Horsemen – Chapter 1

It happened earlier that day, some time right after noon. Drake couldn’t be quite sure due to the lack of clocks, as his usual watch had broken the wrist-band just the day before and his cellphone died a few minutes ago.

The fact that the sky was as dark as the deepest night and the rain had been falling non-stop for the last hours, with even the occasional lightning strike every few minutes or so didn’t help his situation either.

For him, who was used to walking home at a time like this, this was a fairly problematic spot, as he had no other way to call someone to go and catch him, as all his other friends had already gone ahead.

At times like these, he really regretted getting caught up in his portable game after class did take its toll, so after running to the bus stop in the middle of the rain and waiting almost twenty minutes for the only bus that actually passed at the stop near his house.

So, right now he had lost track of time while sitting lazily inside the bus. The worst part, was that even after reaching the stop that led to his house, he would still have to walk around ten minutes under the rain to reach his house, so it wasn’t exactly over yet.

“To not bring an umbrella just today… I really had a shitty luck, huh?” Drake said to no one in specific while looking through the window.

Sighing in boredom, he leaned back on the bench while looking ahead and waiting for the bus to reach his stop. Since there wasn’t much for him to do, he took out the portable console from his bag and decided to start playing to pass some time.

While the loading screen went on, he saw his reflection on the black screen.

A teenager, around eighteen years old, with a dirty blond hair that fell all the way to his shoulders. Using a pair of square glasses, the hazel eyes behind them had a slightly bored expression to them.

He wasn’t a person that could be called average, but he was still a far cry from being called a handsome person, as he was mostly a slightly above average in looks. But, the usual bored look in his face made it a bit hard for people to approach him, as he gave the impression of being uninterested in everything.

“Still better than when I take off the glasses…” He murmured to himself with a wry smile as the screen flashed into light once again and his game started.

Due to bad luck in genetics, Drake’s face seemed to be in a constant frown, and to those who didn’t actually know him, it looked like a delinquent looking down on people. Due to this, people would either fear or get angry at him, even when Drake himself had no desire for such things, and for more than once he got into big fights thanks to that.

Luckily, his good grades helped keep him in the school despite getting into fights almost every month.

A recommendation from a friend made him start to wear fake glasses which worked to change his appearance to a milder one, changing from a delinquent’s frown to a nerd’s bored look.

Not that it mattered that much, though.

Quickly taking his mind out of these troublesome matters, Drake once again took his attention to the game in his hand.

As he went on the missions to hunt the large beasts in the game, he easily lost track of time, so every few minutes that the timer in the screen marked, he would stop and take a look through the window, checking the place where the bus was before going back to his game.

Soon, the bus started to fill up thanks to the hour, as many people left their classes and jobs and took the way home. Since he had gotten in at an early stop, he managed to get a seat by the window, and after every row of benches had at least one seater, people started to sit on the already occupied rows.

It didn’t take long for someone to sit besides him. Already used to such situations, Drake didn’t pay much attention even when someone he never met sat besides him.

However, his attention soon was caught when the person said something.

“… A scribe, huh?” A girl’s voice said with a disappointed sigh.

Drake blinked confused and turned towards his  companion, who looked downward as if disheartened.

From the size and the voice, he could somehow tell that the person besides him was a girl, but aside from that, there wasn’t much he could tell about her, since she wore a dark blue hoodie that covered her whole head.

For some seconds he simply stared at her in confusion, but after some time he decided that he must have heard things, so he once again he went to focus on his game. But…

“What is it?” The girl asked in an annoyed tone.

“Huh?” Drake asked surprised with her speaking suddenly.

“You were staring at me for some time, you know?”

“Oh, sorry…” He put on a wry smile. “For a moment I thought that you had spoken to me, that’s why i was confused.”

The girl turned to him in confusion for a moment before blinking surprised, giving Drake a brief glimpse of her deep blue eyes.

For a brief moment Drake could only look at her in awe, caught in the deep color of her eyes that seemed to shine with a light unlike anything he had ever seen.

“Is that so? Don’t mind me, just thinking out loud.” She turned her focus back forward with a deep sigh. Drake looked at her dubious for a moment before shrugging.

“I see…” He said snapping out of it, noticing that he might have been a bit too rude with his action.

However, he still couldn’t take his mind away from her eyes, and felt a bit awkward because of it.

“So… Why ‘scribe’?” He asked after some time in silence, trying to strike a conversation.

For a moment there wasn’t a reply, so he thought that the girl didn’t hear him or was simply ignoring his feeble attempt, but after some time, rather than saying that he saw, he felt as the girl gave a brief amused smile.

“Well, scribes is what we call people like you.” She said while stealing a glance at him.

“What? Anti-social bored looking guys who play games on the bus rather than try and socialize with their neighbors?” Drake said amused and a short laugh came from the girl.

“An amusing thought, but no.” She turned to him once again and stared at the boy straight in the eyes, a wild smile in her face that sent shivers down his spine, as if he was a prey before her. “Scribes are story-seekers, those who value stories over anything else that they can enjoy. Scribes are those who are as prone to seeking stories from unexpected places as they are to start their own.”

“How…” Drake started confused, but the girl raised her finger, stopping him.

“Scribes are also known as the lore-keepers of the worlds, keeping the true story safe and sound. They are also surprisingly calm and avoid resorting to violence  the most they can, even though they may enjoy violent stories themselves.”

For a moment, Drake simply stared at the girl in shock and confusion, digesting her words slowly as their meanings sunk in.

He had heard about how divination of a person’s personality actually worked, with the diviner making a vague description that led people to think that they indeed were like that at times. For a moment he thought that the girl had done something similar just then.

However, the way she worded it, the confidence she carried somehow told him that this wasn’t the case, and she truly meant her words.

And even more, she was spot on. As much as Drake enjoyed playing violent games, most of the time, what gets his attention was the game’s story. However, although he usually got into fights in the past, he didn’t actually liked them, even though they became amusing stories afterwards.

It wasn’t a question of getting close to how he acted, but of actually describing his personal tastes perfectly,

“How did you know that?” He asked suspicious of the girl for the first time, a frown even deeper than the usual forming in his face.

The girl’s smile became even more provoking as she looked him straight into his eyes, making Drake slightly nervous as he felt himself being drawn in by the azure pupils.

“These eyes can see through what you call human body and into your true nature.” She said in a mysterious tone, before sighing and turning back to the front. “Still, I wasn’t really looking for a scribe, so i guess this is a missed shot, huh?”

“Wha…” Drake started, but the girl stood up and made a signal for the bus to stop.

Left confused by her talk, Drake simply stared as the girl walked away and left the bus into the ever-pouring storm.

After she left, the bus driver closed the door and once again accelerated the vehicle, making its way through the stormy night. Seeing that he wouldn’t get anymore answers, Drake looked away through the window and heaved out a sigh.

Noticing that his thoughts still lingered on the girl’s mysterious blue eyes, he wondered whether this was the famous occasion people called love at first sight.

A smirk appeared in his face before shaking his head and deciding to focus back on the game at his hand. With one last glance through the window, he saw as the familiar bakery passed through the his vision before turning to the console.

“Wait a moment…” He said while looking outside once again. “CRAP! THAT WAS MY STOP!” He shouted hurriedly while running towards the bus-driver.



    1. I actually thought of a 3DS when writing this chapter, but it also have a clock built in. Still, its fairly common for people to leave alarms reminding them of their time and whatnots. And even easier to forget about time when playing a game, sooo… Yeah.


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