Horsemen – Prologue

“Do you see now, you foolish scribe?” The monster said with a wicked smile while pinning the other monster using nothing more than her hands. “This, is what you truly are. This is what WE truly are.” It said while its tail flickered cheerfully in the air.

Orange blood ran from the wounds of the worm like monster as a deep black smoke seeped out from the cuts in its body, the oozing liquid slowly making its way towards the young man, who could only watch in sheer shock and confusion as the scene happened right in front of him.

He took a step back trying to avoid the blood, but his back was already against the wall, so no matter how much he tried to move back, he was already on the limit.

“Do you see, Scribe? This is the true form of what you call Humans.” The monster said while jumping out from the worm like monster and slowly making its way towards the boy who still wasn’t believing what his eyes were showing him. “This is the true form of the soul sealed inside your bodies.” The monster said while sitting down in front of him, a taunting smile on its face while it cleaned the blood from its armored claws.

“Hey, what… What about her? Is she dead?” The boy asked while turning his head towards the worm-ish monster that laid oddly still on the ground. The orange blood long stopped flowing, but the smoke escaping from its body only grew denser and denser.

“Oh, her?” The monster said with a disinterested look. “She will be fine. At most she will get a couple of extra cycles in here, but her life right now should be unaffected…” It stopped and took a brief look back. “Mostly… she did lose the time she spent here, and she should be very tired for the next day, but overall? Yeah, she will be right.”

The boy nodded while looking at the monster who talked distractedly with him, not knowing how to react to all the things he had seen in that night and watching as the smoke slowly dissipated, revealing a single woman lying on the ground, sleeping soundly.

Looking at the woman, the boy simply looked at her in shock and confusion for some time before his eyes turned back to the monster straight in front of him.

“Hah… Even with this… It’s still a bit difficult to believe.” The boy said with a dry smile that showed his shock before the situation.

“How so? Wasn’t that clear enough for you, Scribe?” The monster said with a confused look, tilting its head.

“Look, I know I saw it with my own eyes, but…” The boy said while scratching his head. “You know, for me to simply believe that humanity itself is a lie… Aren’t you asking for too much?”

The monster simply stared at him for a long time before it simply sighed in defeat and shook its head.

“Anyway, let’s go back to your house already, scribe. I really want to eat more of those ‘sweets’ thing you gave me earlier.” The monster said in a strangely cheerful tone.

The boy stared at the monster in confusion for some time before finally sighing and shaking his head in depression. For someone who came into his daily life and destroyed everything he thought he knew about humans, this monster surely had acquired some weirdly humane tastes.


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