few tricks to make sleeping on rocky grounds a bit comfortable.” As she said that she made a slight frown. “Sand, though, no matter what I do, I find those grains annoying.”


“You… Never slept in a bed before?” He asked surprised and she shook her head.


“No. We, Hu-arii are trained to be able to live in any environment since youth.” She said before turning to the bed. “We never even thought that such a luxury could be made. Truly, an amazing item worthy of royalty.” She said with a nod.


“It’s a common item in human houses, though?” Drake said with a wry tone, making the girl stare at him in sheer shock.


“Humans… This is common item?” She didn’t seem to believe his words. “That’s… Humans are way more amazing than I thought.”


Laughing dryly, Drake guided the girl back to the dinner table as she made murmurs of how awesome human beds are. Receiving an inquisitive gaze from Aliss, who heard the commotion earlier, he simply smiled and shrugged.


Sitting around the table, the three started enjoying the dinner that Aliss prepared, Kara putting on her usual amazed look as she tasted the food. After a few minutes of silence, Kara finally said.


“I’ll leave the house for the time bei…” She immediately stopped her words when she noticed the icy cold glare coming from Aliss. “It’s just temporarily! I just plan on making a patrol around the city!” She replied hurriedly with fear in her tone. Once Aliss nodded satisfied, she calmed down. “To think that a human could be this fearsome even without power.” She said in a low tone.


“Oh, but I do have power!” Aliss said in a pompous tone while looking down on the blue haired girl. Kara blinked and turned to her with an amazed look. “I am the one who makes cake, and cake equals power, thus, I have power!” She said.


“Oh! I see.” Kara nodded understandingly as her tail shook excitedly. “It indeed makes sense.”


“What the hell are you teaching the girl?” Drake asked while pointing at her with his fork. “Seriously, Kara. You need to stop believing everything that girl says, you know?” He  said angrily.


“Why? She indeed is the one who makes cake!” The Hu-ara asked confused. “It makes sense for her to have power!”


“Kara. A wise man once scribbled this:” Drake said in a deep and serious tone.The girl looked at him in worry. “The cake is a lie!”


“Huh?” She asked surprised before shaking her head. “No, that can’t be.” She denied immediately. “I tasted the ‘cake’ myself. I trust myself to know that such a heavenly ration is not a simple lie or illusion.”


Looking at Kara for some time, Drake could only think that the girl was far too gullible for her own good, seeing how far under his sister’s influence she had already fallen. Smiling awkwardly, he shook his head while hoping that the girl would one day know of the truth behind the tricks his sister kept playing on him. And maybe not be too scarred from it.


“So, where exactly do you plan on going? And when do you plan to come back?” Aliss asked, sounding more like a worried mother than anything.


“I… Don’t have any route truly planned.” Kara said after some thought. “But I estimate being back before the middle of the night.”


“I see…” Aliss said with a nod and crossing her arms, thinking. “Will you know how to come back here?” She asked suddenly. “And how will you know the time?” She asked worriedly, making Kara hesitate in her answer. Seeing that, she finally sighed as if she had already foreseen it. “I knew it. You better take the psychopa… Drake with you.”


“Huh?” Kara said surprised before turning to the boy. “Drake?”


“I heard that!” Drake said angrily before shaking his head. “Besides, I’m already occupied reading my book, so I can’t leave today.”


Seeing that, Aliss stared at him angrily for a moment, but Kara sighed in relief before turning towards the blonde girl and say.


“There’s no need to worry. I have my ways of finding my way back here.” She said with a serious tone, but even then Aliss didn’t look all that willing to let her go out alone.


Suddenly, the blonde looked like she had an idea, as she leaned forward on the table and looked towards Drake, who was happily chewing on his food.


“Hey, my cute little brother.” She said in a sickly sweet tone which made Drake flinch before turning to her.


“W-What?” He asked worried while backing away.


“Didn’t that book you wanted release today?” She asked, making the boy blink surprised a couple of times.


“AH! THAT’S RIGHT! I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT!” He said while standing up hurriedly, almost dropping the chair where he was. “Goddamit, the mall closes in a few hours…” He said checking his cellphone before darting away.


But before he could leave the area, Aliss grabbed his arm with a vice-like grip. He tried yanking it off a couple of times, but the girl barely even flinched while looking at him with a cheerful smile.


“By the way. I’ll only let you go out if you take Kara with you, okay?” She said.


Drake blinked surprised for a moment before turning to the blue haired girl who watched everything in confusion. He didn’t even think much before nodding and walking towards her. Grabbing her hands, he dragged her inside towards the room with a hurried pace.


“Change quickly! We have to leave quickly!” He said to the girl.


“Wha… What is happening here?” Kara asked worried as the boy dragged her to her room.


Aliss smiled satisfied while taking another spoonful to her mouth, looking satisfied for having things go her way.


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