Hero – Chapter 1

Pria was confused.

Ever since the day when she changed her shape to match the one of Marian, who was her friend, many things happened. Men in white cloth invaded her room and took her away back to the tall building. She could still remember as her friend kept shouting something at them angrily.

Then, she was freed from the glass container that had always held her. Though it wasn’t permanent, she was given the freedom to walk around in her own room freely for some time on her own. At the start, she had simply slithered around the ground. But after some time she started trying to copy the way that Marian had moved around whenever she went to talk to her. For a couple of days she was fairly content, not understanding the reason why her friend always looked so distressed.

Then, the men in labcoats did something. On the room she had been, she felt as something started to forcefully drain her. Not in the physical way, but by taking in that what she had been gathering ever since she remembered. Maybe even before from that.

The process was brief, although extremely… Painful, as she later learned the new and fearsome word from Marian, a new sensation she would more than gladly never again feel.

On the first time she let it go, guessing that it might have been a one time thing, but not much later the sensation happened again and again.

Scared, she thought about running away from there and never again feel that body shredding sensation she had felt, however, Mirian stopped her while sporting a furious look unlike what she had seen before.

She promised to Pria that it wouldn’t happen again before leaving her room furious. Her words came true, and the pain never happened again.

The following days were, once again, cheerful ones. Spending her time by talking with Marian and doing those odd but fun tests that mostly consisted of moving her body around odd things and forming odd shapes. She had her fun with the new experiences, and during this time, she heard about them.

Supers, people who, through training, technology or magic earned incredible and unique powers and abilities. She learned on how some of them would become bad guys, hurting the others, but how others would band together to avoid that, becoming heroes to the population.

They had started appearing only a few years ago for unknown reasons, but since then there has been a significant increase in their numbers.

For Pria, that sounded like something fantastic unlike anything she had ever seen, so she started to dream of one day meeting such beings.

She never expected for it to happen so soon.

A few days after hearing of these supers, Marian told her she wouldn’t be able to visit so soon due to a strange thing she called ‘project’. For Pria, who was still a bit oblivious to the concept of time, there wasn’t a problem. However, soon after, a pain not unlike the ones she felt a long time ago assaulted her. The difference was that it was several orders of magnitude stronger than the first wave.

Falling limp to the ground, Pria could barely move due to the pain, her body unable to hold a solid shape anymore.

And that wasn’t the only time. Every few hours the pain would assault her as she was starting to recover.

Desperate, Pria awaited for Marian to come once again, but no matter how long she awaited, her friend never appeared.

And day after day she would fall to the ground, pained and drained without a chance to recover herself.

She then reached her limit.

Unable to bear it anymore and await for her friend who would surely comfort her, she decided to run away.

However, for one thing she was grateful about the forced drains. It showed her ways to use the energy she had for so long gathered inside her body. Although far from a pleasant feeling, the sensation voluntarily emitting that energy was bearable, and deciding to use everything she had to escape, she was blessed with a stroke of luck.

When the whole building shook and she started to hear a commotion coming from the other side of the wall, she destroyed the door easily, finding a hallway almost empty as a red light flashed intermittently, she advanced forward, not caring for walls or apparel’s that stood in her way, destroying everything in her path as she passed through. Ignoring the lingering pain and exhaustion that passes through her, she quickly reached the end of the way.

A glass wall that separated her and the place outside.

Looking in awe at the scene before her, seeing as what seemed small blocks of metal and stone spread before her vision, Pria gasped while looking down, seeing in shock how tall was the place she was at.

But her wonder did not last long.

Footsteps came from behind her, and turning quickly, she saw as many ‘soldiers’ and a girl in green clothes and a white mask approached her.

Recognizing the girl as the one who had fed her some time ago, and matching her costumed appearance with the ones that Marian had told her of the supers, Pria cheered a bit, hoping that the nice supers would help her.

However, reality was cruel.

As the soldiers opened fire and the metal bullets impacted and pierced her body, Pria frowned as a small tinge of discomfort passed through her, but otherwise she was mostly unaffected. Surprised by this, the soldiers halted their fire as the girl advanced.

Before Pria even had the chance to react, a huge circle of reality-twisting magic appeared beneath her, and a brief second later, a massive floor-shaking explosion occurred.

Pria shouted in pain as her body was caught right in the middle of the explosion and was splattered through the room, her mind growing hazy as the pain settled in.

