Den’s Shorts – Cookie market

Author’s corner: As I mentioned on the new page for these shorts, this is a story based on a conversation that happened on my chat group. It’s very short and situational, so don’t expect frequent updates on these.


The cookie-giver, the noble and the slave-driver are gathered in a wide room. A podium stand right in its middle, where the cookie-giver found himself. The Noble and The Slave-driver both sit in the chairs spread around the meeting room, a solemn expression present in all of their faces.


Taking a step forward, the cookie-giver takes a deep breath and leans in the podium, readying himself for his speech that shall determine the fate of the world. After a brief moment of solemn silence, he says out loud, his voice graver than the usual.


“I say cookies!” He said, the weight of his words pressing on the two hearers, who widened their eyes in shock. “That’s all.”


Following his shocking statement, the cookie-giver steps down from the podium, his words presenting a more than valid and indisputable argument. As he approached the trio, The Noble and the Slave-driver both nod solemnly.


“I understand…” Said the noble while wiping his monocles. “Much trouble seems to float around the current market of cookies…” After a brief pause as he thought on a way to solve the problem, he opened his eyes wides, filling them with determination. “We shall take care of the problem in an infallible noble manner!”


“Aye, sir noble!” The cookie-giver said excited. “Use your noble nobility power to solve the cookie market problems!” He said, his voice growing louder in the auditorium.


“LET US EXECUTE THE PROBLEM!” The Noble said out loudly, the two other presents nodded in agreement as they recited in synchrony.

““EXECUTE THE PROBLEM!”” They said, echoing his words.


“KILL ALL THE COOKIES!” The Noble said in an important tone.



“KILL ALL THE… Wait, what?”


“No cookies! No market! No market, no market problems!” The Noble said out loud with pride in his tones before smiling proudly. “As expected of this one, yet another society problem solved in an instant!”


As the Noble and the Slave-driver both nodded in agreement, the Cookie-giver flinched in fear and surprise. If they were to execute all the cookies, what would happen with the cookie-giver. As this knowledged dawned on him, he quickly cleared his throat and turned back towards the exit.


“Well…” He said while looking around searching for an excuse. “Something very important came up and i really have to go and take a look so cya you all later thanks bye!” He said while darting out of the auditorium and getting his famous jar of never ending cookies on the way out.


The Noble, finally noticing what was happening, turned towards the fleeing Cookie-giver and shouted out loud in his noble voice.




As the guards ran after the fleeing Cookie-giver and the Noble looked proud of himself and left the auditorium with his noble coat flapping much alike a stereotype villain, the Slave-driver simply sat in his place while happily munching the cookies from the jar he got earlier.



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