Feeling her consciousness grow foggy and dispersed, she had no idea how long it passed after she was caught in the blast. However, one thought occurred to her, and that was to gather herself back together.

The thousands of droplets that composed her, spread widely along the room soon started to move towards each other, and for every piece of her that fused in a bigger mass, the less fuzzy and hazy her mind became.

However, a large part of her body had been launched outside of the building, towards the innumerous blocks of stone and metal below.

Unable to sense her surroundings, Pria didn’t even have the chance to notice that the rubble and dust covered her escape, as her parts that were gathered in the building all jumped down towards the street under the cover of the night.

Said night was entirely consumed into gathering her body back together, small droplets and blobs of her body quietly slithering through the streets, escaping the curious eyes of all but a couple of curious cats.

Only when her whole body had been brought back together did her mind finally turn back to normal.

Feeling dizzy and extremely tired, Pria roamed the unknown street hazily with a mix of awe, due to the never seen before scenery, and worry, since she had no idea of where she was and what to do next. Weak due to having spent most of her energy escaping, she decided that she would seek help from someone nearby.

However, everyone who saw her when she approached would become scared and shocked before running away shouting ‘monster’. Hurt by their reactions, she ended up hiding herself in the backstreets where she wouldn’t bother anyone.

But her hideout was soon seen through, and just as the big light stood right on top of her, bathing her with the pleasurable heat, someone appeared. Wearing a colorful costume and a mask, it didn’t take her long to figure out that he was a super. Once again, she became cheerful and approached the person so she could ask for help.

The super attacked her before she could even let out a single word.

She ran from the attacker, much like how she had done back at the laboratory. However, in a string of encounters, many supers ended up appearing before her, only to attack her over and over. Not knowing how, nor willing, to fight, Pria simply kept escaping them over and over again, on the course of the events becoming even more tired as a result.

After a whole day of being hunted around, she finally managed to escape by falling into the drainage system of the city. So tired was her at the moment, that not even her human-like form she could keep up anymore.

Roaming through the pipes that covered the underground of the city and with a newfound fear of these mean supers who kept attacking her, Pria seeked another place where she could come out from that was far enough so they wouldn’t find her.

She left the system on the other side of the city, raising herself near what seemed like one of the smaller streets, or so she thought, as her senses were starting to get fuzzy due to her hunger.

But, barely had her left the system, and she saw as another super passed above her. From her experience, she immediately threw herself into hiding, jumping into a large container full of metal pieces that was nearby.

Letting her body seep between the pieces of metal so she could hide on the very bottom, she slowly made her way down so she could await until the super got away.

But, midway through her descent, she felt it.

A sensation of something discharging through her body, cursing through her inside only to leave through the opposite side. Similar to the one she felt in her container, albeit much weaker. But she paid it no mind.

Pria was starving, and for her, that energy was food.

Greedily sucking every single bit of energy from the strange object she found on the pile, it was already too late once she noticed that there were still a significant part of her that was visible. And once she felt someone approach her and move the upper pieces away, she knew she made a mistake.


After hearing the shout, she immediately tensed and readied herself, her body a bit more energetic and firm compared to how it was before she absorbed that energy.

It didn’t take long for her to see a super approaching her.

She jumped out of the container and ran away to the place where she had been. However, the super soon gave chase and was running after her. Looking behind, she was scared to see that this super with strange metal mask running on the wall, carrying a sharp looking thing in his hand.

Swerving so he couldn’t reach her, the moment he jumped towards her, she made a quick turn towards a bunch of boxes nearby. However, the cover didn’t last as they were all blasted away with a hammer that she had no idea where he took from.

Still, she quickly escaped by passing between his legs and running away.

While running away this time, for some reason the man stopped running after her once he reached a certain spot. Not understanding what was happening, she still felt thankful.

All the streets led to dead ends, however. All the corners she tried to take would lead her to a wall that would block her passage further, so she had to backtrack again and again. It didn’t take long for her, who was inexperienced with the outside world to get lost.

Giving up on finding the drainage she came from, Pria found a small crevice that led her into  a bigger building.

Once inside, she stopped to rest, hearing as some loud things came and went on the streets, and from the slits of the windows that were still open, flash of red and blue light came. Awaiting for a bit more, she decided to try and take on her more human form once again, hoping that this way she could maybe find someone who would talk to her like Marian did.

But changing her form took a bigger toll than what she was expecting. Used to having massive amounts of energy stored within herself, she over-estimated the energy that the defective battery had and the simple act of solidifying and changing took a toll on her stamina, so she fell to the ground in a loud sound.

Falling against the corner of the building, she took a moment to try and gather herself back, but found the task too tiresome.

Then, to her horror, the door opened after a dull sounding impact occurred. Trying to hide herself out of fear, she awaited as she heard the footsteps slowly approaching her. For a moment she tried to flee, but the task proved too much, and all she could do was huddle a bit more against the wall.

It was the hero from earlier. Even if he took off his mask, she could still recognize the sharp thing in his hand and the way he walked.

“It’s… it’s a girl?”

She instinctively tried to move away when she saw him shocked, but once again her exhausted body could only huddle a bit more against the wall.

He then tried to approach her.

Panic filled her mind as she knew that she couldn’t escape. Forcing her exhausted body to move away, only to have her arm give in and she fall to the ground.

“Wh… Damn it!” The super said angrily before making the sword he carried disappear in a blue writing. “Hey… Ca-Can you understand me?”

Pria became shocked. Not by the fact that he could talk, but the fact that he was actually talking to her. Freezing in confusion for a moment, she finally nodded worriedly. As soon as she did that, the man sighed in relief. But then he frowned, and this made her worried. Was he going to attack her?

“Were you the one from earlier?” He asked while changing his frown to a gentle smile. Pria simply nodded and this made him put a guilty expression. “I’m sorry for earlier. I thought you were a monster that could be dangerous. I won’t attack you anymore if you don’t attack me.”

At his words, she became surprised. He… Wouldn’t hurt her? For a moment she couldn’t understand his words, as the relation between supers and attacking her had already formed in her mind, but once she finally remembered that supers are supposed to help people, she finally relaxed.

She watched as the strange, but good, super started to approach her. Feeling worry and curiosity on what he was going to do, she watched him while preparing to run away should he do something.

But then, exhaustion caught up to her.

The tension that had been holding her together for the last minutes wore off, and soon she fell to the ground unable to even move anymore.

“Wh… HEY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” He asked, and she felt as he gently put his hand on the back of her head, lifting her slightly.

His hand gently laying on her cheek as he measured her temperature. However, for her, his hand felt extremely warm. Warm meaning heat, and heat meaning energy. Understanding this, she quickly threw her arms around him before pressing her body tightly against his. Feeling satisfied as she slowly absorbed the heat his body emitted.

He became surprised, and fearing that he might push her away, Pria tightened her grip around him and refused to let go, fearing of what might happen if she lost this precious source of energy when she was on the verge of dying due to starvation.

After she calmed down, from her worries, and already feeling a lot better than earlier, he started making her some questions. Not even knowing what is a lie, Pria earnestly started to either nod or shake her head in response, as speaking was still a bit too much for her at the moment.

However, when he mentioned taking her to the hospital, she panicked. Pulling her head back, she shook it to tell him that she didn’t want to go there.

He was the only nice super she had found on the whole city, while all the others had been hurting and hunting her. For her, it wouldn’t surprise her if he was the only one in this whole city that was a nice one, so she refused to let go of him.

“Don’t you want to know what happened to you?” He asked her. She immediately shook her head despite not understanding the question. If it meant getting away from him, then she had no intention of doing so. “What do you want to do then?” He asked her confused.

She became surprised at his words, before stopping to think. What did she want to do? She had no idea. All she knew was that if she let go of him right now she might as well as be dead. Her thoughts naturally wandered towards Marian, who she had no idea where she was.

Feeling sad as the situation finally dawned on her, she simply leaned against his chest and kept seeping his heat, slowly satisfying the intense hunger she had generated on her time running.

For some moments the two of them stood still in that position, with her sitting, or as close of sitting as she could get with her body in a half liquid state, on his lap while she embraced him tightly.

It was no wonder that Pria, lacking the common sense of the humans due to literally being born a couple of months prior and being raised in a sealed room, couldn’t understand the strange expression the super put on. It was unlike what she had seen before, as his face became red, even though he didn’t seem angry.

For some reason, he gently pushed her back while offering her the thing he had been carrying around before, asking her if she could wear it instead of simply staying around naked.

Although she didn’t understand why he would do that, she didn’t want to make the only one who was nice to her mad, so she quickly nodded while taking the thing in her hands. With a look, she recognized it as the cloth he wore over his other clothings when he was still wearing his mask.

Since he had seen him wearing it before, she had an idea of how she should put it on. Judging her remaining strength to not be enough, she hesitated on letting herself dissolve then reforming herself inside the clothes. Still, she didn’t want to leave him angry.

While she hesitated on doing it, the super mad an expression as if he understood something. He approached her and took back the cloth, making Pria freeze in worries, but then opened the cloth in front of her, revealing the overcoat he had been wearing earlier.

Being directed by him, she quickly managed to put on the overcoat, her eyes shining excitedly once she saw that the thing he called ‘zipper’ could close the cloth for her.

Standing up once she wore the cloth, it felt pleasantly warm, since it had been wore until just recently. Since she had already recovered enough to solidify a bit more, she didn’t start to seep into the cloth. Not that she would probably do even if she went full liquid, seeing how thick was the cloth.

Twisting around to see if it fit her, she caught sight of the super holding the helmet he wore earlier and trying to put it on back in his head.

Hesitating for a moment, Pria decided that the lingering heat of the coat, even though it was pleasurable, wasn’t enough for her, so she once again approached the man and hugged him. Since he was a nice super, he wouldn’t mind letting her eat a bit more, would he?

While thinking so, she noticed how his face became red once again and he looked to the side, showing his cheek to her. Noticing how his face had also become warmer, she took action and started nuzzling his cheek while smiling satisfied.

“W-We should start deciding what we should do.” He said worried while pushing her back a bit. She made a sullen face as she wasn’t satisfied with the heat she had gotten yet. “Since you don’t want to go to a hospital…” The super said, his voice sounding a bit hoarse due to the iron mask. “Where should I take you?”

To answer him, she once again stepped closer to him and grabbed the hem of his shirt. They exchanged glances for some time, and after some time she heard him sigh.

“You… Want to come with me?” Pria became excited with the idea and started nodding cheerfully. If she had the chance, she’d rather stay with someone nice rather than alone. “Oh well… You already saw my face anyway.” He said dejectedly while mumbling something to himself. Then, his gaze wandered down towards her legs, where they merged into a single puddle. “Now… How do I take you home… I don’t think I can carry you around if you go melting like… Oh.” Understanding where he was going midway, Pria immediately spend the little energy she had to form her legs entirely.

Smiling proudly, she stumbled towards his chest as once again her energy reserves hit rock bottom. Holding onto him tightly, she saw as he looked at her worried for some time before scolding her about not doing it again.

Despite sounding angry, she didn’t feel worried about it, as she could somehow feel that he  wasn’t angry with her per se.

Still, he held her in his arm and lifted her up, surprising Pria as she didn’t expect to be held like that so suddenly. Holding her firmly, the super then started leaving the building and climbing the wall while walking up it, which left her somewhat confused on what was happening, as she didn’t feel any different.

Once they reached the rooftop, the super started to run along it before jumping from roof to roof. Taking the chance to cling to him as much as she wanted, Pria started smiling excitedly as the building started passing beneath her extremely fast. The lights in the night marveling her, as well as the cars that ran non-stop amongst the streets.

She noticed that the super was looking at her for some time, so she turned to him and put on a bright smile to show him her gratitude. Once again he looked away hastily, leaving her confused for a moment before her attention was caught by another shiny thing she saw around.

After some good time being carried up and down buildings and running around through walls, the super finally came to a stop in front of a small house near the outskirts of the city. Although not exactly a rich district, it was nowhere near a slum either. Landing on the back side of the building, the super took out a strange metallic thing from his pocket and inserted it in the door.

Soon after, the door made of a strange material she had never seen before opened up and he carefully made his way in as she was still in his arms.

Once again Pria looked around excited, seeing many new things that she had never seen before. Being taken into  a strange room where a large black glass stood on the wall, she was brought down on top of a long strange mobile that she found surprisingly soft.

“Could… Could you let go of me now?” He asked in a strange tone. Hesitating, she slowly let go of him. The super let out a long sigh of relief while he took off his helmet. “Anyway, until we find out what to do with you, you can stay here.” He said while pointing around. She followed his hand around in wonder. “Anyway, since you already know my face, might as well as say it. I’m Johan Fencer. Also known as the freelancer, Ace of Spades.” The super introduced himself. “Erm… Feel free to feel at home… And If there’s anything you need, just tell me, okay?”

Hearing his words, Pria nodded cheerfully.

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